God Complex- Currently Rebooting
23 QUESTionable Antics
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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23 QUESTionable Antics


"Eeeerrrrriiiiicccc, wake uppppp!"



*Door slamming open*

"Rill, it's barely even 5 ish in the morning. Did you really have to wake me up this early?"

"But you promised that you would show me your new combined magic!"


'Why did I promise to show him the magic?' I thought

Pinching the bridge of my nose and closing my eyes I gave a deep sigh

"Fine. You owe me one though."


After closing my door I flopped onto my bed for a hot minute before getting up and dressing back into my clothing that was thrown of the floor. Going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth before going back, I did all my morning routines that needed to be done. Then I opened my door and without even talking to Rill, headed to the training area.

When I entered the training area and saw a training dummy, I instantly cast some magic.

"Ten fire-bolts to training dummy." I said while infusing magic with my voice

Instantly ten bolts of fire appeared and shot towards the dummy. Each one hit it with perfect accuracy and made it set ablaze with a bigger and bigger fire each time. Upon finishing the spell I turned to Rill and asked, "Is that enough?"

"No! I need some more magic! Show me how you combined and made new magic!" Rill begged

"Yeah yeah, sure. Just give me the other Grimoires you had so that I can make them."

Instantly, Rill threw a backpack to me with around six or seven books to me. They appeared to be the Grimoires of some other people on the Azure Deer team. Skimming the books really quickly, there appeared to be ice magic, earth magic, some type of metal magic, water magic, space magic, and mud magic.

'Most of these types of Grimoires where already combination types of magic so I don't really know what I can do with these. I'll combine first and then think later.'

First I pulled out all the books and made quick copies of them. Each Grimoire now took around 250 mana to create so slowly I was getting efficient at making them. After copying them I made earth and fire Grimoires appear.

'Magma magic.' I thought while slowly pushing the two grimoires together. Like last time a bright light came out and blinded everyone and everything in the area. When they could see, I was only holding one Grimoire and it was a bright brownish red.

Opening the new Grimoire I looked for any spells but found none so I started working on one to show Rill my power. Putting out my hand, I turned a 1 by 1 by 1 foot in front of me into magma. It kinda reminded me of Minecraft if I was to be honest.

Anyways with this small pool of magma, I then had small magma drops come out of the lava and shoot out to another dummy that wasn't damaged.

"Magma Rain? That could work for a spell name I gue-"

[Spell {Magma Rain} has been added to Magma Grimoire]


"Maybe I can create something with this? What do you think Rill?"

"A dragon!"

"yeah should've guessed that" I said with my hand out again but this time creating more magma pools and quickly taking the magma out of the pools and started forming a dragon.

When it was nearly finished, I then said, "{Magma Magic: Magma Dragon}"

The dragon then took full form and roared out loud with magma falling out from the corners of it mouth. When it finally did stop roaring, it then slowly walked up to be before looking down at me and Rill.

I looked up into it and looked at where its eyes would be normally.

"Kneel" I said without even infusing my voice with mana

Both the dragon and Rill kneeled without even thinking about it. By accident I did something that outsiders would call bad ass. I then made it disappear with brute creation magic.

"There. Is that enough Rill" I asked again

I was really hoping that Rill would say yes this time because I was getting tired of him being obsessed with my magic. I only wanted him to be interested and impressed but not this much.

Rill looking up to me as he was still kneeling, kinda just slowly nodded his head up and down.

I think I may have now put a instinctual fear into him about me and my power... Oops. I guess that's what happens when you use brute creation magic like that in front of people.

"Rill. I need you to give me a quest. You think you can do that?"

Again he just nodded up and down slowly.

"*Sigh* I'm going to go get breakfast. Can you bring me the quest, mission, or whatever its called when you can?"

Thankfully this time he actually responded normally

"Yes, can do. Can you please show me more magic later though?!"

'Welp, guess I didn't traumatize him with my bad-assery. That's good though.'

Without even answering, I turned to leave and just waved at him behind me good bye.

Though I said I was going to get breakfast, I actually went back to my room to start decorating it. The first thing I did was make my actual breakfast which was some cereal. Next I started making some cool stuff for my room.

I made a sword and shield to hang up, a small resting area, some spare clothing, a mirror, and some other random stuff just to make it look cooler. For the last thing, I made a picture of me and my original family but made it look different to fit the time period and fantasy. By the time I was done, Rill was knocking on my door and constantly saying my name again.

Opening the door I asked him what he wanted and he said he got me a quest.

"What's the quest about?"

"Well its about protecting a village against a group of bandits. You'll be stationed there with Fragil Tormenta as it is your first ever quest."

"Two questions. When are we leaving to this village, and what is the village called?

"You and Fragil are leaving within a hour or so and the village is called Akiral Village."

"And does Fragil know the way?"

'Yes she has already been briefed and everything. She is currently waiting for you at the entrance of the castle."

"Cool, thanks Rill." I said while leaving and lightly hitting down on his shoulder.

Rill just stood there for a minute before thinking to himself, 'Wait... I'm the captain, why am I listening to him?!?'

by the time he realized that, I was already half way there.

Spending the next minute thinking about combining some more magic, I quickly got to the entrance and saw Fragil waiting for me.

"Sup" I simply said.

"Hi Eric. Are you ready to set out?"

"Yup lets go."

"It's ok Eric, there is no need to be nervous, everyone usually is fo-. Oh, your're not nervous? O-Ok then, lets get going." she said with a bit of concern in her voice

We then both started heading out to Akiral Village on magic brooms. As I left mine in my room, I just made one since it was quicker then having to run back.

The first night I created some more magic. I mixed water magic and magma magic to make obsidian magic. It is a incredibly hard and sharp material that is very good for both offensive and defensive.

I also combined fire magic with mud magic to make brick magic. After these two, I couldn't do anymore because flying takes a small amount of mana but after flying for a lot of hours, it consumes a lot of mana too. Plus me creating a bunch of stuff for my room before didn't help.

Fragil and I set up camp and had a simple dinner of bread and cheese. Then we got into our own tents and headed off to sleep.

The next morning we quickly packed everything back into our backpacks and I made us some bacon and eggs for breakfast using my creation magic. At first Fragil was a bit surprised because she didn't know much about my magic, but eventually she became a small version of Rill who wanted to see everything any anything I could do. Thankfully without being forceful.

The next couple of days kept repeating like this until we finally got to Akiral Village. It had many open fields for planting so that they would almost always have a big harvest each year. Currently it was around October so they where growing pumpkins and other stuff to eat.

A man saw us and quickly ran off to go somewhere. Fragil and I started looking for the biggest house in the village because that usually indicates where the mayor or village chief lives.

We got lost after looking around for ten minutes or so but eventually a person with expensive looking clothing came up to us with the guy who ran off earlier.

"You two are the magic knights I asked for I presume?" He asked with a slight egotistical tone in his voice

Fragil took the lead and stepped forwards

"Yes. We of the Azure Deer have accepted the quest to come and help out in your time of need."

The Mayor guy clicked his tongue and tried silently saying, "I was hoping for the captain of the Golden Dawn at least. Not these low lifes. I deserve the Magic King..."

Both Fragil and I heard it but since Fragil didn't do anything, I just went with it and accepted the verbal insult.

Fragil started to slowly get him to talk about all the details for the quest. Supposedly there will be around 50 or so bandits who will be raiding them in around a day or two. In the group of bandits there will supposedly be around four or five who have basic Magic Knight like skills and abilities.

Other than that we didn't get any more details except that the Mayor thought that we where the worst people in the world and he deserved better and blah ba blah ba blah. Overall he just thought that he was better.

Luckily the guy from earlier talked to us after the Mayor left and explained everything in much better details. He also gave us a place to stay and eat until we finish our quest.

Fragil asked him to show us the way to our temporary residence and along the way we started discussing a plan.

"With my magic, I can try creating some traps that will get ride of about five to ten bandits. That means we will have only around 35 basic bandits, and five Magic Knight level bandits." I said

Fragil pondered this for a second then came up with a idea.

"Do you think you can create one big trap? I think I have a way to try and lure a huge amount of them into it."

"Maybe but I want to try and keep some mana. Creation magic takes a lot out of me unless I use a spell for it and I don't have any spells that are designed for traps."

We kept going back and forth like this over and over for a while until we eventually got to a house. Stepping inside we where hit with a onslaught of smells that where usually good.

The guy stepped forwards and said, "Oh, looks like my wife is cooking dinner right now. You two hungry?"
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》