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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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14 Animu Powers

After that embarrassing depressing moment, I talked with Chris about what to do next. His ideas where to go with the flow of somewhere else that I kinda knew. Tv shows, anime, book, etc. Places like those where worlds he wanted me to visit.

A entirely new slate for abilities, powers, and everything else.

First off, we decided to make Chris a High god because he was only classified as a Demigod with his powers.

Second, we made a area between dimensions called "God's Hub" to be the interfacing area between worlds. It would also be where I sent people to work for me if I ever decided it.

Thirdly, there had to be rules on my powers. No overpowered skills and things. I have to actually train.

To limit myself, Chris came up with the idea that he can be in the hub and be my system again. He said that he'll limit my powers to train me and then go on from there.

He also said that I had to be a pseudo mortal. My stats will be limited and have to be raised like a normal humans. I will also be technically immortal in the way of "save points" as we call them.

Anytime I die, I will be sent back to a point where I saved so that I can retry over and over.

This way I have a fear of loosing something as I won't be able to get it back before I slowly raise my powers.

Having decided all of this, we decided to also keep Verathal in its own dimension because its my first ever work as a god.

Leaving the dimension and entering back into the hub, Chris and I started deciding about which world I should start in.

"So to practice you powers on a low scale, you need one with magic"

"That's a definite"

"But we also don't want you to practice any other magic so it has to be one where you can only use that. It narrows it down to two choice from your memory."

"Which is?"

"Black Clover and Fairy Tail."

"Black Clover."

"Eh? You're not even going to think about it?"

"Fairy Tail didn't peak my interest when I was a mortal."

"Fine. I'll be sending you over to the black clover world. You'll figure out how to use your powers there. Have fun!" Chris said while waving

Waving back I was starting to say thanks until it felt like my soul was being sucked down a toilet.

"Fuck youuuuuuuuuuu" I said in my last couple of second
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》