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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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18 Grimoire

After around five years, I have finally done it. It took almost everything I had in me but at last I succeeded in it. With my creation magic, I have made something out of this world! I. Have. Made. A. PIZZA!!!

Seriously though. After going to the church and making a potato to show off my powers, I've had the idea to make something from my original world. Pizza was the obvious choice of course as there is nothing as good and delicious as pizza.

Along the way of me making this glorious pizza, I slowly became friends with Asta and Yuno. They haven't really deemed me as a brother as they only classify each other as that but I think I'm well enough to say that they call me their best friend. After all, being with them for five years would get me pretty close to them.

I'm also 15 years old now and am old enough to officially get my Grimoire. Asta keeps talking about how when he gets a Grimoire that all of his magic will be let loose and he will be the Magic King. He then also asked Sister Lily to marry him. She quickly rejected and then after Asta asked again, Yuno stepped in with a bit of magic and caused Asta to storm off.

'Drama queen' was all I could think at the time.

In a few more days we will all be going to the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony which is the Grimoire Tower next to my house to get Grimoires. The ceremony is in March and thankfully my birthday was a bit before it meaning I could go. Seeing as Asta has stormed off to train the last couple of days before the ceremony, Yuno decided to train his wind magic some more, and I have also decided to train my magic some more as well.



Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced-Intermediate Grade

Mana Points- 5902 /5902 (↑ +2541 Max Mana)




Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense (Level UP!)


After five years of practice I have finally raised my Mana Control and Mana Sense skills up. They're getting harder and harder to raise as time goes by but I hope that when I eventually join a magic knight group I will be able to raise it quicker.

Thankfully the next few days passed by really quickly and the ceremony was finally taking place. I met up with Yuno exactly between where our two houses are and started walking with them down to the ceremony. When we got there Asta was already there to greet us any tell us again how once he got his Grimoire that he will have amazing magic. Walking into the tower, we where greeted my a giant circular open room with books everywhere along the walls, a small stage near the back of the room, and a giant three leaf clover in the ceiling allowing sunlight to come through.

Asta stood in the center of the room and said, "A-are all of these Grimoires? Which one is mine?"

he then looked slightly to the floor and a bead of sweat stayed on his face

Yuno was right behind Asta as he was doing all of this. On one side of the room however were two fancy looking guys they were bragging about how today was the day they where going to become a full-fledged mage. Eventually the one guy looked over as Asta and said, "Pathetic, isn't it? They shouldn't give Grimoires to dregs like that."

"You said it." The other guy responded

"Don't tell me they're actually planning on taking the Magic Knights' entrance exams, too. Only novles born with immense magical power or ties to the royal family ever get in."

"Besides, I heard that shrimp can't even use magic"

"Wow... Then we need to take good care of him. He's like a national treasure, since he's probably the only one in this whole kingdom who can't use magic. Hahaha."

Thankfully before they could say anymore, Dad appeared.

"Welcome, young men and women." He said while floating in the air with a magic carpet.

As he was rapidly descending down on his carpet, he continued speaking into his communication magic and saying, "You all begin a new journey today. I wish you all faith, hope, and love.

He finally landed on the stage and walked up to the podium while still using his communication magic.

"I am the master of this Grimoire Tower. We've never had a Wizard King from this area, nor anyone who's actually achieved greatness in the Magic Knights. I sincerely hope that one of you will become the Wizard King someday." He said while catching my attention as he said the last part.

"Now it's time for the awarding... of the Grimoires!" He said to finish off his speach

And after finishing the speech, magic Grimoires where starting to fly off the shelves in the room and surrounding them with many different color magics. They all started going to the center of the room and all just hovered in the air swirling around. Slowly they started going to people and hovering in front of them.

"Is this my Grimoire?" One girl said

"Check it out! Mine's bigger!" Some guy said

"Mine's thicker, though." said another guy in response

Everyone constantly said many things that usually where around moving to the city or achieving greatness.

After a bit of time, Dad started to speak up again, "Good, good. I look forwards to it."

The entire time though, Asta was in a crouching position with his arms raised up to the sky with his eyes wide open and bugging out.

"Ummmm..." Asta said causing everyone to look at his weird appearance, "My Grimoire's not coming..."

"Ehem..." said father while clearing his throat, "Er... Try again next year."

"WHAAAAATTTTT?!" Questioned Asta

Upon hearing this everyone started laughing at him and calling him pathetic

Yuno on the other hand had a book floating in front of him. All of a sudden it started shinning brightly in a yellow and green light causing everyone to look at it. Even Asta realized something was happening and look at Yuno.

Dad opened his eyes and said silently, "A four-leaf clover..."

"A four-leaf? You mean the legendary..." the one fancy looking guy said

"The one that the first Wizard King received?" Said Father Orsi

"The Grimoire said to be filled with immense power and good luck?" Sister Lily asked Father Orsi

The book then dropped down and Yuno caught it. He then turned around and said, "I'm going to become the Wizard King."

Everyone just gasped and then all at once yelled, "AWESOME!"

Asta on the other hand, looked down at the floor hearing this

Father Orsi started crying and said, "He's the shining star of Hage!" and a little kid next to his feet said, "You're amazing Yuno!"

Yuno just stood their and Asta was slowly getting up off of the ground. After finally getting up and without even turning to look at Yuno, Asta said, "Yuno... Just you wait. I'll catch up to you in no time."

Then Asta turned around

"Because I'm your Rival!" He said loudly

Everyone just laughed at him and all I could think was, 'So cringy'

the entire time everyone was getting their books and saying these things, I was just like Asta. Dad didn't look at me at all during this so he didn't know that I didn't get a book.

Upon hearing people make fun of Asta and everything, Yuno closed his eyes, walked past Asta, and said, "Not possible." before leaving the room

Eventually everyone funneled out of the room leaving just Dad and me.

"Let me see your Grimoire son!"

All I could do upon hearing this was just turn to him and say,"I-I... I Didn't get one dad..."

Dad upon hearing this looked to see if it was true and upon realizing that it was, walked up to me and pulled me into a hug.

"It's fine my son. Even if you don't have a Grimoire you are still my son and I care about you very much. Now lets go home and eat its been a busy day" He said while pulling me in the direction of the exit.

~~~Couple of hours later~~~

"I'd be able to use magic, but..." Asta said while hanging off of a tree, "I never thought I wouldn't even get one..."

Asta was currently in the demon skull and nobody knew about his training area except for him and me. Currently he was all alone reminiscing about everything Yuno and him did together. After a bit he finally pulled himself up and said, "But... like hell I'm gonna give uuuuuupppppp! Hahaha, don't you underestimate me fate, I'll show you! Even if it takes one, two, ten, or a hundred years! I'll keep working hard until I get my Grimoire! I'll become the Wizard King, and prove to everyone that anyone can be awesome, even if they're poor or just some orphan! Youy Jeeerrrk! Just you wait Yuno!"

~Meanwhile in a part of the Village~

"H-Hey, you don't have to go that far." Said one of the fancy people

"We should've been the stars today. And yet... this peasant receives a four leaf Clover?! I'll just..." The other responded while starting to open his book


And before the first fancy guy could do anything, the angry guy finished opening up his book which started to have a red fiery mana around it.

"I'll just have to turn it into ash!" The angry guy while having a long beam of fire be sent to Yuno.

All Yuno did was swirl his hand around with wind magic around it and create a small tornado around him to deflect all of the fire

Upon seeing this the angry guy said, "He held back my flames without even using his Grimoire?! D-Do something!" he said to the other guy


"Do it!"

Then all of a sudden chains appeared out of the wall

~My room~

'I knew Asta wasn't going to get a Grimoire but... Even I didn't get one?' I thought while laying on my bed

'No... Even if I don't get a Grimoire from the tower, then I still will have one!' I thought again as I jumped up from my bed and started standing on it.

'I will... I will..' I thought before coming to the realization

"I will just make myself a Grimoire." I said out loud

Closing my eyes and imagining a book, I started to envision what I wanted. Slowly in my mind a one leaf clover appeared on a book. And then another... and another... and another... and another... and finally one last clover. A golden book with a six leaf clover was on it. Without my knowing, my entire room was shining with light as I was making this book. If someone was here in my room with me, they would sense a Gigantic source of mana emanating from me and the newly formed book I just made.

Without even knowing it, after the book was finished being made the god like glow was starting to disappear from my room. When I eventually did open my eyes I saw, I saw the book I just finished imagining. It was emanating a golden and white light that seemed to be calling to me. Upon grabbing the book I had a strange feeling.

'System, status.'


Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced-Intermediate Grade

Mana Points- 0 /10,000 (↑ +4098 Max Mana)


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Grimoire- God's Heavenly Grimoire


Grimoire Creation (New!)


Upon seeing my status I opened my book to see if I truly did have that spell. The first page of the book held that spell and you can tell by just looking at the words for the spell that it is different from the usual language for spells. This was the language from my old world. The language only I could read for I created it.

~Other Side Of Town A Minute Earlier~

Asta was being beat up by a former magic knight who was trying to steal Yuno's book because it was a four leaf clover. Asta was about to give up and let himself be killed. Suddenly Yuno decided to shout out that Asta is his rival.

Asta looked up and grabbed the magic knight who was holding him down and started emanating a evil aura around him when suddenly the area became dark with red particles floating. A black Grimoire with a blood red aura appeared. The book opened and a giant black sword came out of the book, sticking itself into the ground.

Asta got up, put his hand around the hilt of the sword, and then looked up at the magic knight with a glare that radiated anger but also showed that he was tranquil
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》