God Complex- Currently Rebooting
29 Eye of the Midnight Sun
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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29 Eye of the Midnight Sun

As I was standing in the entrance of the castle, I turned around for a quick look at the battle scene behind me.

The ceiling was ruined and looked like a horrible amalgamation, the space around where Rill and I where fighting had tons of giant gashes and marks in it from the dragons and our fight.

Everything was just destroyed from our huge fight and would take a while to repair.

Turning around to leave I started to hear some people run into the room. I didn't even turn around to look because I knew that if I did, they would try to attack me immediately.

I rushed out into the open area and made a broom using creation magic. My broom I was using previously was still in my room as I wasn't smart enough to bring it with me.

Flying off, I started having a premonition that something was about to hit me so I quickly flew downwards slightly on my broom. Just above my head a spear of bronze went by. Tons of other spells and magic where thrown at me but none where as close as the bronze spear.

Adding more magic to the broom I increased its speed and continued to hurriedly go to the Gravito Rock Zone.

After around a minute I no longer had constant spells being fired off at me. Taking a quick peak back showed that a couple of people where behind me trying to catch up.

I used a bit of space magic to create a invisible barrier that made whoever enter it get stuck. It was very similar to a sticky fly trap. Leaving it there, I continued going as quickly as I could while supplying more and more mana to the trap.

After about one hour of constantly supplying mana to the trap, I finally let it go and released the spell. I was about a eighth of the way to the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun which was the elves base. Sadly I still have a long way to go and now that the five hour energy has worn off, I'm starting to feel very very tired.

Slowly letting go of my control over the broom, I descended more and more while falling into a deeper and deeper sleep. By the time I reached the ground I was asleep.

~~12 Hours Later~~

*Large Yawn*

'System, why does my body hurt so much?' I asked after getting off of the ground

[You crash landed after running out of energy in your body.]

'Yeah, I guess that makes sense.' I thought while already casting some healing magic on myself

Looking around I saw nothing but trees upon trees around me. Finishing up the healing, I got onto my broom and lifted myself up into the air.

Falling asleep made me lose a bunch of time and my sense of direction for where I needed to go. Making a compass appear, I used it trying to find out which way was which.

After turning around constantly for a solid minute I finally said, "Welp, compasses don't work on this world I guess"

Throwing it behind my back, I picked up my broom and picked a random direction.

Traveling that way for around three hours eventually brought me out to a small village with a couple of houses around. Landing down near the entrance of the town, I got off my broom and put into my inventory.

Then I walked into town and started looking around for people that would be able to help and give me directions. Most of the people I walked up to just stared at me without talking or even moving as if they where some kind of doll.

I knew they where alive though because they would turn around when I first started talking to them. After attempting to talk to ten people, I decided to rush to what would seem like the leading authority in this village. Finding it instantly, I banged on the door for someone to answer.

After a minute of on and off banging, a old man opened the door and said, "Quit your banging! I'm here now, so stop it!"

He then looked me up and down and said, "What do you need kid." with a face of disgust

"Hi, yes. I need some directions if you could."

"No." He responded simply and shut the door on my face

'How rude.' I simply thought

I continued banging on his door again after this for a long time before he opened the door again. This time though he had his Grimoire open and was in the middle of casting a spell.

"Stop." I said quickly using Kotodama Magic

He instantly stopped moving, casting his spell, and everything else. I didn't want to use this magic that much because it acts against the person's free will and if I had it used against me, I feel like I would despise it. Sadly I had to use this to figure out where I was and how to get to where I need to be.

"Allow me in."

He then moved in front of the door and put a arm into his house to imply that I was free to enter. I walked in and then gave him another command using Kotodama Magic.

"Explain to me what is happening."

"This village was built away from people to try and get away from the Nobles who hate all of us so much. We despise anyone isn't from here and will never accept them. You are not wanted here." he said

I just simply nodded my head slowly upon hearing this.

"Yeah that's fine. I just need some information and directions. Then I will go and leave you to yourself."

The old man just clenched his teeth as if in pain and furrowed his brow.

"So what is this village called?" I asked

"Kirai Village."

"And where is this place compared to the Clover Kingdom?"

"Roughly a thousand miles North West of it. Any thing else?"

"Nope, that's it. Need anything before I leave? Food, water, clothing, or something like that?" I asked trying to find a way to repay him

"All this village needs is for you to get your ass out of here. Please just leave now."

Putting my hands up in defeat at my attempt to help I said, "Fine fine. Thanks for the info. Bye now!" and left immediately afterwards

Cancelling my magic on him he dropped down to the floor and started having labored breathing. I left him as he was and upon stepping outside of his house, pulled my broom from my inventory and started flying away in what I now knew was the right direction by using the info I got from the Old man.

I then continued flying again for a couple of hours before taking a nap and then continuing again. This lasted for three days and gave me only around three days left to find and help Fragil.

On the fourth day, I finally got to the Gravito Rock Zone. There was a thick mist but using water magic to manipulate all if it, I pulled it apart and up into the air to give me a better view of the entire area.

One giant rock hovered in the center of a lot of smaller rocks and had a lot of spikes built on top of it.

"{Analysis Magic: Map Explorer}" I casted using a magic I randomly made on the spot

Being able to cast any magic I want is pretty cool. Including the fact I can just create any type of spell and new magic makes it even better.

Anyways, my analysis showed that there where many cube shaped rooms that where connected throughout the interior of the giant rock floating in the air. The center of the rock held the biggest room and appeared to be connected to four other rooms. This was probably the main area for all the elves to meet and stuff.

There where from what I could tell, a lot of random rooms that also connected to nowhere and had to way to get in into them. At the top there was a clear entrance on how to get into the giant rock but that also had a lot of rooms between it and the center room.

I decided to take the easiest choice out of all the choices that I had. Use my overpowered magic to just force a way for me to enter.

Using wind magic I casted a spell that would make me able to fly and flew to where would be directly across of the big room. Then using earth magic I carved out a rectangular hole in the wall and started digging my way into the room. Filling in behind me as I flew to the center room, I hit my first room that my analysis magic showed to me that I would encounter on my way to the center room.

Inside this room was a bunch of people just lazing around and talking. Dropping down into the room I alerted everyone there.

"Hey there! Anyone know where a person called-" I started to say before almost being hit by multiple types of magic

"Now now everyone. That's just rude" I said while starting to make my swords appear in my hands

I then went up to each person while using air magic to boost my speed and any firing off any random magic I could think of to kill people at random. This killed almost everyone except for three people.

Two of them where standing in front of me and the last one was hiding and trying to pretend to have been killed from one of the random magic attacks that I sent out.

"So may I ask who you three appear to be?"

The girl and the guy in front of me just looked at each other before turning back to me and saying

"Sally!" said the girl excitedly

"Rades." said the guy very boldly

The last guy on the floor didn't say anything and continued to try and trick me into thinking that he was killed.

Sally was a short girl who had red eyes and a creepy smile on her face. Rades on the other hand had a simple smile as if he thought I was going to be someone easy to defeat with his abilities. He also has a long piece of cloth go around his head vertically that covered his left eye and had a iron eye over it.

I then sent out a ball of fire to all three people to try and the battle quickly. Sally and Rades dodged quickly but the last guy was to dedicated to his acting and was killed by my fire.

Sally made a ooze salamander like creature appear and jumped into the center of it. Rades on the other hand used his Grimoire to resurrect all of the people I just killed. Using my mana sensory I saw that he was infusing all of his mana into these corpses to control them.

All of the zombies started casting different types of magic and attacked me again just like when they where alive. Sally was firing globes of ooze at me from the salamander while Rades was then summoning special zombies that he gave specific number too.

After a bit of time and dancing around to dodge all of the attacks I raised my right anti-magic sword above my ahead and casted a spell. Compared to Asta who only had anti-magic swords, I myself have actual anti-magic.

"{Anti-Magic: Room Removal}" I casted

All of the mana in the room just dissipated into nothingness and made all of the zombies drop to the floor, the special summons turn to dust, and Sally's salamander to disappear. Rades seeing that he no longer had any magic started to freak out and try to run away. Sally just stated that she wanted to start experimenting on me to find out how I did all of that.

Quickly running over I cut off both of their heads in less then a second and didn't even let them have a second to think about anything else. Before even a second passed I made my swords disappear and started walking slowly to the exit. Their body's fell to the floor and their heads rolled off.

I then made my way to the next room to see what I would discover.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》