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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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32 The Fool

(Fragil's Pov) (One Hour after leaving Eric's Room)

"Fraaaagiiiilllll..." Sounded a distant voice

"W-Who there!?" Fragil screamed into the room while constantly turning around looking for the voice

"How could you forget about me silly!" Said the voice again but this time with a distinct location

Slowly turning to the location all Fragil was met with was her wardrobe with a mirror on top of it. Walking slowly up to the wardrobe, she finally got a good look at her own reflection.

Inside the mirror was her but... For some reason she had pointed ears and was smiling?

"Well hey there silly! Looks like you finally found me!" Her reflection said while giggling the entire time

"What are you!?" Fragil yelled at the mirror while freezing the entire room and making some snow fall slowly

"Well I'm you obviously! Eric seemed to have left me back at the rock... Hey... You think you can come and pick me up?" She said

Staring into her own reflection's eyes, she didn't seem to notice that her eye's were slightly glowing and changing colors rapidly.

"Y-Yeah... How could he forget you..." Fragil said dazily, "I'll come and get you immediately..."

Turning to leave she grabbed her broom and left base but not before quickly telling Rill and then leaving.

Rill didn't follow her as he was to preoccupied to think much about what she just said.

(Eric's Pov) (The Present)

Rubbing the bridge of my nose and keeping my eyes closed I just let out a deep sigh

"So you mean to tell me that Fragil told Rill where she was going, then Rill mentioned it to everyone else, and nobody even sent people to stop her!?!"

All of the magic captains except Yami the captain of the Black Bulls and Julius the Magic King

Rill just put his head down as if he was disappointed in himself for not thinking about that.

"Y-Yeah..." Rill said shyly

I just stared Rill down and shook my head in disappointment. This caused him to look even more depressed then previously.

"I'm going back the floating rocks, anyone want to join me?" I asked

Everyone looked at each other to see if someone was going to raise their hand but nobody did.

"Guess I'll go alone." I said while already opening a portal and stepping through it

On the other side of the portal I walked into the main chamber where the elves where. A quick spell showed that nobody was in the base anymore and Fragil wasn't even here yet.

'Time to set up camp. System, how many points do I have?'

[You currently have 450 points left.]

'Eh, might save those for later'

Starting to then build my tent and trying to think of a reason for why Fragil would leave and what I could use those points for I came up with nothing. Suddenly I was struck with a idea on how to combine both of the two things.

'System, why is Fragil coming here!?'

[System does not know. User could spend 750 System Points to purchase the information from Chris.]

'I don't have that many points... Ughhh.'

Getting back to work after my idea got me nowhere I finished making the tent in about five minutes since I threw what was nearly a full tent into my inventory so I just had to do a bit of work to get it back up. Then I created some wood for a small campfire. Finally I made some cooking utensils and a bunch of ingredients so that I could practice cooking while I was waiting.

I put a small stand over the fire so I could place a pot over it. Afterwords I filled up a pot with stock I made with creation magic and let that boil. Next I cut up some onions, celery, carrots, thyme, and garlic.

While letting the water continue to boil I made another small fire and got a frying pan out with a good size chunk of beef I made with creation magic.

Checking the flame I noticed it was boiling so I added all the cut up vegetables and some peeled barley to the stockpot and started to let it brew for a couple of minutes. Diverting my attention back to the beef I first seasoned it then cooked it slightly to make sure it wasn't raw. Finally I cut up the slightly cooked beef and threw the chunks into the pot.

Adding a decent amount of salt and pepper to the pot I started to stir it for about five minutes. Afterwords I reduced the heat of the fire by removing some of it's fuel and let the pot simmer. Half a hour later I added some balsamic vinegar to it while starting to stir the entire pot again.

Reducing the flame even more after that I let it simmer for another forty five minutes.

Opening the lid after it finished simmering the last 45 minutes I was hit in the face with a smell of beef and broth. Making a ladle appear I dipped it into the soup and tasted it.

"Delicious. Finally, some good fucking food." I said out loud after tasting it

What I just made was a classic Beef and Barley soup from Earth. It was what I learned to make with the help of my mother and is what I'm best at making.

Filling a bowl full of soup and sitting down near the fire, I slowly ate it while staring into the fire.

Finally finishing up I washed my bowl with water magic, threw a lid over the pot and put it into my inventory. Sitting back down I reached out with my hand while also making my mini-fridge appear and grabbing a soda.

I spend the rest of that day just relaxing.

Two and a half days went by quickly as I continuously practiced my cooking with magic and just relaxing. By continuously doing magic cooking I even got a skill for it.



Name- Eric

Magic- Creation/ All

Mana Control- Perfect Grade

Mana Points- 9,412,473,135/ 9,412,476,124


Lower Regeneration

Novice Mana Sense

Unneeded Grimoire

Mana Usage Reduction





Master Mana Collection

Master Weapon Fighting

Magic Cooking (NEW!)

Grimoire Equipped- Creation Grimoire

Types Of Magic- Everything (Anything you can think of)

Grimoire Spells-

Grimoire Creation

Grimoire Switch

God's Weapon

Grimoire Combination


(Magic Cooking- You can accurately cook while using magic and by doing so you infuse magic into your food. Depending on the food being made and mana being added, a buff or debuff will be added after eating the food)

When I made a omelet yesterday morning while using fire mana to make it, it gave me a buff of increased energy for the day.

I didn't really test it much but it's a pretty cool ability.

(Fragil's Pov)

Staring up at the Rock Fragil wondered how she was even going to get up there. Her magic couldn't allow her to fly like other people.

"You just gotta find the one rock down on the ground silly. It's tied down secretly but if you untie it you will shoot up into the air above the rock!"

"You're right... I should've known that." Fragil said while hitting her forehead with her palm

She then walked down below the rock and started to feel gravity get slightly lower and lower. Looking around for a minute she eventually found the rock and untied the knot holding it down while climbing on top of it.

The rock then shot up into the air and quickly got above the rock base. Fragil nearly fell down while doing it.

"Hahaha." Giggled a voice insider her head

Fragil just started to laugh insanely while jumping off of her rock and onto the base rock.

She landed down in a little open area that had stairs nearby leading downwards. She immediately went down them without fear as if she's done it many times.

After walking for a bit she got to a big room that was nearly pitch black except for a small fire burning near a rock.

"Who's there?!" Fragil shouted out

(Back To Eric's Pov)

"Who's there?!" Someone yelled at a distance

Looking up from my cooking I turned to meet whoever was there. Since the room was so dark I couldn't see anything I created a giant ball of light and sent it to the ceiling to act as a ceiling lamp. Finally able to see I saw that the person calling out was Fragil herself.

"Well hey there!" I said while reaching my hand out into my inventory, "Want some soup?" I asked while pulling out the pot of soup I made a couple of days ago that was still warm because of time magic.

Fragil just stared at me and asked with total confusion on her face, "How did you get here before me? I had a head start and everything?"

"Magic obviously." I said while putting the soup down and trying to set up a secondary fire to heat it up

"No I wa-" Fragil started to say before randomly stopping

"Hmm? You say something" I asked while looking over

Fragil didn't reply as she just started walking to a wall and put her hand against it. A normal person wouldn't see or feel anything but with my mana senses I was able to both see and feel that she was sending a very thin line of mana through the wall to a room that wasn't connected to anything.

The room we were in suddenly burst into a even brighter light and blinded me for a second. When I was able to see again, we were in a room that had magic circles everywhere. Some of them were written in blood and others where made of hair.

Fragil walked up to one of the circles but before she could I rushed over to stop her. With my speed it was a easy task so I easily grabbed her wrist to stop her.

She just stared blankly at a magic circle on the floor and was muttering something to quiet for even me to hear. Turning to the circle I looked to see what this one was made of.

Upon turning I saw that this one was made of bones and seemed to be radiating a weird freezing chill out of it.

Mana was slowly leaking out of Fragil and as I tried covering her in my mana to stop it, a small portion already reached the circle.

"Hahaha..." A voice coming from the circle started to laugh

The circle started glowing and laughing more and more. Other circles that where nearby where also starting to glow and laugh as well. All of them with different voices and radiating different types of magical aura.

Turning back to Fragil and getting a quick look at her face to see if she was fine, blood was dripping out of her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and anywhere else they it could come out of.

I let go of her wrist and backed away slowly. Her eyes where rapidly switching between being blank with a small glow and normal. She was also rapidly switching between laughing insanely when they where blank and screaming out in pain when they where normal.

The magic circles started to move closer and closer together before they formed a singular circle made out of many different horrifying materials. Then slowly, the circle started taking the shape of something...

First was the feet which where just bone at first but rapidly grew nerves, muscle, skin, and everything else. It traveled all the way to the same height as Fragil and as soon as it gained a voice, it started laughing to. It started growing and regenerating at a quick speed. All the blood that was coming out of Fragil was falling to the floor and heading to the horror in front of me.

By the time the thing was finished, a look alike of Fragil was staring at Fragil and Fragil was staring back at her. The only difference was that the look alike had pointed ears. This was the elf that was originally going to possess Fragil.

The elf slowly turned away from Fragil and looked at me. She stopped laughing for a second and then just smiled as big as she can. Fragil fell to the floor and became deathly pale and thin within a matter of moments.

The elf asked me a question, "Do you think you can win?"

[Emergency Quest: Prevent ????? from possessing your soul and becoming a god

Because of the conditions set in place by you and Chris, Chris cannot not help you as you two made it impossible for him to affect you that much. System is temporarily boos- ERROR ERROR ERROR.]

The system broke down and the Elf immediately started laughing with a voice that was getting deeper and deeper.

"No, I don't think I can." I said while looking at the aura she was giving off, "But I have to try."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》