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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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24 Anger

The man showed us to the dinner table before starting to walk off.

"Wait, what is your name really quickly?" Fragil asked

"Oh, my name is Judas." he replied before walking off

Looking around the room, you could see that Judas was well off. He had a lot of decorations and everything was clean. But for some reason... Something felt off.

Everything seemed to have been to well prepared since we've entered the house. There was also exactly four plates set out on the long table that was able to hold eight people.

"Hey Fragil, is it just me or..."

"Yeah, something is off Eric. You hold position and I'm going to go look for Judas." she said while getting out of her chair and opening her Grimoire

I was about to get up too but suddenly a giant spear made out of paper was behind both Fragil's and my head.

"Turn around veeeery slowly" said someone who sounded very familiar

Doing what the person asked, we where then met face to face with the Mayor from earlier. Judas was also right next to him with a evil look on his face.

"Now hand Judas here your Grimoires." Said the mayor

Again, Fragil and me slowly closed our Grimoires and handed them to Judas. We then took two steps back to show that we weren't going to attempt anything in any way.

"It looks like the girl uses some kind of snow magic," said Judas, quickly flipping through Fragil's Grimoire. Closing hers and then flipping through mine, he said, "No clue what kind of magic this guy can use. From what he was talking about earlier, it seems like he can create some kind of traps or something."

The mayor hearing this then moved the paper spear even closer to my head and said, "What kind of magic do you use?"

"Well I can use a lot of diffrent ty-" I started saying before he started pushing it even harder against my head and yelled to me, "TELL ME!"

"Fine. Can you just {Stop for a minute}" I said enforcing my words using Kotodama Magic and Mana.

I then took a step forwards very carefully to see if it worked. Luckily nobody moved or used any magic, showing that it worked. I had to finish this as quickly as I could because I'm using unneeded Grimoire to cast this magic so its using up all of my mana.

I walked a couple of more steps to get to my Grimoire but suddenly out from the doorway came flying a couple of daggers.

"Shi-" I was able to get out before being stabbed in the head with multiple daggers

My mana stopped flowing to stop the Mayor, Judas, and Fragil in place so the Mayor immediately killed Fragil with the paper spear. Both Fragil and I dropped to the floor, dead. Sadly I didn't know any of this as I was already dead by the time my mana stopped flowing.

[User has died. Commencing back up...

Temporarily sending host to Hub...





"Eric, its time to wake up" I heard someone say

Opening my eyes, I was blinded by a very bright light shining in my eyes and someone looking over me. As my eyes where still adjusting I didn't know who it was.

Sitting up and rubbing my eyes, I looked at the person who was standing over me again. Slowly my eyes focused and I could see who it was. Good Ol' Chris.

"Hey man, haven't seen you in a while." I said

"Yup. And all it took to see me was to die. Now here, let me help you up and show you around the Hub. You've never seen it after all." He said while putting his hand out in front of me

Grabbing the hand he then pulled me out of the weird bed and started showing me around. For some reason I was also wearing a fancy suit and when I asked Chris about this, all he said was, "Gods have to look good." with a shrug added on.

Going to the door that was in my room brought us to a elevator. The elevator had tons upon tons of buttons that where just everywhere.

Chris looked like he knew where each and every one was exactly because he quickly reached over and pressed one.

"So Eric, I know that we where going to only make you come to the Hub when you finished a world but I feel like we needed to talk about something face to face." Chris said while putting his arms behind his back

"Take a seat as well because I got some stuff to explain to you." He said as he nodded to a chair behind me

I turned around and sat in my seat but when I looked but up to Chris, we where inside a mall like cafeteria.

"Looks like you have more control over your powers then I have of my own." I said with a chuckle

With a small chuckle, Chris said, "Of course, after all I am still part system"

Looking around I noticed a person inside the Cafe. I motioned to them and she came out.

"What can I get for you today?" She asked

"Uhhh... Can I get... a burger?"

"Ok, and how would you like that?"

"Medium rare please." and with that, she was off

I think these people are probably like NPCs for the Hub that Chris created for us.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked Chris

"Well you see, your progression in the Black Clover world is going really slowly."

"What do you mean? I'm pretty strong if I do say so myself!"

"Yes, you think so, but you can still be easily killed by some random people. By now you should've increased you mana to that of a elf's or even above! You did learn about how to use raw creation better, but besides that you're not better in anything overall."

"Yeah but..."

"No buts. Once you finish the mission you're on, I'm sending you to a training area where time is slowed down on the outside. You're are going to train and you're going to like it. Understood?"

"Wha- No!?"

"Well you have no say in the matter. Once you get your burger and eat it, I'm sending you off."




"Excuse me Eric, your burger is here." Interrupted the waitress as she slid the burger onto the table

"Eat this and you're going. Bye now." Said Eric as he snapped his fingers and disappeared out of existence

*Angry Mumbling*

"Fine. Watch me become over powered Chris!" I said while taking a bite out of my burger, "Oh, this is actually a pretty good burger."

~~After Burger~~

"Eric, hey Eric. It's time to wake up." Said Fragil while trying to shake me awake

Lightly pushing her hand away I said, "Yeah yeah, I'm up."

After finishing the burger I blacked out and came to being shaked exactly like this morning.I did the usual things by making breakfast and then packing everything up. After that we headed out to the village just like last time.

Once we got there, I didn't say anything and continued to just follow along with Fragil and met the Mayor. After the Mayor, we then followed Judas into his house. When we got inside his house he said, "Oh, looks like my wife is cooking dinner right now. You two hungry?" before showing us to the table again.

Now it's my time to shine. After Fragil asked for his name and him leaving, I quickly walked back to the door and used my magic to create a trap.

Using a bit of obsidian magic, I made it so that whoever walked through the door next would get a thing of obsidian around their arms, legs, and mouth. Next I used some painting magic to hide it so that if you opened the door, you would see just the room. Finally I did the same thing with the doorway where the third person came out of.

By the time I was done, Fragil was running up to my explaining how something was weird and there was exactly four plates. Suddenly we heard something heavy fall in the entrance of the house. Going over there, we suddenly heard another one but this time it was where the random third person came out of.

Hearing both of these loud falling noises, Judas then came rushing in with his Grimoire out, and casting a spell. Using, {Creation Magic: God's Weapon}, I created a plank of wood with Asta's anti-magic sword's properties on it.

In a weird loony-toons like fashion, I hit the Judas directly on the head and knocked him out.

I then put all three people together on the table after throwing all the plates and other stuff onto the floor. First I wanted to talk to the mayor as he was the one who had me at gun point previously.

"So Mr Mayor. {Care to explain you plan?}" I asked using Kotodama magic to get him to explain everything

"The plan was simple." The Mayor started, "I would trick some idiot peasants into raiding their own village with the promise of money and extra food. Then I would ask for a Magic Knight's help to be able to hold one hostage. Then using that hostage I would make the Clover Kingdom mine!"

I just stood flabbergast hearing all of this. "You sir. Are a massive idiot." I simply said

Fragil wanted me to also get him to talk more about the plan and to also have the others to talk. Doing this we learned that they had at most around 12 or so bandits to help them. They also didn't have any even close to having a Magic Knight's mana control or mana amount.

The mayor also gave us the location of where the last seven bandits where. Fragil decided to take it upon herself to clear them out for me as I've done all the other work.

Hearing this, I knocked out the two other people and left Fragil to do her work. About a hour later a finally got a confirmation that the quest was done.

[User has finished a quest. Host has been given 150 System points as reward."


[ALERT! User is being sent to a training world by order of Chris! You will now be sent forcefully. Commencing in three...]



"Fuck you..."


"Really. Just fuck you man."


Suddenly a everything around me turned gray and a black void like hole opened up beneath me. I instantly fell into it and continued to fall for what felt like a entire hour before hitting a pitch black ground. For some reason, it hurt as much as if I fell while standing up.

Looking around only showed void, void, and more void so I got up and started to walk around to see if anything would appear. A good while later I saw a white light illuminating a blank space so I walked there. Stepping inside of the lighted area, I saw a room start to form around me.

Inside of this room was a whole bunch of work out gear, books, and a giant area with dummies inside to practice against.

'Seems like Chris wasn't kidding about me training... Is there food anywhere though?'

and as if I was back on Verathal, a mini fridge appeared. Walking up to the mini fridge and avoiding all the workout gear and other stuff Chris gave me, I opened up the fridge. Inside was a simple folded piece of paper that said, "Read Me"

Opening it up, the paper simply said, "Train first, then food. ;)"



'Chris. I could deal with you forcefully putting me in here. Pausing time any everything to make me get stronger which was very nice. But showing me a mini fridge and then not letting me have food? Now I'm angry. I'll become so overpowered you'll regret putting me in here you BITCH! YOU SHOULD KNOW TO NEVER MESS WITH MY FOOD!"
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》