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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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Beep... Beep... Beep....

'My head... Oh god it hurts...' I thought while trying to move my hand up to it

After a couple of seconds of trying I stop trying because I couldn't move my arms and hands. Instead I started focusing on opening my eyes instead. I was able to get one open but the other just stayed close.

Looking around I saw that I was in a blank white room with what appeared to be a lot of modern medical equipment from earth. I was in a hospital bed with lots of my body wrapped up and covered in stuff. In a corner was Chris sitting down in a chair looking at some paperwork that he appeared to be working on. He noticed me staring at him after a minute or so.

"Eric, you're awake!" He said putting his work on the floor and dragging his chair over to my bed, "So first of all, congratulations. You beat that weird demonic elf thing. Second of all, What you did was so idiotic. Merging and overpowering a demon who literally uses soul magic is one of the most idiotic things possible!"

Attempting to speak all I was able to do was create some noise with no coherent meaning.

"Shh don't speak. You're probably wondering why you're here instead of restarting like normal or something. Well what is happening is that your soul was so heavily damaged and ruined that even though it's immortal, it will require a lot of time to fix. So I removed your soul from the Black Clover world and brought it to the Hub while leaving your body back there. This means that right now, you're just a soul."

"Mmmhhm mhmhm hmmhmhm." I said causing me a great amount of pain

"Still confused? Well since you attempted to merge with a devil elf it means that a part of your soul became mortal and could be affected by injuries and stuff like that. I removed that part of her that you merged with but your soul has to heal slowly with no magic helping it as if it heals using magic, then it won't heal properly and affect you in the future."

"Mmmm Hmmm. Mmmhmhm."

What I attempted to say was, "Well shit. Sorry."

"At least you won though. I used my powers to intervene as much as possible but couldn't do much. If your plan worked she would've taken over your immortal soul and you would no long exist as it would then be her."


"Anyways lets stop talking about that. Congratulations are in order. The original mission of this world was for you to get better at your creation magic, which you did, and to just have some fun in the world. Not sure about the second one because of uhhh... What just happened but I think its about time we set off to another world for you to have some more fun, finish some stuff on Black clover, oooorrrrr we can try attempting to create another world. I'll let you think about for a bit." He said as he started to get up

He was about to exit through a door he created before turning around and pressing a button on the side of my bed. A tv came down from the ceiling and started playing the Black Clover anime.

"Be back in a while Eric. Toodaloo!" and left

For the next couple of weeks I watched the anime and listened to Chris talk constantly

~1 Month Later~

I was still in the bed but I was finally able to move. The doctor that Chris has said that everything looked fine but just to be safe I was to stay another week in bed before doing anything.

"So Chris, what exactly was the weird Demonic Elf thing?" I asked while eating some soup

"Finally want to know eh? Well from what I can tell, that room had magic circles made out of body parts from all the elves. Each circle was designated to help resurrect a singular elf but the demon caused the Elf that was supposed to possess Fragil to manipulate her instead because she couldn't possess her anymore. The demon used the circles to combine the power of all the elves and used Fragil's elf as a Foci to make a body using all the body parts. Then with it's Demonic soul magic it took a fuck ton of energy from your soul and started gaining even more and more magic. By now you should know and figure out the rest."

"Hmmm... And what about Fragil?"

"She's alive, but just barely. She suffered a lot of damage but the reward from the quest was still in effect and she was highly resistance."

"Thank you."

"No problem. Did promise you that I would help as much as I could with quests and stuff. Speaking of that, have you decided what you want to do next? New world, fix some loose ends, or create a world?"

"Well, I was thinking about..."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》