God Complex- Currently Rebooting
10 Chat with System
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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10 Chat with System

Waking up in the morning, I noticed that everyone has already woken up and have started packing everything up. Looking around revealed to me that I was the last one to wake up and was just being a lazy bum at this point. Raising my arms up in the air and yawning, I started to do some morning stretches to wake up some more. While I may be a god, I still have some regular human habits, after all, I was a human for the last 17 years of my life.

After the stretches, I looked around to see what was there to eat for breakfast and found out that most of the food was just rations with water to drink. I continued looking around and didn't really find anything for me to do so I decided to go a bit out from the area to experiment with some things. Walking a bit away from the wagon I started using my powers to make some breakfast. Imagining my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, I then used intent to make it into existence.

What I was imagining was some chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and a full glass of orange juice. The way it came out was amazing and even better then I imagined.

'Guess my intent is starting to work like I want it to'

Smelling the food nearly brought tears to my eyes. This breakfast was something that you could only imagine would smell this great. It smelled as if the gods have made the perfect pancake recipe and decided to share it with just me. The bacon was also perfectly cooked and was oozing deliciousness that would make you want to steal it from someone else just to eat it.

With a large smile on my face, I started digging into my food because I know that I can't let anyone else have this or they might get addicted to it like cocaine. While the eating the food I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. Staying with the group was fine and all but overall it would probably lead no where. I could start being a actual god in front of people but that would just require actual work and dedication. Maybe I can find a true friend and show them the world and use to just have fun with them...


'You don't count, I meant a actual person.'

[You could make me a body you know. Nothing is impossible for you]

'Yeah but that would just be weird. You've been in my head for about a month now and if I didn't have a system, it would be much harder to do some things.'

[There's a freaking world system. Just use that. You probably have administrative rights for it after all.]


'Do you just really badly want a body?'

[Yes and no, also, the group is starting to move. We can decide this as were walking.]

'Fiiiine, I'll think about it.'

Getting up and putting the breakfast in my spacial dimension, I quickly ran over to the group and started walking with them again to the destination. Theoretically, it would take about another eight days to get to wherever we are going and thinking about it as well, I have no clue where we're going. slowing down to be next to a magician, I exclaimed to him that I was a bit confused about the mission.

"You don't know where we're going at all, do you?"

"Hey, that's a very rude assumption andyesIdon'tknow."

"Hahaha. Fine, I'll explain a bit to you."

He used the next ten minutes to explain the basics behind the quest. Transport Nalik to Narciscia City, protect all of the goods, defeat any monsters on the way there, and get payed. Overall it was a pretty average escort quest from the sounds of it. But after the conversation with the wizard whos name I found out was Caleb, I got back talking to System.

His entire argument was that we would be perfect partners in crime as his personality was set to be my best friend. While it was a simple argument, it destroyed all my complaints. He said that since he was a system, he would be able to teach me how to use all of my powers correctly and still do other things. All of this was annoying because literally everything he said was making sense.

'Fine. Fuck it. I'll make you a body and stuff. Just shut up.'




'Ughhh. Fine anyways, here's what I'm thinking. Change the worlds memories so that they think you where with me the whole time and let you fill in the rest of the gaps?'

[Yeah that can work]

'Soooo, you want to do it nowwww orrrrr?'

"Its already done man"

"HOLY FUCK" I yelled while jumping into the air

"Hahaha, got you man." Said this weird new guy.

"Tis I! System!" he said while bowing

"Keeping that name?"

"Just for now, you giving me a name would be preferable."

"*sigh* I'll work on thinking of one."

Actually getting a look at System, he was actually very familiar to how I looked. Probably enough to say that we were twins. Instead of my brown hair, he had black. Greenish eyes, slightly tanner skin, and slightly more muscle was all that really set him apart. Besides that, he was a exact copy of me. All I could say about that was just, "Weird"

After a couple of more minutes of walking, it was obvious that system really did change the memories of everyone and everything. He also showed in those couple of minutes that he was truly a great friend. We both joked and had fun like it was as if we knew each other for a very long.

Finally at some point I remembered to ask him about his status and all he did was to throw over his guild card. On it said that his class was Sage and title was Friends Moral, which deserved a punch to his arm. His stats where mostly intelligence based with wisdom as his second highest score. A pretty average stat build for a wizard I think.

Throwing back the card I came up with another idea for a skill. Something where I could just leave my body to do whatever I want, then just put my consciousness in a different dimension that I could see what my body was doing on a TV and stuff. Kinda like making myself into a actual video game character. Using this idea, I talked to the world system to see if it would be able to have the same capability of the previous system.

'World System?'


'Oh god, its like the old system. Anyways create a skill called Video Game Center. Use the details from my brain for the details.'


and after the world system finished creating the skill, I was suddenly in a black void with a giant TV showing what my body was doing

'Nice. Hey world system, give this skill to my system and bring him to this void too'

and without even responding, the world system made System appear and left him in a state of confusion.

"Welcome to the Center-TM."

"New skill?"

"Yup! Made it so that while I'm having the boring part of my adventure, I can just come in here and my body will do the rest."

"Makes sense. Does that mean I have it too now? And if so, are we connected to the same space?"

"Yeah. This is my infinite storage space. If we wanted, we can make this into a makeshift home so that we can be lazy."

"Sounds like a plan Stan."

And with that we got to work improving our new little dimensional home. On the TVs it showed that we were just constantly walking with nothing interesting happening at all. While that was going on, we made a big video game like room. Gave it some cool lights, computers, and game consoles.

Just because I was in another world, doesn't mean I won't play some video games. While doing all this, I can up with a name for System.

"System! Your knew name as of today is, 'Bitch'!"

"I kindly fucking refuse"

He didn't like the name to say it simply.

"Fine fine. Your real new name is Chris Vernal. We might as well have the same last name because we're kinda like twins right?"

This time he gave a nod and actually said that it makes sense. He also said that I must've made a common sense skill to help me pick that name. This deserved a punch to the shoulder which I quickly did.

"So Eric" Chris said in the middle of playing a game on a computer I made.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to adventure? This skill you made is kinda... Contradictory of it?"

"Well I think that as long as I can watch it, it should be fine. Plus if a fight comes up, I can just go back to my body to fight."

This must've worked well enough for Chris because he didn't try arguing anymore. We continued to play some games until a alarm I set earlier went off. Looking at the TV showed that we were now in a area with a good amount of trees and were being ambushed by bandits. Pausing our games we went back to our bodies to deal with the bandits.

Chris acted first and shot a fireball at the 20 or so bandits. He instantly got two and started preparing another spell. I ran forwards to two bandits and started sliding towards them and slashed at their ankles. While this isn't enough to kill them, its a great start.

Getting up and turning around at the same time, I saw that the two bandits were on the ground in pain. Slowly walking up to them, they saw me and started started crawling away as quickly as possible. Though it was a valiant effort, I quickly ended their lives by cutting off their heads.

Everyone else also finished up their bandits and started collecting anything on the dead bodies. Seeing as it was the normal thing to do I collected whatever was on the two bandits. Going through all their pockets I found almost nothing except about 18 copper and 3 silver. This brought my total up to 18 gold, 69 silver, and 303 copper.

After finding nothing else in their pockets, I met back up with Chris and we talked about the bandits stupidity.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》