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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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17 Asta and Yuno

It's been a week since my tenth birthday and I must say that my magic sense skill is very weird.

Everywhere I look, I see weird bird like creatures that fly around and whenever Dad does some communication magic, I can see the mana in his body if I activated the skill. It is really weird...

Anyways, Dad and I have left the house near the Grimoire Tower and started making our way over to the church. Along the way he showed me some of the areas of Hage Village and told me some small things about each family.

After about getting half way through Hage, Dad said that he needed to run a errand really quickly and that if I continued going forwards that I will get to the church withing about ten to twenty minutes. I nodded my head and seeing my acknowledgement, was left to find my way to the church.

Walking for ten minutes showed me the wonders of Hage. Farmers used magic to assist them with farming and each person was doing it differently. At some point in my walk I was greeted with a view of the giant skeletal demon head and all I could do was whistle.

The head of it was ginormous and held a weird aura around it. Using my mana sense to see if there was anything special about it gave me nothing as there was absolutely no mana inside of the skull.

deciding that I couldn't do anything else, I continued making my way back to the church so that I wouldn't get in trouble with dad. However along the way I saw something that I knew I had to watch.

Right in front of me at the moment was Asta and Yuno themselves. Yuno was constantly firing Wind magic at Asta and trying to persuade him to stop. Asta however kept on trying to push himself through the magic until he eventually hit Yuno with a stick and said something about how persistence is the source of his success before fainting.

Seeing him fall down I knew what I had to do.

Jogging over to them, I quickly asked Yuno what happened and if the person on the ground was ok. Yuno just said that the person on the ground was fine and that they where practicing magic.

Looking between Asta and Yuno quickly I sighed and asked if he could use any help to get the person on the ground home. This caused Yuno to smile slightly and nod his head.

Picking up Asta by his read arm, Yuno picked Asta up by his left and we started heading in the direction of the church. By the time we got there, Sister Lily was already outside of the church frantically looking around. Upon seeing us she rushed over and casted a spell on Asta

"Yuno, what happened!?" asked Sister Lily

"We where practicing magic Sister Lily! Asta wouldn't give up though and hurt himself while trying to beat me. Luckily this person here saw Asta fall and decided to help us!" Yuno said excitedly while talking to Sister Lily

"Wait wait wait," I interrupted. Hearing my chance to introduce myself I said, "Asta? Yuno? I know you two! Dad talks about you two all the time!"

Upon hearing this Yuno and Sister lily looked at each other and then me in confusion.

Seeing that Yuno wasn't going to ask, Sister Lily said, "And may ask who you are?"

"Oh! Sorry about that! My name is Eric and I'm the son of Drouot and I was told to go to the orphanage and make some friends. Father said that Asta and Yuno where around the same age as me and I should try to make friends with them!" I said quickly with excitement

Upon hearing who I was, Lily's eyes lit up and she said "Oh! Welcome and please come in. I will go get Father Orsi and he will go prepare some food." she ended while bowing and walking away

Upon seeing this I turned to Yuno and put my hand out.

"Hi, my name is Eric, nice to meet you Yuno." I said

All Yuno did was just look at me and said simply, "Hi" and nothing else. A bit afterwords, Asta woke up and said, "AAAAAAAAA"

Both Yuno and I stared at him and I took the initiative to ask, "Is that really necessary?"

Asta quickly turned to look at me, then pointed at me and said, "WHO ARE YOU?!?"

"Hi, names Eric. Nice to meet you Asta." I responded

"Oh, ok then. Hey Yuno, told you I would be able to win!" said Asta while rubbing the area underneath his nose

All Yuno did to respond was just say, "Hmm" and nod slightly

After that there was just a awkward silence amongst all of us. Thankfully Father Orsi called for all of us to come and get dinner. At dinner there was nothing but potato dishes. Father Orsi cried while saying something about wasting so many potatoes on these dishes but that it was worth it.

Sitting down in a seat near Asta, I looked around the table to see who else was there. It was a couple of very young kids and a baby so it means that Asta and Yuno where the oldest orphans here. finishing looking around I dug into some potato foods and instantly realized that everything was so so dry. I reached for my glass of water and chugged it down to try and hydrate my throat.

While it may have been dry, it was also very good and the taste of it compensated for the dryness of the potatoes.

Continuing to chug down water and eat, I eventually got to the point that I was out of water and being on the verge of dehydration from the water.

"E-Excuse me Father Orsi and Sister Lily, can I have some more water please?" I asked with a weak and parched voice

"Sure thing Eric" Said Sister Lily as she used magic to create some water and put it into my cup

"Thank you" I tried saying but nothing came out

Drinking some water I then tried saying thank you again but this time I was able to get it out.

Midway through the meal, Father Orsi did a fake clearing throat noise and started to ask me some questions.

"So Eric, have you been able to figure out what kind of magic you have yet?" He asked

"Dad says I have creation magic" I said in the middle of a mouthful of potatoes

Father Orsi just stared at me in confusion before saying, "Everyone has creation magic Eric. Creation magic is what happens when you use you mana to create and fuel that object."

"No I think you misunderstand me." I said, "My magic is literally creation magic."

and after saying that I raised my hand and made a potato appear and hover in front of me.

Suddenly I also felt exhausted from using so much mana to create it and make it hover.

'System, please show my status to me please.'



Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced Grade

Mana Points- 863/3361 (↑ +8 Max Mana)




Lower Regeneration

Basic Mana Sense


'Jesus that took a lot of mana. How much does it cost to make this hover too?'

[Calculating... *Ding* It takes approximately one mana per second to make this hover.]

'Eh not to bad'

and the entire time I was thinking of all this, everyone was staring at me except the kids, and Asta who was shoving everything down his throat as quickly as he could.

Father Orsi's reaction was to start crying tears of joy and say with a raised fist, "Potato creation magic! My dream has come true!"

Sister Lily's reaction was to cover he mouth with her hands and say silently, "The possibilities of this magic!"

Yuno's reaction was to just sit there without any reaction but you could still clearly tell that he was captivated with my magic because he was staring at it and wouldn't let his eyes off of it.

Suddenly letting go of my magic that was holding the potato afloat, they all snapped back to attention. Asta even looked up from his food and asked what was going on. Father Orsi reached over and grabbed the potato to see if it was real. He squeezed it, smelled it, licked it, and than bit right into it.

Chewing and then swallowing his food, Father Orsi said, "This... this is a real exact potato... Eric, are you still fueling it with magic to keep this here?"

"No sir. After I create the item, it is here permanently and I don't have to fuel it with magic. Making it hover does require magic still though."

Nodding his head, Father Orsi just stared at the potato for a bit before asking, "Does anyone else know about your magic at all Eric?"

"Not that I know of Father Orsi. I've only recently been given permission from Dad to be outside and talk with other people. The only ones that I could think of are the ones that Dad has shared it with."

Nodding his head again, Father Orsi said, "Don't tell anyone. This magic would be very sought after if people knew of you and it's abilities..."

"Ok father, I'll make sure to keep this hidden."

After that we all ate in silence except for the occasional pass the salt or stupid things from Asta. After about 30 minutes, Dad eventually came to pick me up and had a quick conversation with Father Orsi before saying that it was time to go home. As we where leaving, Asta ran out and said to visit again while waving his entire arm.

Dad and I didn't speak at all until we got home. When we did get home he immediately told me that I have to keep my magic hidden at all costs until I get my Grimoire and am able to defend myself. This was fine with me as I had a legit excuse to use whenever someone asked me what my magic was. I'll just say, "Sorry can't tell. Dad said that I have to keep it a secret."... I just hope it works.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》