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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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27 Condescending

On our way back to the Azure Deer base, we took many breaks. Eventually it became night so Fragil and I decided that we should set up camp and sleep through it instead of flying and risking hitting something.

As I was unpacking, I realized something I could do to get to base instantly. I have space magic and since I've already been to base, I can just teleport us back.

I decided to not do this as it would ruin the adventure itself of seeing everything on the way back.

Finishing setting up the the tents, Fragil and I had something to eat, and then went off to bed.

At some point in the middle of the night, I heard a lot of movement. Getting out of my cocoon of blankets I made with magic I went to go check up on Fragil. Exiting my tent showed that almost everything of ours was raided and a bit of a distance away was Fragil being dragged into a portal somewhere by someone.

Before I could even teleport over and help, they already went through the portal and disappeared.

[Quest Alert:

Quest- Rescue Fragil within a week

Reward- Fragil Survives

Faliure- Fragil Dies]

Even without this new quest, I would've already did everything in my power to try and help Fragil.

And since it hasn't even been around a minute since, I've woken up, I created a thing of 5 hour energy and chugged it down before getting to work. I threw everything that was mine into my inventory and started searching for clues.

What I discovered was that they specifically went searching through Fragil's stuff. None of our food, water, and money was tampered or taken so they aren't just regular bandits.

Besides this there wasn't that many leads to show who or what could've done this. The person I saw taking away Fragil was a man with a mask was my only lead but there could've been more people as he had space magic able to teleport everyone away.

Seeing as there wasn't anything else after around a half hour of searching I decided to put everything into my inventory and to finally use space magic to quickly get back to base. Opening the portal and walking through it brought me back to the center area of the base where a lot of the Azure Deer where.

The Azure Deer popped up from their seats and jumped into a battle stance seeing me exit out of the portal. I just raised my hands and simply said, "Whats up guys?"

For some reason this seemed to put them even more on edge and they all got into a even more defensive stand.

"Stand down everyone." someone yelled from the back

Everyone turned to see who did it and left me a gap big enough to see as well. The person who yelled was Rill who had a couple of scratches on him that appeared to be freshly made.

Rill walked up to me slowly and with a hobble. When he got to me he put his arm on my shoulder and said welcome back before starting to hobble off to somewhere and telling me to follow him.

Seeing as I had nothing else to do I just awkwardly followed behind him as he was walking at what seemed to be around a singular mile per hour. I walked up to him and put my hand on hill shoulder and used a combination of buffing magic and healing magic to fix everything up. Rill didn't even look surprised at my new magic and wasn't excited as he usually was.

Finally going a good speed, we got to a door within about five minutes and when he opened it up showed a wall right behind it. Rill pulled out his Grimoire and painted a door onto it before pulling that new door open. Now behind this door was a room with a conference table on it that had some other magic knight captains at it.

Rill nodded to me to go forwards through the door first so I just listened and did it. Rill then followed after closing both of the doors and then started talking.

"As Fragil isn't here I assume something went wrong on the way back to the mission I presume?"

I just nodded and said, "Yes but I don't know that many details at about what happened. We went to bed and I woke up hearing some movment but by the time I got out of my bed, Fragil was being dragged off into a portal by one person."

"And around how long ago was this?"

"Roughly around 30 minutes or so I think."

Rill just nodded and said, "That lines up around the time a portal appeared for us and a bunch of people came through to my room. Luckily I was awake painting a bit so I was entirely prepared for it. I was able to push them into a retreat but I noticed one person was carrying Fragil. They also alerted everyone else to the indecent by waking them up."

The other Magic Knight Captains where just listening with their personal attendant behind them. Rill started asking me a couple of questions that had to deal with what I found out about the original quest and what happened at camp. I made all of her stuff appear that I stored into my inventory and said that this was everything that was hers that I could find.

He just nodded and painted another door on the wall before saying to go back to my room and rest up. I just nodded and listened to what he said because I didn't want to argue with his direct orders.

Going to my room I attempted to go to bed but after trying to for a entire hour I decided to get up because the five hour energy was still going throughout my body and causing me to have trouble falling asleep. I decided to get dressed and think about what I knew about the black clover world.

The main conflict happening in Black Clover is that some elves are being reincarnated and hate humans. To help reincarnate all the other elves, the Eye of the Midnight Sun as the elves call themselves, are trying to gather these magic stones to reincarnate all of the elves.

Basing my plans off of knowing that they captured Fragil and attempted to capture Rill who would become Elves in the future, they might be the ones who are targeting them.

Knowing this I just have to go and find their base, kill all the elves, and rescue Fragil. Sadly I have to actually find their base and I don't actually know where it is exactly. The only thing I know is that it is in a area that has such a large concentration of mana that many weird things happen.

Finally leaving my room after thinking of all of this, I headed to the library to try and find out any information about high and dense magic areas. On my way to the library I was stopped by two people.

"Well well well, looks like a noobie is trying to do something without us telling him, right Asetal?"

"That appears to be right Carste. Hey noobie, what are you doing out here?"

I just looked at these two people who's names where Asetal and Carste.

"I'm going to the library." I said simply while trying to push my way through without hurting them. Both grabbed on of my shoulders and said, "Yeah you can't do that. What's your name by the way noobie?"

*Sigh*"Name's Eric. can I go through now?"

After hearing my name they just got a evil grin on their face and Carste said, "Oh? Someone who is from Hage village is trying to say he's better then us Asetal."

Asetal just grinned even eviler and played along. "That appears to be so Carste. You think we should pay this kid a little lesson on why he shouldn't even be here?"

"That we should Asetal. That. We Should." He said while they both attempted to push me against a wall

All I could do was give another sigh and grab both of them by the wrists. Using a bit of pressure I accidentally broke their wrists while lifting their hands off of me. Both of them jumped back and screamed in pain before Asetal said, "You just attacked us?!? YOU NEED TO LEARN YOU PLACE LOW BLOOD!" and opened his Grimoire

Carste just followed and opened his Grimoire as well. Both of them didn't even use spells to attack me, they just used brute mana mixed with their element to do so. Carste appeared to use a type of fire magic while Asetal appeared to be using a Electric type of magic.

Compared to what I had to train against, this appeared to be baby's work to me. I caught both magics with my bare hands and just held the literal magic.

Asetal and Carste seeing this widened their eyes but for some reason got even angrier. They started hurling both insults and magic at me without even considering one or the other.

I put the two magics I caught into the air right next to me and started catching all of their magic and adding it to the now large balls of magic on each side of me. At some point the balls got the the size of my torso and the two idiots for some reason never stopped. Continuously catching the magic brought both of the balls to be my size.

When it did reach my size, they both appeared to run out of mana as they where breathing heavily and where no longer casting spells or throwing insults.

"You done now?" I simply asked

Carste looked up from the ground, took a step forwards, and pointed at me. He then yelled at the top of his lungs, "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE RIGHT HERE YOU LOW BLOOD" before casting a actual spell. This spell made tons of giant balls of flames that quickly condensed and shot towards me.

I moved the ball I made from his magic in front of me and let it absorb all of the spell. After the spell was over the ball grew to nearly six feet.

From watching Carste's spell, I decided to copy it a bit. I started compressing the giant ball of fire and continued compressing it until it reached the size of a pea. Then I started doing the same thing with Asetal's magic until it too was a size of a pea. I then moved to combine both of these peas which then bade a pea that was red and sending out small things of electricity that was also radiating fire off of each thing of electricity.

I flicked it between the two and set it off. It started sending bolts of electricity throughout their body and also burning Lichtenberg figures (Author Note: Look these up, they're pretty cool) into their skin and caused them to become as stiff as a rock. After the little pea seemed to cause enough damage, I put in into my inventory and walked between them to finally get to the library.

Behind me, the two fools where still standing really rigidly for a couple of seconds before falling to the ground unconscious.

When I got to the library I opened the doors and was shown a giant area of books upon books. Going to the first row I immediately noticed that there was no good sorting present here. Finding the book about high and dense magic areas would be very difficult.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》