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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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40 Dungeon


*Elevator Opening Noise*

"Welcome Jaune, to my humble abode."

Jaune slowly walked into the room without speaking. He continuously turned around just taking in the awe of what I created.

"How did you even do this!? ... Wait, never mind, I know the answer."

This just got a light chuckle out of me.

"So why did you want me to come here Eric? You said something about having something for me if I'm correct."

"Getting straight to the point eh? Then I'll gladly show you."

Bringing up my menu and selected my dungeon maker. I then selected the level one dungeon that I made a half hour earlier.

In my hand appeared a small cube that was a copper like color. I gently placed it on the floor and back up. Slowly a door grew out of the cube and radiated a feel of foreboding for Jaune.

"This right here is your gift! As you've probably learned from the last two days of doing the daily training quest, it will give you three free stat points but won't actually level you up. The only way to do that, 𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘺 𝘬𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨. Anyways, bring up your status for me quick."

"Uhhh, status."

Appearing in front of Jaune then appeared a White gold transparent screen.

[ Name- Jaune Arc

Level- 3

Job- None


Strength-21 (+3) (+2 From Level Up)

Defense- 23 (+2 From Level Up)+8 Armor Bonus)

Speed- 17 (+2 from Bonus Points) (+2 From Level Up)

Intellect- 14 (+1 from Bonus Points) (+2 From Level Up)

Constitution- 17 (+2 From Level Up)

Semblance-Aura Amplification (SEALED)

Aura- 130

Bonus Points- 0

Actives- None

Passives- None ]

I quickly surveyed his new stats that he got after two days of work.

"Ohh? Unlocked your Aura did you? Well congratulations. Anyways, this door that I just will lead you into a dungeon. This dungeon will have lots of different monsters that are both not of this world and of the world. When you enter this, no time will pass until you leave it, pass it, or die."

"I-I feel like this is really dangerous Eric. W-Will you make sure I don't die if I go in?" Asked Jaune while he eyed the door

"Nope! But I will give you another gift. Can I please have your sword and shield?"

He hesitated for a bit but gave them to me and said, "Please don't break them. They're what my great-great Grandfather used in the great war."

I just nodded.

[ Name- Crocea Mors

Type- Sword and Shield

Features- Shield folds into a sheath for the sword

Attack- 10

Defense- 15

Attack Speed- 5

Durability- 951/1000 ]

'Standard sword an shield, basic attack speed, slightly higher then usual defense, and regular attack. Not bad for a stater weapon.'

I put my hands over both of them and started flowing my power into them. What I'm doing is gifting these so that they can level up and improve with Jaune. That way he will never be behind other people just because his weapons aren't up to par.

"Here you go Jauney Boy. These weapons will now improve with you as you grow. Now get in the dungeon and make me proud!"

Jaune took his weapons back and fixed them to his belt.

"Is uhh... Is there anything you can tell me about this dungeon?"

"Sure. There will be 10 floors for this beginner level dungeon. The first floor will be level one and every time you go to the next floor, their level will increase by one. Also, there will be a mini boss on each floor and when you get to the last floor, you will face the real boss. Got it? Lets gooooooo!"

I opened the door and pushed him into it before immediately closing it. Moving away from the door, it opened up then almost immediately.

In the door stood Jaune who was wearing some different armor and lots of deep cuts all over his body.

"Well hey there Jaune, did you have fun?"

"I nearly died three times. So did I have fun? No. No I did not."

"Welp, you must've gotten stronger at least. One second, let me check."

[ Name- Jaune Arc

Level- 12

Job- None


Strength- 30 (+3) (+9 From Level Up)

Defense- 45 (+9 from Bonus Points) (+9 From Level Up) (+12 Armor Bonus)

Speed- 26 (+2 from Bonus Points) (+9 From Level Up)

Intellect- 23 (+1 from Bonus Points) (+9 From Level Up)

Constitution- 26 (+9 From Level Up)

Semblance-Aura Amplification (SEALED)

Aura- 220

Bonus Points- 0

Actives- Sprint

Passives- Pain Tolerance ]

"Yeah! You leveled up 9 times, that will put you ahead of the game!"

"Sure but how much ahead of the game?"

"Hahaha, you'll see my friend. You'll see. Now here let me heal you and you can go back to your room to get some sleep."

Walking up to him I tapped him on the head and instantly healed all of his wounds, fatigue, and any other problem.

"Now get going Jaune. Got a busy school year ahead of you."

"Ughhhh..." Jaune just groaned as he walked over to the elevator

He got to it, pressed the button, and started heading down. When I eventually lost sight of him I thought.

'Train well Jauny boy. I've got some big plans for you.'
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》