God Complex- Currently Rebooting
26 Unreachable Goal
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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26 Unreachable Goal

~~??? Months Later~~~

"The cow goes, moooo... The duck goes quackity quack quack... The insane person goes *loud screaming noise*" said Chris while sitting in the corner of the workout room

He's been constantly training for who knows how long now and has yet to reach the apex. His mana has reached somewhere in the billions and he has easily a thousand times more mana then a elf. He also has combined tons of different types of magic and created even more.

Under his types of magic, it simply lists all because he found out a way to combine everything with his creation magic.

You also might be wondering why I'm referring to myself in third person, but the easiest way to describe it is that I'm insane! Haha...

Anyways, I've reached what I would think as the apex but I don't know how to actually become the apex. Asking the System showed up with nothing and the only thing that training can do now is to just increase my mana.

All of this free time has gotten me to think though. I was such a idiot when I created Verathal and Chris.

All I wanted to do was to have fun and mess around. Chris decided that when he saw me be badass per say, he wanted me to train my powers without allowing me to use the world system make skills for me and give me instant mastery over creation.

I wasn't able to get anywhere though with Chris's training on Verathal... it's like training can only take you so far and can only be improved once you use it in real life scenarios...

[Congratulations! You've finished the last and hardest quest from Chris!]


[Now relaying message from Chris when quest number 8 is complete.

Chris: Hey there bud! Did you enjoy your training? Probably not but if you're hearing this then you've completed all of the missions and realized that training can only get you so far and once this is realized, you can then improve yourself even more.]

'Wait! Does this mean!?!'

[At this time you're probably thinking this means I will finally let you out into the world again. I'm not going to mess around and make a joke here because as I'm making this message, I have no clue how long you will have been here. I will release you in a days time and revert your age back to what it was at the start. I will also make you keep your improvements and lessons you've learned.]

*Satisfied exhale from Eric*

[Now for the gift I made the system promise I would give you. By now you should've realized the mini fridge I added was to torture you into doing better.]


[So your reward is this. You will be able to have a storage space again that has infinite mini fridge items! Oh, and everything will taste normal again.]

Upon hearing this I cried tears of joy. The entire time I've been here, I couldn't make good tasting food. Everything I made looked good but when bitten into, just tasted like shit.

I instantly got up from my insanity corner and went to the mini fridge that I hated so much during my time here.

Opening it up showed me the glories of my long fought battle/training. There was tons of foods and drinks inside and trying everything showed that it was all edible and delicious.

The rest of the day I binged myself on the stuff inside of the mini fridge. After almost 24 hours of completing the last quest, I got another message from Chris and the system.

[Remember Eric, even though you can be classified as the apex now, there is still many ways you can be defeated. Take some time in this world and explore it. Learn some things and have fun. You deserve it.]

And after finishing the message, everything started to disappear till I was in a black void. Then, I started to disappear as well. Lifting up my hand to face level showed that I was slowly turning into beads of light.

I just closed my eyes and turned my head up high. I couldn't wait to get back and see another person again.

After a minute of having my eyes closed, I opened one eye and looked around without moving my head.

I was finally back in the house of the one guy who's name I've forgotten. It's been so long since I've been here. The two most prominent memories I have of this place are dying, and hitting that guy with a board loony toons style.

Opening my other eye, I started looking around to see if I could find Fragil. I found the three people still on the table and still unconscious as if they where in a coma the entire time I was gone.

Swing this reminded me that when I first came here, there was a really good smell of food so I started looking for that.

Searching around brought me to a little kitchen like area that has a fire going with a pot above it. Going to the pot and lifting up the lid made a huge steam cloud waft up into my face. Smelling the cloud showed that this was some food cooking and that it has been worked on for a good while.

I instantly made a ladle with creation magic and reached into the pot to get a whole ladle full of it.

Tasting showed that it was even better then it smelled.

'That girl out there has some great cooking skills I must say.' I thought while constantly stuffing my mouth dull of the soup

After eating my fill which was around 3/4th of it, I threw it into my new inventory that Chris gave me.

Doing so made me realize that I should probably check my status as I stopped caring while in my temporary slump/ insanity.



Name- Eric

Magic- Creation

Mana Control- Perfect Grade

Mana Points- 7,482,649,367/ 7,482,649,392


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Unneeded Grimoire

Mana Usage Reduction



Inventory (NEW!)

Mini-Fridge (NEW!)

Master Mana Collection

Master Weapon Fighting (Level Up!)

Grimoire Equipped- Creation Grimoire

Types Of Magic- Everything (Anything you can think of) (NEW!)

Creation Grimoire Spells-

Grimoire Creation

Grimoire Switch

God's Weapon

Grimoire Combination


Seeing the mini fridge I instantly used the skill and made it appear in front of me. It was slightly on the fire so I moved it to the side with my monster strength.

Moving it to a safer area and opening it up showed the same stuff inside of it as when Chris finally put stuff inside of it. Taking one item out, it instantly made a duplicate inside of the fridge. I took out a soda and a pack of M&ms.

Sending the fridge away I went back to where Fragil and my prisoners are and took a seat in a chair on the side.

I decided to wait the rest of the time for Fragil to come back and eventually fell asleep. While I may have been stuck in isolation for so long, I for some reason feel like it wasn't to bad and feel alright mentally. Might be because of Chris though.

After sleeping for around a half hour I think (It's very hard to keep track while asleep.), Fragil shook me awake.

"Oh hey there Fragil," I said while rubbing my eyes clean, "Did you finish everything okay?"

"I did everything really quickly and made sure to capture all of them so that way Rill will praise you for your first mission. Though I must say, you should be very careful next time when you sleep because at any time you know those three people could've broken out and killed you. You must be really careful."

"Yeah yeah, ok. So what do we need to do now? We've gotten everyone and taken the Mayor of the village. Do we... Just leave it like this?"

"Yes. Once we report everything to Rill, he will then report some stuff to the Magic King who will set everything up and sent someone out here to take the Mayor's position." She said while slowly looking me up and down, "Did you... Do something to your mana and body while I was gone? You seem... Different to say the least."

This honestly surprised me as I didn't expect to have my new power and strength noticed immediately. I just shrugged at her question before saying that we should start going back to base.

She eyed at me suspiciously but didn't force me to talk about it to much. We took the people to prison and alerted everyone to keep them locked up.

We then got on our brooms and started heading out.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》