God Complex- Currently Rebooting
16 Creation Magic
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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16 Creation Magic

"Breath in."

*Heavy inhale*

"Now out"

*Slow exhale."

"And while exhaling, slowly push your mana outside your body"






"Yes Dad?"

"That was just gross."

Drouot sighed and stroked his beard

"I guess I can't expect you to be able to do it on your first try, even though you are a prodigy." said Drouot.

What exactly happened was that Dad and I decided that on my fifth birthday we would try and start using external magic. Best way to start is to try releasing all the mana from my body out into the world. And if you couldn't guess it, it has been another two years so I'm officially able to start training in magic. Not just some fancy magic control stuff that Dad said is very important.

"I think that will be enough for today. Go to your room and try practicing some more, I have some paper work to fill out." said Drouot while walking away.

Watching Dad turn the corner, I rushed to my room and decided to work on my creation magic as soon as possible. In all the books I've read, they've stated that one usually has to work with just their mana before being able to identify what elements and affinities they have. However for me I know everything that I need to know because of the System.

Speaking of which, 'Hey system, please show me a basic status screen please.'


Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Middle-Low Grade

Mana Points- 935/1000




Lower Regeneration


The types of Mana Control are classified as horrible, low, mid-low, middle, middle advanced, advanced, advanced-intermediate, intermediate-high, high, nigh perfect, Complete control. The average for a regular person is around low. For a basic magician it's middle and for a new magic night its usually around advanced. Supposedly the Magic King has a near complete Control type of ranking for their mana control.

Mana is also very similar to that of magic control. The types of Mana Points is around 10 for a average person, 100 for a basic magician, and 1,000 for a magic knight. Again, supposedly the magic king is suppose to have somewhere around 100,000 mana.

This would mean that at the age of five, I've already gotten strong enough to the point that I would be classified as a magic knight on paper. If someone was to fight me in real life though... that's a whole other story.

Anyways back to trying some creation magic! Sitting down on my bed I prepared to try some magic

*Inhale and exhale*

'Ok, deep breaths. Lets do something simple.'

Stretching out my hand I envisioned a simple blade of grass and led my mana towards my outstretched arm. Compared to Verathal, magic here worked very differently. From what Dad told me, magic is something that complies with the persons desires. However the person must also have the affinity, elements, and a specific goal in mind.

No wacky intent was needed to cast magic here... Or so I hope. I've never actually tested it after all.

Getting back to the point at had, after leading all of my mana to my hand, I tried pushing it through the "Barrier" that was my skin. After trying for a minute, I finally got a bit of mana out of my body and saw it take the shape of grass before solidifying and dropping to the ground.

"YES!" I said exclaimed as loud as I could without getting yelled at by my Dad.

All of a sudden though, I dropped onto my bed unable to move

'System, whats happening?'

[Host has used to much magic. Body is currently refueling mana with the body's own energy.]

'But... All I did was create a blade of grass?'

[Host also wasted a majority of his mana trying to get it outside of his body.]

'About how much is a majority of my mana again?'

[Calculating... *Ding* Host has used about 86.19% of his mana trying to get it outside of his body]

'And how much mana did it take to make this blade of grass?'

[Host used exactly 578 mp to create this blade of grass.]




Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Middle-Low Grade

Mana Points- -449/1001




Lower Regeneration


'Oh hey, my mana increased by one, nice.'

[Host is also recommended to get some sleep to help restore magic quicker and not cause anymore permanent magic damage]

'Well I am already on my bed... Eh, might as well. Night system, tell Chris I said hi.]

[Will do. Good night host. Sweet dreams.]


~~~5 YEARS LATER~~~ (A/N Don't you just love these time skips?)

"Close your eyes and envision the mana around you"


"Just do it Eric"

"Fine Dad. Even though it's my birthday I'll do what you wish."

"*Sigh*, insolent brat." mumbled Drouot

"Ok," Continued Drouot, "As you know Mana is everywhere. In all of the books I've given you and everything I taught you talked about this. However what some books forgot to teach was about its density."

"This stuff was in that book you got me for my third birthday you know?"

"You remember that? While that book had that information, it was only because of the rarity and age of it. Lots of knowledge about magic has been forgotten over the years and just finding some books like that are extremely hard to find."

"Wait, so as a three year old, you gave me a very expensive book that some people are probably starting wars over?"

"Uhhh.... Yeah, that sounds about right" said Drouot while laughing and stroking his beard. "Anyways lets get back to this years birthday training."

"Fine fine." I said while closing my eyes.

"Envision the mana around you as a type of air like liquid. It's something that can change easily to some peoples whims. But other times, it can consume anything around it, be as hard as a rock, or send things to far away places."

Envisioning this wasn't all that hard. So with my eyes closed I started to gain a faint sense of being able to see and feel things around me.

'Mana sense?' I wondered

after all, from what I know from the anime, it took Yuno a while till he was able to achieve this. Guess this means I am a prodigy.

And after thinking this I quickly paid attention back to what Dad was saying.

"Humans have after countless years somehow discovered that the flow of mana is kinda like a bird that flows along random paths. The dense spots of mana that I told you about are placed that we classify as places where this so called bird has taken interest in. Supposedly we could use our mana to interact with the outside world mana and use it as a type of sensor but only certain people can do this and it's very rare."

Oops, might have just done something very insane. Im'a just... keep this hidden for now. Don't need the old man to pop of blood vessel in his brain.

"These dense mana spots are also full of magic irregularities and can cause some strange effects to say the least."

"Any why are you telling this all to me Dad? I've already learned most of this stuff."

"Hehe, you caught me. The reason I'm teaching you this is because I think it's time for you to explore the town."

"... What?"

"I've kept you in my house and tower for way to long. Father Orsi said that I should let you get to know other people your age and let you learn how to be a normal kid."

"Let me say a quote from you from last years birthday party. "You will never be ordinary my son, you're beyond extraordinary!""

"Yes and while I must say that you've taken great leaps in understanding and using magic, magic shouldn't be the only thing in a kids life. Remember when you where five and could barely even make a blade of grass?"

"Yeah," I said, "It was a massive pain."

After all, training to be able to properly use my creation magic was exhausting and hard. First of all I had to constantly excrete my mana outside of my body so that I could get it outside of my body so that it had little to no mana cost to get past the barrier. Second I had to learn that you where actually suppose to use the world mana to use magic. This was done my putting the mana in the area of the body being used to manipulate the outside mana and passively change the outside mana to be your mana. Kinda like osmosis. Finally I had to ingrain it to the point that my body and brain did this passively like every other magician.

This took up the majority of the five years and was something that I don't want to go through again.

"Well it will be the same way when you leave home to go somewhere else and make a life." said Dad. "You need some actual practice early on so that you don't fumble and ruin everything."

I didn't say anything as I knew Dad wanted the best for me and I cared about his decision.

"Don't worry Chris, I've already planned a small meeting with Father Orsi's adopted kids. You should be able to get some practice by meeting them."

"*Deep breath in and out*, Ok Dad. I'll do it but only because I know you care."

Saying this caused Drouot to get a smile on his face and come up to me to mess my hair up.

"Next week is the time when we are going to visit the church. By that time I want you to learn at least some basic conversation skills."

"I can do that dad... Is there anyone at the church I should beware of?" I asked

"Hmmm..." sounded Drouot as he stroked his beard, "Oh, I know. The one kid there... What was his name?... Ah! Asta! The one kid there called Asta is a bit of a muscle brain and doesn't have any magic. Though he does keep saying he will be the Magic Emperor even though he has no magic."

Drouot shook his head in thought and continued saying, "His determination is strong but I don't want you to start being like him. His brother Yuno though it much better. He use to be very whiny but has recently started coming out of his shell. I won't spoil the surprise of meeting them to much but you should become friendly with Yuno and avoid Asta."

Nodding my head in agreement with Dad, I told him I would make friends with both of them to show that I will be able to do good in the future.

"Now head back to your room, I've got some important work to do and some important people to meet. Happy birthday son." He said as he quickly messed up my hair again and walked away

'Guess it's time to finally meet the two main characters of this world. Better get on their good sides before I randomly interfere with the story and mess something up for them.... Status'


Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced Grade

Mana Points- 3248/3354




Lower Regeneration

Basic Mana Sense (NEW)


'Huh, guess I did get mana sense. System, how does it work?'

[Mana sense has two different abilities. The passive is that you'll be able to better understand and see the flow of mana inside of people. The active is that you will be able to see how they using it to cast their magic.]

'So I can see what kinda spells they're casting?'

[Not at the current level but with enough practice, then yes.]

'Eh, not as good as I wanted it to be but at least it has potential if I actually try to improve it. Also good to know that I can get new passives.'

and after finishing up my inner monologue about my status, I went off to my room to work on some magic, study some magic, and to start dreaming about some magic I'll see in the future.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》