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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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30 Elves

The next couple of rooms where all very easy to go through. I just threw some random magic everywhere and then continued on my way.

Upon getting to the second to last room, I was met with a long set of stairs up into the main center chamber of the base. Walking up to the stairs I then hit a invisible like wall. I continued poking the force field with my finger for a minute because it was fun.

After that minute I pulled out my anti-magic sword and started slashing at the force field. My sword went through it like a knife through butter. I then put my sword away and started to poke at the area where the force field was just to ensure that I wouldn't run into it and hit my head.

Running up the stairs immediately afterwards, I got to the top of the stairs in about 30 seconds. Upon getting to the top I was hit with fire magic, light magic, some weird guy's fist, and some water magic.

Instinctively I pulled out my sword and swatted all of this magic upwards and created a decent size crater in the ceiling with it. Nobody was moving after this move of mine and we where in a Texas stand off. They where all staring at me and I was staring at this weird rock in the middle of the room.

"How you doing fellas?" I asked trying to break the weird ice after looking around at them

"How did you get here human" said a guy with white hair and red tattoos on his face

"With magic obviously!"

"Can I kill him Litch!?" said a muscular guy that had long blonde hair and a perpetual evil grin across his face

"Go for it Vetto." Said litch who was the guy with white hair and red tattoos

Vetto the weird muscular guy started to cast some magic which he called beast magic. He made two claws appear and pushed himself off the ground towards me. Arriving in less then a second, he immediately slashed towards me with both claws and continued to attack like a made man.

'Maybe I can test how good I am without holding back now.' I thought

Since these people where the best of the best they would probably able to handle me not holding back at all.

I just stood still in front of Vetto without moving and when the first claw nearly hit me, I just grabbed it with my insane strength and speed. I then grabbed the other claw that was still moving towards me because of momentum even though you could see that he tried stopping it.

Trying to break free by constantly thrashing around, I decided to apply a lot of strength to his wrists and break them. Breaking his wrists was so easy that before I even had time to use a singular percent of my strength, his wrists where already broken.

Hit team mates hearing them break decided to interrupt his fun and start attacking me with all of their magic.

The girl with pinkish reddish hair threw fire magic and me and the other guy who had a combination of black and white hair like mine. He threw some light magic but from the look of his Grimoire it didn't appear to be his actual magic.

"Hey black and white hair guy, what's your magic?" I asked while dodging all of the magic being thrown at me

"I'll let you know if you throw your Grimoire to me." He said in a joking way with a sly grin on his face as well

"Sure!" I simply responded because I didn't really need my Grimoire anymore

Tossing it to him he caught it and everyone just stopped throwing magic at me with bewilderment on their faces. They where all probably thinking that I was a massive idiot for throwing my Grimoire away.

Catching the book he flipped it open and started attempting to read my spells inside of the book. Sadly for him all of my spells where written in the Language of Verathal.

After flipping through my Grimoire and getting nowhere he just closed it and put his hand on top of the cover of the book. All of a sudden his hand started to glow brighter and brighter before he started screaming in pain. He then tore his hand of my Grimoire and started to breath very heavily as if every breath was causing him immense pain.

"What did you do!?" Screamed the girl with the pink red hair

"Nothin. I just gave him my Grimoire." I stated simply

The girl hearing this flared up her mana and let it seep out of her. She then started to form giant balls of fire in each hand and where about to throw them before the guy with black and white hair put his hand up to her.

"Wait!" He yelled to her, "Fana, please wait a moment, I have to ask him a question."

Fana seeing that he was okay enough to speak lowered the size of the fireballs but still kept them ready to attack me with.

"Human... What is your magic? I couldn't read anything in your Grimoire and when I tried to imitate your magic I nearly died just attempting to." Said the black and white haired elf

"Creation magic." I stated as if it was something very simple

The black and white haired elf on the ground just started laughing madly as if it was the funniest thing he's ever heard before abruptly saying, "My magic is just a imitation of yours then..." very sadly

"And what is your magic? You said you would tell me if I gave you my Grimoire"

"Ah yes, I did say that... My magic is imitation magic and can copy other Grimoires spells but... Not yours it would seem..."

"Cool, you want to get back to fighting now?"

and before any of them could answer yes or now, Vetto was back on me and charging at me while in a rhino shaped mass of mana. Litch was firing beams of light at me and Fana was throwing fireballs at me.

"{Anti-Magic: Room Removal}" I casted to deal with all of the magic easily

Vetto slowed down to the speed of a regular human, Licht just awkwardly pointing the palm of his hand towards me, and Fana looked like she was throwing imaginary baseballs. Seeing as all the mana dissipated around them, they started to freak out. They started yelling at themselves and screaming as if they where all in pain.

Everyone but the black and white haired elf on the ground started radiating a evil demon like aura. They also grew third eyes in the middle of their foreheads and released even more mana then they where previously. If a normal human was to enter the area right now, they would just die from how much if currently being released from them.

Litch attacked first after his weird transformation and instead of his regular light magic, he casted demon light magic.

'Guess all that weird stuff that just happened was them turning into demons.' I guessed

They all then started attacking me and eventually the black and white haired elf got up and turned into a demon elf too. He joined in and eventually everyone was just pelting me with any and all magic they could throw at me.

I was having the time of my life and was just messing around with them during all of this. I was deflecting the magic back at them like a baseball, grabbing it from the air sometimes and just combining it into a pea sized shape, and just a bunch of other random stuff.

This was making them angrier and angrier. After around ten minutes of just messing around I got bored I decided to sit down and create a circle of reflection magic around me. I decided to just wait them out and see how long they could last.

~~18 Hours Later~~

"ZZZZ.... ZZZZZ..."


Waking up from my long nap because of the loud explosions, I awoke to see all but Fana on the ground from mana exhaustion. She looked though as if she was about to faint any second and I guess that loud bang I heard was her last rage induced attempt to break my reflection barrier of magic.

Removing my barrier I walked up to every single person and binded them up using anti-magic metal. When getting to Fana, she didn't even resist as I put them around her arms and legs.

I then pulled them all together and leaned them up against the weird rock I noticed in the beginning. On the rock was 11 circles all connected through lines. Six of the circles had rocks that where emanating a faint amount of magic aura that was almost impossible to detect.

Plucking the rocks off, I put them into my inventory for later use if I ever found out what they where for. Then I started interrogating everyone using Kotodama Magic to get everyone to speak and reveal the truth.

Starting off with where Fragil was, I found out she was currently being held in a chamber. For what the demon elves say, they took her because they found out that she is someone who is perfect for being possessed by another elf. They also explained that a huge majority of the Azure deer where actually good candidates but they weren't able to capture them.

Next they explained about how elfs where once normal people who where trying to live peacefully. Then the first magic king came along and met their leader. The magic king's sister fell in love with the elf's leader and he got her pregnant.

Deciding to get married, they decided to try and harmonize the relationship between humans and elfs. Sadly when they where getting married, humans attacked and killed all of the elves. The elf leader before getting killed, casted reincarnation magic on everyone and Litcht woke up first. He then started collecting these magic rocks to try and resurrect everyone else by using the weird rock as a foci.

There was also a bunch of other information thrown in there but it thought that it wasn't that important so I just forgot it all as quickly as I could.

They also mentioned that their goal as to eliminate every and all human life on the planet because of what they did. I just sighed in defeat at their stupidity.

Their answer was to kill everyone just because one or two bad groups of people did something bad? That's like saying if one guy accidentally tripped your friend over you are going to trip everyone else in the world for vengeance. It's just pointless.

They kept rambling on and on and on for a good long while but I finally started getting annoyed at it.

'Yo, system.'

[How may I assist you today?]

'Can I store people in my inventory?'

[You can. And when you take them out, it'll feel like a second hasn't even passed for them.]


Immediately getting confirmation from the system, I started storing everyone into the system so that they would stop annoying me and so that they wouldn't ruin the world with their stupid plan.

After that I went to search for Fragil in one of the many rooms.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》