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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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15 Black Clover

Waking up I noticed that I was back in the void again. This time however, I didn't have a body so all I could do was use the system.

'New system, OPEN!'


Please select your Origin-

Hage Village



Royal Capital


'Hage Village Obviously. That's where all the main characters start'


Select Family-

Father Orsi



'Eh? Why is there so little?'

[This is so that you get a good starting place. Anywhere else in Hage Village is a bad idea so it is limited]

'Ahhhh got it got it.... Who's Drouot again?'

[Holder of all the unclaimed magic grimoires in the village. He is also in charge of guarding the tower for the grimoires]

'Ok then, I pick him please.'



Increased Magic Control

Increased Mana

Lower Regeneration

Basic Ki Sensory


'Regeneration cause it will be very helpful when I get hurt.'


Please wait while system sends host to world.



and after thinking that, I slowly gained my senses and started to be able to feel again

"Waa... Waaa? WAAAAA! WAAAAAA!"

(Translation- Hu-Huh? WHAT THE! I'M A BABY!)



~~in the far off distance~~

"Do you hear... A baby crying?"

"I think I do Drouot. Lets go find it quickly."

Spending about a minute looking for the baby, they eventually found it hidden in a bush.

"Over here!" Yelled Father Orsi

Drouot ran over, picked up the baby, and got a quick look at the baby. It had black and white hair to show its odd origin. It also had icy blue eyes that looked as if it was aware of what was happening.

Handing the baby over to Father Orsi, Drouot asked, "What should we do with him Father Orsi?"

"Well as you know I run the church so I would gladly adopt the baby."

Drouot stroked his long beard and pondered for a second.

"I think I might take this kid" Drouot said while still stroking his beard.

All Father Orsi did was just stare at him for a second before giving Drouot the kid.

"Lets head back inside now Drouot. This weather isn't good for the kid."

Looking around Drouot realized that it had begun to snow.

"Yes, lets head back to the tower and find out more about this kid."

both nodded in sync and turned around to get to the tower.

~~Back to Eric~~


(Is anyone out there)






(Man this is making me so tired...)


"Over here!"

'Oh hey, some people are finally here... zzZZZ"

~~3 Years Later~

"Happy birthday! Congratulations son, you're now officially three years old."

"Thanks dad!"

This three year old is me. It has been three years since he has sent me to this world and all I can say is that its been great. Currently I'm celebrating my birthday with Drouot. Aka, my new dad. Its been a slow three years but in these years I learned a great amount about magic and the world itself.

I currently can't cast magic but I can feel what would might be classified as magic power inside of me. Right now I could only sense a faint dot of the mana. System says that I have a over abundance of mana though because of how much mana is required for my magic. Sadly like some books and anime, just having so much mana won't make me physically strong and buff. I can work on that though.

"Come along now Eric, it's time for me to give you your gift" Said Drouot while walking away

The benefit of having a Grimoire Tower master for a father is that there is a lot of books to read and I suspect that's what father got for me.

Walking along with father and staying behind him, we eventually got to his personal section in the house. going over to a table he pushed some things around before mumbling to himself that he finally found it.

"Here you go now. Open it on up." He said while handing me a box

The box was a simple white box that looked as if it would hold a book

'Knew it'

and upon opening the box I was hit with old book smell and found myself looking at a really old red book.

"Father what is this?"

"Well son, this is a book that will help teach you how to control your magic better." he chuckled while stroking his beard

"But I can't even use magic."

"You'll need it soon. I can tell just by looking at you that you will have some amazing magic. Your mana is practically leaking outside of your small body." he said while chuckling again

Looking around to see if I could actually see the mana, I got a hearty laugh from father

"You won't be able to use magic until you're five years old. Right now you should be able to slightly feel the raw mana inside of you."

Closing my eyes and trying to sense what I once sensed a while ago, I found again the very small dot of power that apparently represented my mana.

"Oh? You found it already? I just might have a protege on my hands."

"Thank you father!"

"Haha. Now run along little Eric. Father has some work he needs to do."

Nodding my head I ran away to my room to start reading my book. I also didn't mention it but somehow Father has named me the same name as my previous parents.

jumping onto my bed and getting the entire book out of the box, I opened it up and started to read the book.

{Mana is an important aspect of every mage that has ever lived as it is their source of magic power. It is used to activate various magic spells. This energy is naturally existing and flowing in the environment and within everyone.

Due to this, it is common knowledge that everyone is able to use magic to some extent. At the same time, people who do not possess any mana and unable to use magic are a completely rare occurrence. Furthermore, when someone uses all of their mana, it could cause them severe exhaustion and ultimately render them unconscious.In nature, the density of mana can be different from place to place. Usually, a location with high mana density would have a penchant for having a distorted environment.

One example of such place is a dungeon where strange creatures and gravitational forces could occur within it. Moreover, mana can also be used as materials to mold objects, such as using it to create a huge door within a dungeon.}

'Oh? This sounds interesting. Magic can be used to create materials and objects... What will I be able to do I wonder.'

Shacking my head I told myself to get back to reading and stop thinking about that,

{Unlike mana that exists in nature, those that are situated within mages possess an affinity to certain attributes. These attributes are one of the aspects that differentiate one mage from another. There are four great attributes in the world: fire, water, wind, and earth. From these attributes, several other elements can be derived. Such elements are lightning and smoke come from the wind attribute or ice from the water attribute.

Furthermore, mages could have different latent abilities according to their attribute. One example would be mages with an affinity towards wind and its derived elements of lightning and smoke have the latent ability of mana sensory. This resulted from those mages having a higher sensitivity towards the flow of mana.

Since a mage can only be affiliated to a single element, it prevents them from using magic outside of their element. This fact results in a mage who is able to activate fire magic spells to be unable to use spells from other elemental magic, such as wind or water. However, it also allows them to add or use their attribute with other forms, such as fire-based Creation Magic or Healing Magic.

On unique occasions, it has been proven through scientific endeavor that a mage could be artificially enhanced to possess more than one elemental affinity. Hybrid of two different races could also result in a dual affinity.}

I continued reading this book until long into the night. While I may have learned a lot about magic from the book, I didn't learn anything about magic control. Thinking that it might just be very far into the book, I marked my place, put the book away, and went to bed.

During the night all I could dream about was what I would be able to do with my creation magic when my powers where unlocked at age five. Would I be able to make some amazing sword? or will I be able to make special magical trinkets!?! The wait is killing me!

Getting out of bed I lit a nearby candle with a match and then went to get the book. Continuing to read didn't really give my anymore clues or ideas but it did eventually give me something good.

{The amount of mana that a mage possess within them has huge significance. This is because the fundamental strength of a mage is measured through it. When a mage possesses a high amount of mana, any tasks which involves the use of magic would become easier. Additionally, mages with a high amount of mana have a higher chance accessing high-level magic spells rather than mages with a low amount of mana.

Learning to control the mana within them is an important lesson for every mage. It is because mana control is the second parameter that is used to measure the strength of a mage. Even if a mage possesses a high amount of mana, the mage would be considered weak if they lack control over it.}

After reading this part I started to understand more about why it is so important to have magic control. It also started teaching the basics of magic control on the next couple of pages afterwords. And after looking at the couple of pages I realized one thing.

'I should have taken Increased Magic Control as my gift...'

Continuing to read I slowly started to practice magic control. It enlisted me moving the dot around my body, changing its shape, and trying to bring it out of my body. I could accomplish the first two after working all night but they where still very bad examples of magic control. The third one was impossible as I haven't turned five yet.

Looking out the window I noticed that it was around nine in the morning and I have been practicing non stop all night.

Leaving my room I went to look for father so that he could make some breakfast and hear about how I practiced the entire night. Finding father in his study I shook him awake and told him I was hungry in the cutest voice I could. Father got up, messed up my hair, and went to the kitchen.

"What would you like to eat for breakfast today?"


"Hehe, anything else?"

"Just toast!"

"Ok my son, I'll get you some toast."

while father was cooking the bread with a weird magical device, he asked me how I was doing on the book. Telling him that I started my practice and that I was able to move the magic slightly and change its shape, all he did was drop the bread onto the device and turn around to look at me.

Fearing I caused him to be very angry or be scared at something I've done, I look away. But contrary to what I thought, he actually came up to me and hugged me all the while saying that he was so grateful to have a magic protege as a son. He was crying tears of joy and was so happy that nothing could ruin his day.






finally pulling away, father looked at me and asked whats wrong.

"My toast is on fire."

Quickly turning at a speed no old man should be able to do, he quickly went over to the toast and threw it on the floor while trying to stomp it out.

"My... my... my delicious toast... All gone..." I whined after seeing only a mashed lump of the toast left

father seeing this quickly made some more toast for me as he felt that it was the right thing to do after I trained the entire night.

Upon getting my toast I ate it greedily and ate my entire fill of it.

Finishing up and helping father with some chores afterwards father told me, "We are going to focus on your magic control"

This excited me as I wanted to be strong with magic as soon as possible and magic control is the start of it.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》