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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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9 Wagon Tales

Walking around for about 10 minutes, I tired to find where the escort was. At some point, I gave up and tried going back to the Guild but I got lost doing that too. Deciding to swallow my pride, I asked everyone I could to actually find the escort area. Another half hour later I finally did reach it and saw a lot of wagons.

Around the wagons where a couple of people wearing heavy armor, mage like robes, and other fancy looking gear. Walking up to one of the heavily armored people, I asked who was the main person who we're exporting so I can talk with him.

Contrary to the first couple of adventurers I met, this person was actually much nicer and gladly pointed me in the direction. In the direction he pointed, there was this slightly overweight guy who was talking with someone else and filling out some paperwork. Before going over I look at the paper I had to see what his name was and found out that it was Nalik. Heading over to him I asked questionably, "Nalik?"

Looking over at me, he waved away the other guy and went for a handshake.

"Are you here for the escort mission?"

"Ah, yes I am. Name's Eric, nice to meet you sir"

"Yes yes. Anyways, the pay is three gold pieces and maybe some more depending on how much you help out during the escort. Now may I see your adventures-card so that I can see where I should place you?"

Quickly reaching into my pocket to get my card, I stumbled slightly and dropped it. This gave him a bit of a chuckle and he went down to pick it up. Upon seeing all of my status he dropped it in shock.

"W-W-Why is a magic swordsman doing a quest of mine? That class is legendary!"

He yelled the last part a bit too loudly and made a couple of people turn around to see this "legendary class"

Trying to shush Nalik, I said "I wanted to see the world and the best way to do that and get some money is to do some escort missions"

Seeing him calm down slightly from my response, I also quickly asked him to keep my class a secret and put me into the magicians category if possible. He hesitated a bit but agreed in the end.

Sending me over to where the magicians where, most of them greeted me very kindly except the one person. She said that since she has a legendary skill, class, and a noble title, she was above all of us. Sadly she didn't mention what her class or skill was. Had to be something with magic though as she was a wizard, I didn't feel like checking.

We all talked and had some fun talking about lots of things but at some point the topic moved to magic theory. I avoided most of it but one thing caught my attention. There was apparently a theory that there was summon above the lesser gods who made all magic in existence. That's why only a couple of the gods could actually use magic.

This caught me in surprise because who would've guessed that they could be so very close to the truth and stand next to the god who they're speaking about. Sadly, half way through the discussion, we got cut off and had Nalik come over saying that it was going to leave soon since they've filled up with enough people.

We left shortly afterwards and went through dozens of different parts of the city until we eventually got to the outer wall. There the guards did a quick check of everything and everyone. The check took up about five minutes but everything went fine and the guards found nothing wrong.

Leaving the kingdom, the first thing you see is a giant open area that was full of grass. The wind was blowing the grass and made it look amazing. Everything was so open and nice compared to what my world was. pollution was rampant and everything stank. But here... it was nice and calm.

The wagon continued on for the entire day and only stopped at night. When we did stop, half the wizards dropped to the ground. They've complained the entire trip about not having the physical strength for it, even though they have more strength then the average human.

I helped the warriors set up the fire, tents, and food. They appreciated the support and said that most wizards just stay in the back. I gave a slight chuckle and said that there was nothing wrong with hard work. This got me a pat on the back and them saying I was free to be here with them tonight.

I gladly accepted and we all talked about the city, openness of the area, and other areas. Eventually, some guy got drunk on some alcohol he brought and started challenging everyone to a duel. Everyone said no but eventually he got to me and I decided to accept. Everyone stood wide eyes at me because they thought I was a wizard.

"While I don't have the skill for sword fighting, I have practiced it."

This caused them to look at each other and contemplate it for a bit before saying to be careful and handing me a sword to borrow. The drunkard and I walked over to a open area and had all the warriors come watch. The main guy I started talking to originally decided to be the judge.

The drunkard and I moved about 15 feet away and got into ready positions. It took the drunkard a bit of time but he eventually did it. At the sound of go from the judge, I rushed over while he walked to the side. As I got close, he lunged forward and shot his blade to my heart. Everyone saw this and tried jumping in to save me as they've gotten to know me for a bit, but before they could, I turned my body to the right so that way he was right in front of me in open position with his blade far out.

I hit his blade downwards near the hilt and got him to drop it. Then I pointed the blade at the side of his neck while standing on his dropped blade. I made sure this time that I didn't do it to fast so that it seemed normal. After looking at the crowds reaction, they all just had a look of relief on their face meaning I tricked them perfectly.

They all walked up to me and hit me on the back saying I did great for someone that didn't have a sword skill or class. We we having a great time before we noticed the drunkard again. The drunkard ran up to me yelling "A stupid wizard like you shouldn't even be able to be me! You will die for that!"

At that time, everyone realized that he wasn't actually drunk and was trying to kill me. They all ran to intercept him but I decided to use my speed to get to him first and punch him in the gut. I did it hard enough to actually lift him up and make him stop everything. This caused everyone to halt in place and stare in astonishment even more.

Dropping the idiot, I started walking away. Nobody stopped me and just let me through. Eventually the original guy I talked to ran up to me and demanded to know what happened.

"Depending on if you can keep a secret or not will decide if I'll tell you."

He looked around quickly and said "Fine, I won't tell anyone. Now tell me."

All I did in response was to just throw him my guild card and watch as his eyes grew and his mouth hung open. "Get it now?" Was all I could say. He just shook his head, handed me my card, and asked if he could see some magic. This put a smile on my face and I made a small flame appear on my finger.

This caused him to actually freak out because I didn't use any chant compared to what is normally required. I explained to him that it is because of my class and the secret ability it had. He just nodded his head in understanding and promised to keep everything a secret before walking away.

I walked back over to the wizards and sat myself down near the wagon. One of the wizards walked over and asked where I went to. All I responded was that I wanted to help the warriors a bit. This caused her to just agree and go back to the group. Finally seeing her walk away, I decided to just sleep the night away.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》