God Complex- Currently Rebooting
31 Insert WoW Quest Completion Noise Here
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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31 Insert WoW Quest Completion Noise Here

This chapter is brought to you by my tired brain at 2 AM


After dealing with all the elves I looked around the room to find any trace of Fragil. In my brilliance of trying to get answers from the elves, I forgot to ask where she was exactly.

Spending the next hour looking for Fragil and clearing out all the rooms I could get to normally I found absolutely nothing that indicated where she was. Recasting the analysis magic on the entire base, I found out that the only places I haven't been where the one's that were not connected in anyway.

Having nothing to lose from exploring these areas I quickly used earth magic to dig a path to each and every single one.

There where five rooms in total that I could explore and I found the correct room on the third try. In this room where test tube looking things that held various people. One of the tubes contained Fragil and as she wasn't connected to anything inside the tube I quickly broke the glass.

Nearly pulling her out immediately I noticed that unlike tv shows, manga, and other stuff, when breaking glass it falls all over the person. Using mana I levitated all the glass shards out of the tube and threw them across the room not caring for all the other people.

Slowly pulling her out of the tube I made sure that she didn't get hurt at all. Upon fully removing her from the tube I got a notification from the system.

[Quest Complete! You've successfully rescued Fragil and as a reward she won't get possessed!]

'Is that all?' I asked the system

[You also gain 1,000 System Points as a reward!]

'Yeah that would've been cooler when I didn't have literally all the magic and mana that I would ever need.'

[System still sells Magic Tools, items, spells, buffs, passives, and things for other worlds.]

'Hmmm... Touche. I only really need the last three things though. Some of those buffs and passives might be really cool.'

[Would User like to op-]

'Not right now. I'm good, thanks though'


Seeing as the system finally shut-up, I made a portal to the Azure Deer base but this time I made sure to not open it directly in the center of the base. This time it went to my room which when we got into I discovered that all of my items where thrown across the room as if people where searching around for something. Taking a step forwards I then heard glass break.

Lifting my foot up and moving it slightly to see what it was, I saw the picture of my family I made.

I set Fragil down on my bed and then kneeled down and picked up the picture. The glass was broken and a part of it was smudged with who knows what. Wiping as much as I could off I then folded it up and put it into my pocket.

I then sat down on the floor next to my bed and decided to take another nap. After all, I'm quite tired from being awake for a entire hour.

Closing my eyes, I slowly fell into a nice dream of being back on earth with my family and Chris being my twin brother.

~~1 Hour Later~~

Fragil shot up into a sitting up position and looked around very erratically. She continued to freak out silently until she noticed me sleeping on the floor. She slowly got out of bed to not wake me up and sneaked to the door and opened it to look around.

Noticing that she was back in the Azure Deer base she decided to leave my room.

However I was still asleep and did not notice this.

~~A Hour and a Half Later~~

After getting a nice nap I started yawning loudly and stretching as much as I could with what little space I had. Looking around my room afterwards I discovered that Fragil wasn't there but I wasn't freaked out. I simply got up and excited my room.

The first step outside triggered a magic trap and a bunch of different types of magic swarmed around me and tried to capture me. I easily flicked away the magic by literally flicking at it. Seeing as there was a trap I decided to wait for a bit to see if anyone was going to come to me because of me setting it off.

A minute later a doorway appeared in the air and out stepped all the Magic Captains except the Golden Dawn's. After all of them exited the door, the Magic King himself then stepped out of the door.

The current Magic King is Julius Novachrono who uses time magic and had amazing stats. He then parted a way through everyone and got right in front of me.

"Eric..." He started to say.

Suddenly his eyes gained stars in them and he put his hands in front of his chest and said, "Can you please show me your magic!?!"

"Uhhh... What?" I said not expecting him to say this

"I asked if I could see your magic! I heard from Rill that your magic allows you to copy other people's magic and use it just as good if not better then them!"

"That's what it use to be but I was able to make it better. Anyways why is everyone here?"

Suddenly Julius lost the stars in his eyes and cleared his throat

"We are here because of what you've done. You've defeated a magic knight captain, gone against his direct orders, attacked the Eyes of the Midnight Sun, and somehow brought Fragil back. You've done so much traitorous things in the eye of the clover kingdom and even everything you've done isn't enough to fix what you've done in the eyes of the people."

"So that means you're going to kill me?" I said while raising a singular eyebrow

"Not right now. First we're going to have to ask you to come with us so we can give you a trial and then after the trial we will decide your fate." Julius said while pulling out his weird Grimoire

Instead of it having a cover like normal Grimoires, his was a cylinder of just pages with a hollow center.

"{Time Magic: Chrono Stasis}" Julius casted

I willingly let myself get caught by this magic. It was very similar to my space lock spell and I decided to use this as a way to show my power to everyone. If they're going to put me on trial for what I did, I might as well rebel even if it is a bad thing for me in the long run.

Slowly I started moving my body in the chrono stasis spell I was in. Julius wasn't paying attention as he thought I wouldn't be able to do anything but Rill was.

"Julius!" Rill yelled out while I was simply moving outside of the bubble

Stepping outside of it I just looked to everyone while brushing at my shoulders to get any imaginary dust that was on it.

"That all you got?" I asked to all of the magic knight captains and Magic King

Julius simply turned around and stared me into the eyes and said with a sad tone, "Don't do this Eric."

"I wouldn't have to do this if I wasn't going to be put on trial and eventually killed." I responded back

Suddenly to all the other Magic knight captains Julian just disappeared as his normal speed to even a magic knight captain was just insanely fast. To me however he was still going slowly.

He attempted to hit me on the back of the neck but I just simply moved my head out of the way without even looking at him.

Jumping back Julius started to cast another spell but by the time he finished it I was already using my Kotodama Magic.

"Sit down Julius." I stated

He immediately sat down and stopped using time magic to increase his movements. A total second passed since he attacked me and what everyone else saw was that we just disappeared and where now a bit away from them with him sitting down staring right at me.

Everyone seeing this burst into action and attempted to attack me too but I just released a bit of my mana into my surroundings and used magic in my voice to command them to sit down as well.

With my mana now leaking out, the entire hallway was starting to be eroded from how much pure and brute mana was being bashed against it. Everyone else seemed to be in pain as well since my mana was putting constant pressure on them.

I grabbed Julius by the back of his robe and dragged him to where everyone else was. After placing him with the others and sorting them to form a half circle around me I made a stool appear and sat down in it immediately.

I also crossed my legs and put my fists on my knees.

The entire scene right now looked as if I was a teacher talking to some elementary school students and seeing this I just couldn't resist.

"Now students... Do you know what you did wrong?" I asked while turning down my mana a bit

"No Sir!" All but Julius said in fear

Julius just had the stars in his eyes again because he was astonished with my magic and overall power

"Well let me say it simply." I said while switching my legs, "I did it to save someone and I didn't hurt anyone of the magic kingdom. I even kept the Elves alive so that they could face trial later on."

With a bit of effort the captain of the Crimson Lions said, "But what about everyone else's justice!? What about the people you killed!?"

*Deep Sigh*

'Yo System'

[How may I assist you?]

'Give me a magic item to help show them my view point on all of this and my reasoning'

[Confirmed. Now taking 550 System Points.]

Then out of nowhere a small metal rod appeared in my hand and all the knowledge on how to use it filled my head.

Getting out of my chair I tapped each person on the forehead with the rod and their eyes went dull for a second before regaining their color.

Stashing the rod in my inventory, sat back down, and recrossed my legs.

"You guys get it now?" I asked with a bit of annoyance leaking out of my voice

They all just nodded their heads and looked a bit sorry for accusing me for everything. Now that they understood everything perfectly and how I knew that we didn't have that long left to save Fragil, they where sorry for what they did.

Speaking of that,

"Hey, where is Fragil? She wasn't here when I woke up."

and hearing this they all just looked at each other

"Well you see..." Rill started to speak up

The captain of the black bulls then interrupted and said, "She informed us that she was back and you where in your room before leaving really quickly in the direction of the Elf's base."

I just face palmed at this and thought internally, 'That motherfucking idiot... Why in the hell would she do that?'
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》