God Complex- Currently Rebooting
38 Small Show of Power
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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38 Small Show of Power

With the giant Grimm scorpion and Ruby running towards me, I simply pulled out a dagger with my left hand and put my right hand up. Ruby passed me really quickly by using her semblance (Super Speed). All that was left in front of me was the scorpion.

It got closer and closer until it got so close that it went to attack me with it's tail but I simply stood still and put my right hand out to block it.

The stinger struck the palm of my hand, stopping almost immediately. No damage was done to me but the scorpion's stinger broke and exploded into pieces from hitting my hand.

"Is that all?" I asked questioningly to it, even though I knew that it wouldn't respond

The scorpion just went into a frenzied rampage and started to attack me with everything it had. Every time I just blocked it over and over with my hand.

"This is getting boring, I'm going to end this now Mr. Scorpion."

And with a quick flick of my left wrist, sent the dagger I was holding flying and straight through the Grimm's brain. It dropped to the ground heavily and made some dust lift up from the air.

Turning around to face everyone, I got to see their awe struck expressions. Everyone just had their mouths agape, even Jaune, who knew what I was.

Before anyone had time to speak though, a giant Grimm bird screeched far above us and got everyone's attention.

"Guys, that thing's circling back." Jaune said after watching it fly around for a bit, "What are we going to do?"

"Well Jaune, I think we should go kill it! After all, it would be good for you 𝘎𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘵𝘩." I said emphasizing the word 'Growth' to him

He understood what I meant and gained a look in his eye that showed how afraid he was at what we were about to do.

"Come on everyone! Let's go chase that Grimm!" I yelled to everyone as I started to run at a pace they could follow

"But wait, our mission is to just grab these artifacts and leave we don-" Said Ruby before getting interrupted by Yang

"Come on sis, what's the problem with having some fun?" Yang said as she started to run and catch up with me.

"But... But... YANG! Wait for me!" Finally said Ruby, attempting to catch up to her.

Everyone eventually agreed to follow me and we all started to run and catch up to the giant Grimm bird. After a couple minutes of running, we got to the top of a cliff with even more ruins and a walk way stretching out to form even more ruins.

As we got to the center of the area, the bird turned around and shot feathers at us that where as quick as bullets. The feathers went towards Nora who dodged to the side, pulled out her hammer which then transformed into a grenades launcher, and then shot some grenades at the bird.

One hit it directly in the face and made it fly away for a bit to escape the bombardment of grenades from Nora. Everyone continued to run towards the ruins above the water as Nora offered fire support while still running to get across. I was still in the lead so as the bird turned around to attack again, I was it's target.

It's attack was to just rush at me and at the last second, it dived down slightly, destroying a major portion of the bridge that we where running across.

Ruby shot some sniper bullets at it while it was flying away. Pyrrha, Blake, and Ren where on the cliff still while everyone else was with me.

"Man, we gotta get over there! They need help!" said Jaune after turning around and after surveying the damage and seeing them getting attacked by the bird

"Let's do this then!" Nora said

"Yeah but uhh... I can't make this jump though."

Nora just turned towards him with a evil grin on her face. Suddenly she him him in the stomach with her grenade launcher and twirled it around to form her giant hammer. Jaune was sent flying backwards slightly as Nora ran forwards and jumped up to gain momentum to then hit down on the floor with all of her streangth.

"No wait!" Said Jaune as he was launched forwards, "No, no, no, no, no!"

Nora just watched him fly as she got onto her hammer and pressed a button on the side of it to make it explode and propel her forwards to the main island.

The entire time I was just sitting around further in the ruins, just watching them learn and get better.

After the launching of Jaune and Nora, they all started working together to fight the bird from different positions. Eventually Ruby said she had a plan and explained it as best she could to everyone.

She started jumping around using her semblance and everyone continued to bombard the bird with everything they had. Weiss helped Ruby by creating solid glyphs below her and allowing her to jump higher and higher.

On the last glyph, it glowed a bright red temporarily before sending Ruby more then usual who was also firing bullet behind her to gain more speed. She aimed directly for the Grimm's neck and before hitting it, turned her gun into a giant scythe. With the scythe, she grabbed it's neck and rammed it into the wall.

Landing on the wall, Weiss then made glyphs for her to allow her to run up it. Ruby ran up and up until she finally got to the top of it and cut the bird's head off.

Everyone was just staring at her in amazement while I was just eating some chips that I made.

*Clap clap clap* "Nice work Ruby!" I said in the middle of a mouthful of chips

Finishing my chips, I rushed back to everyone and helped everyone who wasn't on the cliff, to get onto it.

"And where were you, when we where fighting this Grimm by ourselves?!" Said Weiss as she walked up towards me with he finger up and eventually poking me in the chest

I swatted it away and said, "Well I can't take all of the thunder and points. I also knew that everyone was going to be able to defeat it without me.

"And how did you know that?"


This kept going on for a while until we where picked up by a small plane who brought us all back to Beacon Academy. There we where in a giant room with people all around and we where being sorted into teams.

Ozpin started sorting everyone into teams and eventually got to Jaune.

"Jaune Arc. Lie Ren. Pyrrha Nikos. Nora Valkyrie. The four of you retrieved the white rook pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as... Tean JNPR."

*Clapping from Audience*

"Lead by," Continued Ozpin, "Jaune Arc!"

"Huh?" Said Jaune, "L-Lead by...?"

"Congratulations, young man."

Pyrrha then him him in the shoulder and knocked him to the floor

"Next is Blake Belladonna. Ruby Rose. Weiss Schnee. And Yang Xiao Long. (Ozpin) The four of you retrieved the white knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as... Team RWBY. Lead by... Ruby Rose."

*More Clapping*

"And finally, Mr. Eric Verathal who grabbed the white pawn piece. This piece is unique in itself that the person who grabs this piece won't get a team, but will be trained personally under me. Congratulations Mr. Verathal."

I just nodded my head cause I knew what Ozpin is trying to do. After seeing my small show of power and him knowing about my knowledge about his secret maiden, he wants to keep me as close as possible to him.

After my being assigned directly under Ozpin, people started sorting out of the area and into their rooms. Each team captain was given a message on their scroll telling them where their rooms where and their class schedules. All that was on mine was for me to wait for everyone to clear out and to wait for Ozpin to come back.

I waited and as a hour passed by, I was playing some games on a Nintendo Switch I made to pass some of the time.

"Mr. Verathal." I heard from behind me

Pausing my game, I put it into my inventory and turned around.

"Well Hiya. What can I do for you Ozpin?"

"Well since I have decided that you will be training under me, I have also decided that your living quarters will be nearby so that just incase you do something, I be nearby." He then quickly turned around and said, "Now follow me."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》