God Complex- Currently Rebooting
8 Adventurers Guild
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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8 Adventurers Guild

Walking into the guild, everyone stared at me. It was a almost exact copy of a cowboy bar cliche. The receptionist seeing me, called out and asked why I was here.

"Why, I'm here to join the adventures guild of course!"

And after me saying this, the entire guild started laughing like crazy. The only people who weren't laughing was the receptionists and even then, you could tell that they where on the verge of breaking down into tears. Giving a quick sigh, I walked up to the receptionist.

"I'm here to join the guild. What do I need to do to sign up?" I asked quietly, somewhat embarrassed by all the people laughing at me

The receptionist took a minute before answering me to try and calm down but even in her 'calm' response, you could tell she was still making fun of me

"Well" she started, "First thing we need to do is see your status, then you'll have to pay a certain amount, and finally, you have to have a sparring test with someone to see then what tank you will be. I say that at most, you will be F tank"

Keeping the calm on my face, I quickly asked the system to make a status concealer that would make it so my status as a god was hidden.

'If possible, make my class a Magic Swordsman, then have my title as the human with the most potential. Finally, average my stats around 500. Split it nicely around the stats needed for being a magic swordsman'

[Can do, you should be all good to now let people see your status]


After making the fake status, I asked the receptionist to start. She brought out a crystal ball and said to put my hand on it. Doing so made the ball shine with light and create a hologram like board above it. On the board said,


Name- Eric Vernal

Race- Human

Level- 208/1000

Class- Magic Swordsman

Title- Human With The Most Potential


Strength- 672

Dexterity- 488



Wisdom- 456

Charisma- 605

Luck- 480

Skills- 4/5

Intermediate Elemental Magic- Level 5/20

Intermediate Swordsmanship- Level 8/20

Medium Pain Resistance- Level 6/10

Beginners Survival- 2/10


After having my fake status displayed, everyone stood there in shock and didn't say a word the entire time.

"Umm, excuse me" I asked the receptionist, "Is everything ok? Is my status that bad" I asked because I literally had no clue about the average adventurers status, only a average humans

Quietly in a whisper that was almost in audible, she whispered, "Kid, do you know the rankings and average status is beach rank? Hell, even you class and title are way to rare"

Quickly making up a backstory I said, "No, I was raised in a town with no guild. I have no clue about anything guild wise except that you can do quests to get money"

Looking around quickly, she yelled at everyone to stopped being shocked and that it was their own fault for underestimating him. She also put a sign up at her area that said she wasn't there and started dragging me up stairs. At the top of the stairs was a door and through that door was a big guy that had a lot of paper work to fill out. Standing in his room, the receptionist started clearing her throat trying to get the attention of the guy. At some point, she picked up a pile of paper and dropped it down to get the attention of the guy. The moment he heard the paper being dropped, he flung his quill behind him and yelled up at the ceiling, "COME ON, I JUST FINISHED A ENTIRE THING OF PAPERWORK!"

Looking down from the ceiling to see who put more paperwork on his desk, he finally noticed the receptionist and me. The moment the receptionist's eyes and person's eyes met, he said with a determined look, "What happened?". She then started explaining the entire fiasco and made him take a couple of quick peeks at me every once and a while. At the end of it all he sent her away and put his hands together to make himself look more professional.

"Kid," He said in a very deep voice, "Do you know who I am and what the problem right now is?"

"I think you're the guild master of this place sir, and honestly, I have no clue sir." I said honestly

I didn't want to get on his bad side because from what I can tell, he was the guild master of this place and if I got on his bad side, he would probably kick me out.

Giving a sigh, he started to explain all of the mechanics behind the guild rankings, classes, and titles.

"The way we rank is by average stats. If your average stats are somewhere around 10, then you're F rank. However, to get out of that rank, you have to be double that many stats. So for E rank, it requires 20. Then 40 for D, 80 for C, 160 for B, 320 for A, and finally 640 for S. You've already got a very high technical ranking already. That's not even including you class and title."

taking a quick breath, he continued, "Magic Swordsman is a extremely rare class. So rare in fact that we don't know what kinda skills they can have, and what their unique ability is. Your title also is way to good. You literally have the greatest potential among all humans if you have that title, and you're carrying it around as if it was nothing. The title probably gives you increased experience from doing stuff related to your job... You're just to overpowered for someone your age you know?"

The entire time he was saying this, all I could think about was, 'I just wanted a cool class and title, ;-;'

After a couple of more things from the guild master he sent me back downstairs with a letter to the receptionist.

Heading down, I got in line for the receptionist and finally got to her after about 10 minutes. When I did, I gave her the letter and watched her face change to a face of annoyance.

"The guild master has told me to give you everything for free and automatically raise your rank to C. You're lucky that you don't have to pay for this you know" said the receptionist while rubbing her temples.

"Wait" I said with a dumbfound expression on my face, "This cost money? How much?"

and with me just saying that, she stopped doing everything and just stared completely straight. She was starring so hard that I think she started staring into the void as she just didn't do anything from the revelation of me knowing literally nothing.

After taking a deep breath and coming back from looking into the void, the receptionist left while mumbling about something the entire time. After about 5 minutes, she cam back with a card in her hand that somehow showed a picture of me, my stats, and my skills. It was very fancily designed to and looked like it cost a lot of money to produce one. I could now understand why she was that shocked by me not knowing about the money.

Taking the card I thanked her and asked if where the quests I could do where. Point over the the side of the room, I saw a somewhat hidden board that had pieces of paper on it that listed the quests I wanted. Walking over and reading them, I saw that most of them where elimination quests. However, one quest caught my attention overall, it was a escort quest and I think that if I wanted to explore the world, doing a export quest would be the easiest way to travel and get some money.

Bringing it back over to the receptionist, I asked if I could do this quest and after looking at it for a minute, she said sure, gave me some paper work to fill out, and after I was done with that, went on my merry way to where the escort quest was located.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》