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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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21 Mortal Comba

The next couple of battles went either really quickly or really slowly. Eventually my battle came up and the random guy I picked went to one side of the arena and I went to the other. We took positions and got ready to battle.

"Three... Two... One... BEGIN!" Yelled the mask guy

My opponent went first as I wanted to see what he could do.

"{Storm Magic: Thundering Beam}!" He shouted

The magic was very similar to Skyrim as it looked really similar to the sparks spell but had a much longer distance. Sadly this lighting type of magic was surprisingly slow even though it was lightning. Upon seeing this all I could do was just sigh.

"{Creation Magic: God's Weapon}" I said for my first spell without even opening my book. The sword in my hand had a steel grip that wasn't Anti-Magic as in the six months of training, I've changed the sword slightly so that if I hold it properly, it doesn't take all of my mana.

I simply put the blade up to my face and let my sword eliminate the magic. Once he finished the spell and I eliminated all of the magic, I started to slowly walk forwards. My opponent after seeing my eliminate the magic started going crazy and fired spell after spell at me. I continued walking slowly before standing around twenty feet in front of him and stopped.

"C-Can't walk any further can you? Have you finally realized the strength of my magic!?!" My opponent boasted as he saw me stop

"It's time to end this! {Storm Magic: Thun-"

Before he even got his spell off, I quickly casted my own spell. "{Wind Magic: God's Fist}"

A giant fist of visible fast moving wind appeared above him and hit him into the ground.

During the couple months of training and weeks of walking to the city, I found out something about my Grimoires. I can create my own spells for the Grimoires instead of only having to rely on what spells the Grimoire had at the time of creation. This means that I can permanently upgrade my spells and not have to constantly go to people's Grimoires over and over again to just have a update.

Thankfully while I was thinking about all of this stuff related to Grimoires, my opponent was still unconscious from my God's Fist spell. Everyone was staring at me too. The people who where paying attention to my spell chants though had their eyes bugging out because the understood that I just casted two different types of magic spells without even opening my Grimoire.

Throwing my sword into the air, I released the magic that was making it appear and let it disappear into nothingness. I went back to the crowd and waited for the next battle to start. The next couple of battles where just like the previous ones except for Asta's battle and after a couple of battles, Yuno's battle was finally happening.

Yuno walked out with this person who was smirking the entire time. People where starting to talk to each other about this person's nobility and magic. Down in the battle part of the arena, the Noble was smack talking to Yuno about how since he is a Noble that he is obviously much better and wealthier then him in every way.

Hearing this I called out to Yuno and said one little thing.

"Show him the truth."

This caused Yuno to smile and look at me before looking back to his opponent with a look of boredom on his face. The Noble started opening his Grimoire first and made a giant ball of lighting appear that was only growing bigger. Once the Noble casted the spell, only then did Yuno start to act.

Yuno opened his Grimoire while the ball kept growing bigger and bigger. The ball was sending blasts of lighting everywhere and the Noble has a gross look on his face. After saying something which I couldn't hear, the Noble sent the ball to Yuno who said and casted, "{Wind Magic: Towering Tornado}"

A big tornado appeared in between Yuno and the ball of lightning and caused what appeared to be a stale mate between the two magics. However the wind from Yuno's spell lifted the Noble up and started damaging him heavily. Once Yuno's spell eliminated the ball of lightning, Yuno then cancelled his spell and let the Noble drop.

Everyone in the crowed gasped and awed in surprise that Yuno was able to defeat a Noble instantly. Upon seeing this, all I could do was have a slight grin on my face because I knew Yuno had it in him to be able to do it.

After a couple more battles, the night sky turned dark and the exams ended. The masked guy started saying "We are going to call numbers, and the numbers called have to step forwards."

Next a female squad leader appeared and said, "Squad captains will then raise their hands for the people they would like to join their squads." She also re-elaborated the fact about multiple squad captains trying to pick you and that yo may choose.

Then the guy from earlier who explained the battles, explained again about if no captain raises their hand about how you have to leave.

Then for the last time, a person with white silver like hair spoke up and said, "If you aren't picked, leave immediately."

After saying all this they then started calling out numbers and picking people or not picking people. Going through person after person took us all the way till morning until we finally got to Yuno. Yuno walked forwards and stood in front of them. A announcer said, "All who wish to offer, please raise your hand."

A second passed and then every single squad leader raised their hands. Everyone was talking and gasping from amazement and surprise. Yuno stood staring at them for a couple of seconds before saying, "Please allow me to join the Golden Dawn."

Up next after Yuno was Asta and he started to walk forwards after his number was called. Standing before all of them, Asta yelled, "I'm Ready!"

The announcer then said again, "All who wish to offer, please raise your hand."

There was a awkward silence for a couple of seconds before the announcer said, "No offers."

"N-No way..." was all that Asta could say

people behind him started complaining and telling him to scram.

Asta continued to stand there before the guy from earlier who tried squashing Asta's head like a water melon spoke up.

"Well, that's no surprise. No matter how high your combat skills are, if the source of your power is unknown, no one wants anything to do with it. In the end, the only thing desired from a Magic Knight is their magical powers." He said before releasing a huge amount of magical aura that was suppressing a huge amount of the crowd, and scaring the rest.

The captain then jumped down from the balcony and landed a bit in front of Asta. He then walked forwards and then stood even closer to Asta before saying, "And since you have no magical powers, no one wants you. That's the cruel reality. You said earlier that you wanted to become the Wizard King, didn't you? Which means you're going to surpass the nine captains here, right? Now that I'm standing before you, do you still have the nerve to say that you're going to become the Magic King, even without any magical powers?"

Asta halted for a bit but gripped his fist even tighter and said, "E-Even if I can't join the Magic Knights today... No matter how may times I fall, no matter what anyone says to me, I'm still going to become the Wizard King someday!"

All this did was cause the captain look down at him with a look of sorrow before turning off his threatening aura. After a second passed, the captain gained a huge smile and started laughing like a mad man.

"You're funny, kid." He said while pointing to Asta, "Join my squad."

"Huh?" was all Asta could say

"I'm telling you that I'll let you join the Black Bulls... By the way... declining isn't an option." The captain suddenly said with a evil look on his face and a sinister shining glow in his eyes

"I'll make life so miserable for you in the Black Bulls that you'll be torn to shreds, so be ready for that. Hahahaha.... And then someday... become the Wizard King."

Asta just started at the Captain with a look of awe on his face.

'Dude... stop looking at his pecks...' was all I could think because Asta didn't realize it but he was which was kinda awkward

After a minute of the awkward staring, Asta finally said, "Yes, sir!"

And after being picked, Asta was moved to a different part of the arena and I was called up next. Walking forwards and in front of the captains, the announcer said, "All who wish to offer, please raise your hand". Nobody raised their hand at first but quickly looking at each other, one by one they raised their hand. Everyone gasped and awed at this feat because it was the second time in history that its happened and the first one just happened a bit earlier.

Quickly crossing off the Black Bulls and the Golden Dawn from my list because of Asta and Yuno joining them respectively, I then looked at each captain to decide who to pick next. I was deciding between two of the groups. The Blue Rose and the Azure Deer.

The main reason for me picking these two where because of one main thing... their color. Yup. My favorite color was blue so I simply decided that I will pick a group that fits that color.

"Umm, excuse me" I said

Upon hearing this, all the captains looked at me to hear what I was about to say

"I have a question for you Blue Rose"

Hearing this, the Captain stood up and asked me what my question was.

"Could you explain a bit about the blue roses please?" was all I asked

The captain then started ranting about the goals and ideals of the Blue Roses but one little part sticked out to me the most. It was, and I quote, " We are a squad made up mostly of women."

Now for most people, this would instantly appease to them. For me however, I didn't want a harem or anything and if I am correct about anime tropes and cliches, then only the women in this squad will be given the good stuff while all of the men are treated horribly.

Before the Blue Roses captain could even finish, I said, "I pick Azure Deer."

this caused a gasp of surprise from everyone and an hearty laugh from the Black Bulls captain. The Azure Deer's captain stood up and showed himself to me. He looked like a kid but still seemed to be the age around 19. He has spiky, aqua-colored hair which has a weird mess on top of it.

The captain bowed and thanked me before pointing me in the direction of where his squad was. I walked over there but not before saying good bye to Asta and Yuno. They both gave me the usual farewells that one would receive and then we split ways. About another hour or two later, the exams ended and I got two more people that the Azure Deer squad.

The captain walked up to us and started talking very friendly with us. Behind him was a person dressed in a butler outfit that seemed to be his personal guard or something.

After a bit of time, the captain explained that his name was Rill Boismortier and we are now going to use magic brooms to fly on over to the Azure Deer's hidden base. Giving each of us a broom, we started flying to the base. Weirdly enough we where actually flying into the horizon as if it was some weird cowboy movie that just ended.

After flying for two hours and a couple of mishaps from the other two recruits, we eventually got to a open area that had a castle in the center of it. Landing down near a giant gate, we where greeted by a couple of other members of the Azure Deer.

"Welcome to your new home!" Said Rill as we finally landed and had his arms open, showing the rest of the Azure Deer and the base.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》