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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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12 Absurd

"Stop cheating. I know that you're using skills from the world system to do magic, that's not your own power."

It's been about a week since getting to the city and everyday Chris has been training me on how to use my powers. Ever since he saw me actually use my powers without help, he said he has been "Motivated" to make me be able to do that again.

I think it's just because he thought I looked badass when I was like that.


"Concentrate Eric, stop having inner monologues while training."

The entire time during training he had been hitting me on the head with a wooden sword. He's attempting to be like one of those people in a anime or manga who-


"What did I just say about inner monologging!"

"Come on Chris, I've had time stopped for a entire week and all I've done was train ;-;"

"Well once you find a better way to control your powers, then we'll do something else."


'Man, why couldn't I just be like those anime protagonist who just learn how to use their powers all of a sudden... Like Shirou! Yeah, that actua-"

*wack wack wack wack*


"Stop stop stop, I actually got a idea"

And with that, the wacking stopped

"You have a minute to explain." Chris stated flatly

"Ok ok. So if I add random chant to my powers, maybe that will help train and or shape my intent?"

This caused Chris to put his hand up to his chin and think about it. He continued thinking about it for another minute before asking without even sugar coating it, "how did you come up with this idea?"

"Uhhh... A... Anime?"

*wack wack wack wack wack wack wack*

Chris being the rude person he was, continued wacking me for another two minutes before stopping and telling me to actually try because none of his training appeared to be working

"Ok, I'm going to make a cake appear before me. *ehem* God this is going to sound stupid "{Void of the world, change to my whims and become what I desire. [Chocolate Cake]}""

And appearing out of a void appeared a cake like that back from earth. Chris walked up to it, stuck his finger in it, and then licked it.

"Yup, this is definitely chocolate cake. Guess the training has finally gotten somewhere with your bothersome personality."



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chris and I left the training area that we where at in the frozen world. We passed the church and a couple of less important building until we eventually got back to the inn. I've started calling the inn keeper Jeff, all to just annoy him. He won't kick me out though because he saw how much money I had.

His greed for my money is allowing me to mess around with him all I want. I even at one point had him make me ten different plates of food, just to give to the homeless people. I was both kind and evil I think.

Making our way back to our room and restarting time, we decided to get something to eat to figure out what to do next. Sitting down at a table and waving over to Jeff, we started talking about where we where going to go next. Chris used this time to drop a bomb on me and tell me that Camelot was here and that we could go there if we wanted.

I'm a huge fan of mythology and my favorite one was King Arthur and his sword Excalibur. Just being able to see the sword or King Arthur would be a huge thing in my eyes. I instantly agreed that we should go there next.

Ordering soup for myself and pasta for Chris, Jeff hurries off to the kitchen to make it. While Jeff May not be that great of a person personality wise, he was a great chef so we have decided to not leave until after we finished eating. Jeff was also very quick in bringing out our food and left immediately afterwards so that we didn't mess anymore with his free time.

The soup and pasta where both pretty good and actually deserved a tip. Considering this food costs ton of money because of where we got it, we gave him a tip that was worth some family's monthly income.

Leaving the inn, we started heading out to go to Camelot. As Chris had vast amounts of knowledge, I didn't have to wander around uselessly because he knew where to go. We left through the area we came in and took a sharp right after a mile outwards from the city. About ten miles out after we took the right turn, we got to a forest.

At this point we stopped and set up camp for the night because it was starting to get dark.

"Use your powers to set up camp. If you can't, you're sleeping without a tent tonight."

Giving him a quick death stare, I got to work and started imagining it how I wanted.

"{From someone from another life, I ask for what I once knew, give me What I know by making it born anew}"

And after finishing my make shift chant a tent set came into view. It wasn't built and seemed as if someone just bought it from a store. Good news was that I somehow made some other camping gear with it.

"Eh, I guess I did it properly?"


"Nope, was supposed to be set up with your powers. It was also supposed to be only the tent, not a tent with some camping gear."

"Ok, first of all, OW! Second of all, this is still pretty good compared to some of the things I tried doing earlier"


"Fine, I'll give you that but you're setting the tent up by yourself."


Opening up the tent bag, I took out the instructions and unfolded it. It eventually got to the point that it was like a map. I eventually found the first step and started building it to the best of my abilities and after a hour of trying I backed away to see my finished creation.

By all standards, it was a tent but if anything... it was a monstrosity. Half of the tent was leading over to the right, a portion of it was some how upside down, and I couldn't even open the tent's entrance.







After finally convincing Chris, he walked over, snatched my tent, and fixed it in about one minute.

After having Chris finish my tent, I stopped time. I decided to try and secretly practice my powers so that I don't have to use the stupid chants. While they make work, having to say them to make his powers work is just stupid.

Sitting down, I put my hand out and closed my eyes. I want a rock. Nothing hard, just a simple rock... opening my eyes I saw in my hand .... a small earth.

"God dammit"

Throwing the small earth into my storage dimension, I got back to work. Closing my eyes and putting my hand out I imagined a rock that I saw before in this world. Very simple and very clear to imagine. And with a deep breath I willed it into creation.

Opening my eyes again, this time I saw exactly what I wanted. A small rock just big enough to fit into the palm of my hand.

I continued practicing for about another hour or so. It's really hard to tell in frozen time. When practicing with Chris I could make small things with a 50% accuracy. Now I could maybe do it with a 60% accuracy. Anything much bigger is still impossible to do accurately.

Restarting time I went into my tent and went to sleep and dreamed about being very cool. In the morning I got out of my tent, stretched, and threw the tent into my storage. Chris was already up and sitting outside of my tent against a tree.

"Magic practice time?" I asked

"Magic practice time." Chris said with a nod

"Ok so what do I do this time? Breakfast or what?"

"Try making a simple egg."

Nodding my head I focused on the center of my hand and tried making a egg. Surprisingly I actually made a egg on the first try. lightly tossing the egg to Chris, he caught it and then broke it. The egg yolk and whites fell out and fell on the ground.

Nodding his head, Chris said, "Good work. Now let's try something harder. I want you to make me a chicken. A living and breathing one."

"O-ok..." I said

Cracking my neck then re focusing on my palm I tried making a chicken. I imagined one I saw in a movie a while ago that was just running around. What appeared was a heavily animated chicken that shouldn't even be physically possible.

"Does this I count?" I said while raising the chicken up



Throwing the chicken over the back of my head I started working on another one. It took about a hour before I was able to successfully make a real chicken. Chris took the chicken and started to cut him up almost immediately.

"I... I just finished making that..." I said with my mouth open

"Well now it will be breakfast."

"I... I think I'm good."

Chris shrugged and said, "Suit yourself"

I just sat there the entire time he cut the chicken and cooked it. When he started eating it I had no choice but to look away. All of my hard work, just gone in a instant. How cruel this world is. How so so cruel.

After finishing his breakfast, Chris packed up his stuff and said that it was time to go. We started going through the woods and saw a lot of cool stuff. There was a lot of big animals, some ponds, and a small creeks. Overall the entire time it took to get through this forest was around three days and every morning and night I would practice using my powers.

Because Chris kept training me everyday I got better at making things. Exiting the forest we found a trail that looked like it has been traversed a lot. Walking a bit for a bit down the trail we eventually got ambushed by some bandits but dealt with the quickly. We continued walking down the trail until eventually it brought us to a small town.

"We can either go around or go through and see if they need help with anything. Your choice." Chris said

"I'd rather be a nice person and help them then just walk around." I responded

Walking into town was a bit of a weird experience if I must say. People where just looking at us and then going into their homes. It seemed as if they where trying to make this place look abandoned and poor.

'Where is the cliche moment where some guy stands in the center of the read and says-'

"What do you want."

'There it is.'

"Nothing much" I responded without even looking at the guy who said this.

Turning around to face the guy I saw that he was quite tall and menacing. He had a sword on his back and a angry look on his face.

"Is there any work that needs to be done in this town? We are looking for some work to do so that we can get some money to help pay for our adventure."

The guy looked at me from head to toe and then did the same thing to Chris.

"You're both useless. Just get out of town."

Hearing this, both Chris and I said in sync, "Rude"

This didn't get a laugh from the guy but he did pull out his sword upon hearing us say this.

"I said get out of town. Now." and then started walking towards us.

Seeing him walk over, Chris leaned in and said that this was going to be great practice for me. He told me that my job was to use my power of creation in combat to mess around with him for a entire minute. Then, Chris just disappeared.


Mid way through my sentence, the guy slashed at me using his sword. I ducked down and moved to the side to get out of his way.

'Fine, guess I'll do what Chris told me to do or else he might beat me up.'

Seeing the guy rush over to me I put a rock in front of his foot. This caused him to trip and fall like I wanted. After getting back up I then dropped a egg on his head. This caused him to look around angrily in confusion. Seeing this indicated to me that it was time to pull out the big guns.

Imagining a swarm of chickens I tried making multiple chickens like copies of the one I made the one day. This time however, I tried making them as violent as possible so that they will beat this guy up. The first chicken that came out didn't look that great and mostly resembled a bad JPEG image of a chicken. The second chicken was much better and looked like a slightly pixelated image of a chicken. Finally on the third one I got exactly what I wanted and had a very angry chicken rushing up to try and attack the guy.

Now with the thought and knowledge in my on how to make a angry chicken, I started to spam my powers and create chicken after chicken after chicken. Eventually I got so good at making these angry chickens that I cooked create them in giant groups without even trying.

This caused a good minute or two to pass and Chris randomly appeared out of nowhere and congratulated me.

"You probably can't tell but because of this experience, you will now have a much better grasp of how to use your powers. Also good work with the chickens. Pretty hilarious idea if I may say."

"Thanks man," I responded, "Can we kill this guy now? I think I tortured him enough with literal chicken scratches."

Chris didn't even respond to me as all he did was just point to the guy as he was on the floor. Apparently while I wasn't paying attention to him, my chickens killed him and formed into multiple rows and lines in front of me. They where also somehow saluting with their wings.

"Ok, now that's just weird and absurd."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》