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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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22 Azure Deer

The first person to walk up to us after landing was a girl wearing a bunch of winter clothing. She bowed and said that she will be showing us around for today and also showing us where we will stay inside the castle.

We explored and walked around the castle for a good hour or two before being told that we can do whatever we wanted now and where sent on our ways. I went to the cafeteria to see what food I could make cause I haven't eaten anything in the last couple of days. Heading there I met Rill in the halls and waved to him.

Rill seeing me wave, walked over to me and said, "Hey! You mind if I ask you a couple questions about your magic? Can I, can I, can I please!?!" He said like a child

"Uhhh... Depends on if you'll let me see your Grimoire." was all I answered

Rill hesitated for a bit because of the long emotional history with his Grimoire but eventually his curiosity got the better of him. He handed me his Grimoire and asked me to tell him what my magic was.

"Creation magic." I simply said while immediately casting {Grimoire Creation}. Kinda like Yuno, I casted it so quickly and surprisingly that they didn't have any time to react. Rill grabbed hold of me but by the time he did, a new copy of his Grimoire was in front of me.

"You can have your Grimoire back now." I said while trying to get him off of me

Luckily he did get off of me but he jumped to the copy of his Grimoire instead of his own Grimoire.

'It took you a long time to hand me your Grimoire and now your're just forgetting it immediately?' I thought

"Hey, can I have that copy now? I need that to improve my magic." I asked

Looking down at the book and flipping through a couple of pages, Rill then closed the book and looked up at me before saying, "Explain."



"Fine. I can create copies of other people's Grimoires and merge it with my own Grimoire to obtain their spells and magic. However to use the magic proficiently after merging them, I have to cast a spell that switches my Grimoire to the merged Grimoire. Once I get enough practice with it, I can use it in my original Grimoire form"

"Hmmm," pondered Rill, "Show me then." He said while trying to hand me my copy of his Grimoire.

Handing him his Grimoire, I merged the copy and my own Grimoire before attempting to cast the spell.

"Uhhh Rill, I need to know what magic you use really quickly so that I can say the spell correctly and change it"

"Oh yeah. I use painting magic!" He said while pulling out a brush and art pallet from his Grimoire

"Huh, ok. {Creation Magic: Grimoire Switch- Painting Grimoire}"

My Grimoire then switched to a white Grimoire that had a square of shapes and colors going around the clover. Opening the book I flipped around to see what spells I had. One caught my attention my saying it was a restraining magic and I always wanted to try it.

Pulling out his palette and brush, I then started casting the spell. "{Painting Magic: Spring of Restriction}"

Casting my spells made me draw in the air in front of me and even took control of my actions. When the painting was done it looked like a circle of water with some rocks around it.

Rill himself then created a painted rock and threw it into the spring to see if it worked. Immediately the rock was trapped and proved that the spell worked.

"Well that was a nice surprise but I have to go fill out some stupid paper work to officially add you to my team. Thanks for chatting with me!" He said while running off

'Ok then... Lets just hope that there are no more surprises...'

[Gift is available for user. Would you like to open it? (YES/NO)]

Nope. Spoke to soon.

'Yes, obviously open it.'

[Congratulations. User has been gifted with, shop, quests, and a optional HUD. Would user like to accept these gifts?]

'Yes please!'


'Cool, now show me the shop!'


Black Clover-

Magic Tools

Magic Items





Other Worlds


'So this isn't just the Black Clover world system?'

[No. User has been given a shop for everything and everything. User just needs to use {Chris Points} to buy things.]


'System, tell Chris to change the name of the points.'




[Message from Chris: Fuck You]

'System are they still called Chris points?'

[No. They are now just called {System Points}]

'Perfect then. And how many do I have?'

[You have been given a starting point total of 100.]

'Okay then, open Grimoires in black clover'


Sand Grimoire- 100 Points

Fire Grimoire- 100 Points

Water Grimoire- 100 Points

Ice Grimoire- 500 Points

Cotton Grimoire- 500 Points

Spacial Grimoire- 10,000 Points



'Ummm... I want... Fire Grimoire?'

[Confirmed. Using points to buy fire Grimoire]



'Shit. I was only thinking of what type I wanted ;-;... Can I have a refund?'




[Removing System from user... Commencing..]


[Removing canceled]


And after this entire ordeal, I finally went to the cafeteria to get some food cause that was my original purpose the entire time. They didn't have anything interesting so I just made some pancakes to eat. It consumed a bunch of mana but can't argue with some delicious pancakes.

After eating and talking to a couple more people who came up and tried showing me the hierarchy of the Azure Deer, I went to the training area to try and do something special with magic. Previously all the magic I had was Sword magic from Asta, Communication magic from Dad, and Wind magic from Yuno. All of these magics made it really hard to do what I wanted to do.

But with the new addition of Painting magic, I can finally create my ultimate master piece. Pun intended. The creation of a new type of magic and Grimoire by combining two different types of magic.

Placing my arms out and summoning Communication magic Grimoire and Painting Grimoire, I let them rest in my palm. Slowly I moved the two Grimoires together hoping to create some new type of magic by just merging them but upon getting closer it did nothing. Trying to force them together did nothing either except magic some magic spark around and eventually create a explosion.

'How can I combine two different types of magic... Think of the end result maybe?' I thought

'So communication magic is about expression and talking about things. Painting magic is about drawing your view of the world or changing it to be your view of something else and making it happen as you draw... So maybe a combination of it will be about expressing a change of the world and putting it into effect?'

After thinking about this I decided to try combining the Grimoires again and this time was met with some luck. Slowly the Grimoires combined and started shining so brightly that I had to look away from it. Opening my eyes, I started blinking and shaking my head to try and get the stars to disappear from them.

Seeing as that helped only a little bit I started looking at the new Grimoire that was in front of me.

'System, tell me what I just created.'

[Host has just created a Kotodama Magic. Also known as Word Soul Magic, this magic attribute allows the user to manipulate their surroundings through speech. They can even command other people and their magic spells and create a wide variety of magical and physical objects of many elements. The user is able to use this magic without the need of a Grimoire. However, in order to use it to its full potential, specific spells are required, which are stored within grimoires.

While the exact limits are not currently known, this magic cannot directly command a living being to die, and the amount of magic power used affects the range and how much it can counter another spell.]

'Wait so just by combining painting and communication magic I created something that can change the world with me just speaking?!'


'Holy... Don't you think it's kinda overpowered to have just created this?'

[To the standards of this world, yes. However as you are a god in mortal form, this is what should be called "Normal" for you]

*Sigh* 'Might as well try seeing how OP this is before complaining.'

"Uhhh... Ball of fire?" I asked myself and the world questioningly while supplying mana to my voice

Slowly a small ball of fire did appear and glow brightly in my hand. Seeing what I could do with this, I tried throwing it as if it was a baseball. Nothing happened sadly so I figured that I would have to give it a command with this Kotodama Magic.

"Forwards!" I said while pointing my palm to a nearby dummy. The ball of fire in my palm then shot out across the field and hit the dummy, lighting it on fire.

"Oh... That was cool. Lighting ball!" I said again while supplying more mana to create the ball

The ball appeared again in my palm and I sent it to another dummy. Surprisingly the lightning ball was like the lightning bolt spell from Skyrim.

Looking around to see what else I could try and practice this new magic on, I instead decided to try and combine some more magic.

'Wind magic and Fire magic... Electric I guess? Usually in fantasy novels and video games, it would somehow create lightning stuff.'

Making the two different grimoires appear I slowly started combining them too and eventually made another magic and Grimoire called Electric magic. Doing so almost made me faint as I wasn't paying attention to the huge drain on my mana from creating all of these books and mana types.



Name- Eric

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Intermediate Grade (LEVEL UP!)

Mana Points- 52 /18,355 (UP 5,355!)


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Unneeded Grimoire

Grimoire Equipped- Creation Grimoire

Types Of Magic- Creation, Communication, Wind, Sword, Painting, Kotodama (NEW!), and Electric (NEW!)

Creation Grimoire Spells-

Grimoire Creation

Grimoire Switch

God's Weapon

Magic Combination (NEW!)


'Yeah that makes sense. I should finish some stuff and go to bed.' I thought

Finally leaving the training field I went to my own room and started sorting and moving stuff around. I got my broom from the opening area of the castle and brought it to my room. As it was a gift from my Dad, I didn't want to abandon it or destroy it.

Besides the broom and some moving I didn't do much else as I was running dangerously low on magic and creating anything else would just be dangerous. Setting up my bed and getting into a spare pare of pajamas I found in a drawer, I started getting ready to head to bed.

*Knock Knock*

"Eric its Rill! I have something I want to talk to you about!" yelled Rill at the door

Going over and opening it I saw Rill with a very excited expression on his face.

"Something I can help you with Rill? I was about to head off to bed." I asked

"No no, I got something really cool for you first" he said while trying to hide the fact that he was bouncing up and down.


"Tada!" he said while bringing out some Grimoires that he was hiding in his very poofy hair.

"I got you some more Grimoires to copy! You have to show me how you use them afterwards! Please oh please oh please?!" He asked now literally bouncing up and down in excitement

'How can you even be the captain of the Azure Deer? You're a literal kid mentally... Whatever, it's free Grimoires.'

"Yeah I can copy and show them to you but not today." I said

"But whyyyyy?" Rill cried in response to me saying no

'Literally, how did this guy even become a Magic Captain?'

*Sigh*, "It's because I have almost no magic left. I was practicing some more with the magic I got from you and was trying to use my Creation magic to combine some magic."

Upon hearing this he started bouncing up and down in excitement again about the fact that I was trying to do something special with my magic. Before he could start speaking again, I closed the door so that he wouldn't interrupt me anymore.

Going to my bed, Rill continuously pounded on the door and started begging for something but as I was to tired, I wasn't paying attention.

"Rill I'm going to bed. I'll tell you everything tomorrow after I get my sleep and restore my mana. Just go to bed or else I won't tell you anything." I said in hopes of shutting him up

Luckily it worked and he no longer banged on my door with questions for the night. Finally I let myself fall into a sweet dream and started restoring my mana even faster.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》