God Complex- Currently Rebooting
19 Unlimited Blade Works?
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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19 Unlimited Blade Works?

The minute after making my Grimoire I fell asleep on my bed from Mana Exhaustion. I woke up next morning and scrambled to find my book to see if it wasn't a dream. Luckily it wasn't and I was able to find my book under my pillow.

Rushing over to father's room I quickly woke him up and showed him my book. I made up a quick lie that it appeared to me in the middle of the night and after that I fainted. He worried a bit at the fainting part but he was also very excited to hear that I got myself my own Grimoire.

"So son, what spells do you have in your Grimoire?" he asked

Pulling out my book to look really quickly, I said, "Grimoire Creation"

Hearing this, Dad's eyes lit up and fumbled to get his Grimoire. Handing it to me, he told me to cast the spell to try and make the Grimoire. I opened my book to the first page and used mana to make it hover.

"{Creation magic: Grimoire Creation}" I said while holding Dad's book as inspiration

Upon finishing the spell I felt a huge amount of mana leave my body and a copy of Dad's Grimoire appear floating in the air covered in my golden white mana color compared to Dad's green mana color. Grabbing the book from the air, I put it side by side with the original one so see if there where anything different.

Dad grabbed the copy from my hand and tried using it to cast a spell. After nothing happened, Dad handed the book back to me and told me to try and using it. I accepted the book and opened it to the first page.

"{Communication Magic: Loud Voice}" I said.

The next moment afterwards I asked, "Did it work" very loudly and made the room vibrate from it

Canceling the magic by ending the feed of mana to it, I said out loud, "Yes... Yes it did work"

Dad and I then tried a couple more thing with the copy until at one point, I placed the copy Grimoire next to my Grimoire. Upon doing so I got a notification from the system.

[Would you like to add Communication Grimoire to list of Grimoires? (YES/NO)]

I immediately accepted yes and saw a bright golden white aura surround the two grimoires and combine them. All that was left was my original Grimoire with one new extra spell. Grimoire Switch.

'Shit. Just realized that I never asked for the explanation for the first spell. System, please give me the descriptions of the two spells please.'

[Grimoire Creation- Create a exact copy of a Grimoire you're holding. This copy can only be used by you and has no connection to the other Grimoire's user.

Grimoire Switch- By creating a Grimoire with your magic, you can then add it to your own Grimoire so that you can quickly switch it to the other. Also helps so you don't have to carry the other book around.]


"Dad I'm going to try something. {Creation Magic: Grimoire Switch}."

After doing that nothing happened.

"Let me try that again, {Creation Magic: Grimoire Switch- Communication}."

This time, my book changed appearance to be similar to dad's except that it still had my six leaf clover on the front of it. Saying the spell again but this time changing Communication to Heavenly, I switched it back to my book. All of a sudden the system made a message appear.

[Gift available for host. Would you like to accept? (YES/NO)]

Thinking yes, the message disappeared and a new one was sent.

[Host has accepted the gift. Gift held the passive, (Unneeded Grimoire)]

'Please display status and give a description'


Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced-Intermediate Grade

Mana Points- 4,386 /10,000


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Unneeded Grimoire (NEW!)

Grimoire- God's Heavenly Grimoire


Grimoire Creation

Grimoire Switch (NEW!)


[Unneeded Grimoire- Don't need to use a Grimoire to cast any of you spells. Including spells from other created spell books that have been added using Grimoire Switch. Any spell casted using Unneeded Grimoire except {Grimoire Creation} cost double the mana]

'Huh, thanks Chris, I guess this is a gift from you'

[Note from System Creator:

NP Bud. XOXO -Chris]

Finished reading everything and surprising my Dad, I asked if I could go visit Asta and Yuno to show them my Grimoire. Dad hesitated at first but said that I could as long as I didn't do any magic and then sent me on my way. Upon hearing that quickly rushed out the door and ran over to the Church.

After running for about twenty minutes, I got to the church, and knocked on their door rapidly. Yuno finally opened the door and I raised up my book to his face to show him it.


All Yuno did was push my book down out of his face and then ask me a random question

"What do you plan to do now that you have a Grimoire?"

"Well leave for the magic knights exam in six months of course." I responded

Upon hearing this Yuno faintly smiled and said that Asta and him are planning to journey together in six months to take it. They where wondering if I would go with.

"Yeah! Le- Wait a minute, why is Asta going?" I asked after hearing him say Asta was going too.

"Asta got a Grimoire after the ceremony. Something with swords and anti-magic I think."

'Hm hm." I said while nodding my head, "Hey, you think I can look at your Grimoire really quick?"

Yuno hesitated after hearing this but because he knew me for five years, he decided to let me take a look.

Holding his book I quickly cast my spell, "{Creation Magic: Grimoire Create}"

Yuno hearing that I was casting a spell tried getting his book back without even paying attention to the spell I was casting. After finishing the spell, a new green Grimoire with my usual magic aura around it was floating in between Yuno and me.

"Here you go Yuno!"I said while handing him back the original book

"Wh-What did you do Eric?" Yuno said while staring between his book and the copy

"Just some magic" I responded as I took the copy out of the air and opened it

"Watch this" I said with a wink and started casting one of his spells, "{Wind Magic: Towering Tornado}"

Casting the spell, a small tornado appeared in my other hand and I showed it to Yuno with a giant smile on my face

"I got some pretty cool magic" I said

Ending the magic, I then merged the two books and caused Yuno even more confusion but before he could even ask, Asta ran up to me.

"Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, look, look, look, look, look, look! I got my own Grimoire!" Asta said with stars in his eyes

'How is that even possible? Literal stars in his eyes? That... that's his true magic'

"N-Nice job Asta. What magic did you get"

"Hehe" Asta said while opening his book and pulling out a giant sword

"Woah, can I hold it?" I asked

"Sure but be careful, its very heavy" he said while offering me the hilt

I reached out to grab the hilt and Asta seeing me grab it, let go of the sword. Even though I was lifting with all of the strength in my right arm, it stabbed itself into the ground. The entire time too it was draining a good amount of my mana.

'System, how much mana does this drain per second?' I asked while still trying to pull the sword out of the ground with both hands

[It absorbs about 25 mana per second for each hand on it. If you where to duel wield it, it would consume around 50 mana per second.]

'Jesus. Now I know why everyone fears that sword.'

"I can't lift it Asta. You can put it back now or make it disappear."

Pulling the sword out of the ground and putting it back into his Grimoire, I asked Asta if I could take a look at his Grimoire. Asta without even thinking shoved it into my hands and said, "Its so cool right? So sosososososososososos coooooool!"

Hearing this I smirked and then said, "You want to see something cool? Watch this. {Creation Magic: Grimoire Create}" and made a copy appear in between Asta and me. However this Grimoire was slightly different. This one was the same color as my hair and was has a aura of both black and white around it.

Asta the entire time was just yelling, "SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOL!!!"

I eventually grabbed the book and opened it up. As there was no magic in this book, I just tried pulling a sword out of it. I was able to grab onto the hilt and pull it out but once it was all the way out, it fell to the ground because of the weight. With a quick sigh, I put the sword back in hilt first and once that was done, I merged the two grimoires.

'Seeing these swords come in and out of the books though gave me a idea. Like that one guy from fate stay night.... Shirou! That was his name. What if I could make some swords like Unlimited Blade Works..."

[Host has found a connection between sword magic and creation magic. What would you like to name the spell?]

'Give me a description first'

[????- Can create copy of any blade that has been seen of with pitch perfect accuracy. Can change the copied weapon's size and look slightly. Can also add or remove parts of other weapons]

'Hmmm.... Call it God's Weapon]

[Confirmed. Would host like to see status?]



Name- Eric ??????

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Advanced-Intermediate Grade

Mana Points- 359 /10,000


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Unneeded Grimoire

Grimoire- God's Heavenly Grimoire


Grimoire Creation

Grimoire Switch

God's Weapon (NEW!)


'Nice' I thought before saying to Asta, "Hey, Watch this! {Creation Magic: God's Weapon}"

The sword that started to appear looked very similar to Asta's demon dweller sword. It had a much slimmer look to it and looked like a regular sword. Sadly like the Demon-Dweller sword, it couldn't absorb magic into it as I have never seen that sword. Only the one he has shown me which is the Demon-Slaying sword.

"Yuno can you send a bit of wind magic my way?"

and without even responding he sent a sharp blade of wind magic my way. Barely having time to react, I put it up in the air in front of me and let the wind hit it.


Asta on the other hand was very entertained by my magic and kept on praising me. The rest of the day after that situation, dealt with us planning the next couple of months and our plan to take the Magic Knight test. Eventually we decided that we will try and train our magic as much as possible during these next few months and get use to our Grimoires.

We also talked about what happened yesterday night and they caught me up on the situation of how they where attacked by a ex-magic knight who was after Yuno's book. They also explained how Asta got his and said for some reason said that Asta's magic was his determination... Weird.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》