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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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41 Back on Track

The next couple of months went by in a blur as I constantly used Auto Pilot over and over. During these months, I helped Jaune a couple of times but not to much as I wanted Jaune to get stronger and do some things by himself.

The only things of importance during these couple of weeks was that Pyrrah discovered that Jaune faked his transcripts to get into Beacon and decided to train him. The bully Cardin, overhead all of this and started bullying Jaune more and more. Eventually. the class took a small field trip to a forest that was famous for sap that attracted Grimm.

He then did the cliche hero thing to do and saved his bully from the giant Grimm. The rest is history as everything went back to normal after that. Now enough about everyone else, lets talk about what I'm currently doing.

Right now I'm inside a police interrogation like room with Ozpin asking me a ton of questions. I wasn't really paying attention but he kept asking me something about the Maidens, Salem, and everything else. I just replied with basic answers.

Finally after around a half hour, he let me go.

"Enjoy your Summer break Mr. Verathal. I expect that I will see you again at the beginning of the next semester?"

I just shrugged my shoulders as I was going to use my time to put my plan into action.

Continuing my way out I teleported to a abandoned island to start. The current plan was to go around places and show people my power and start my own organization. This organization will be something that has my followers follow out my commands. AKA, this will be a practice at leading people who follow me.

First thing first, I will be needing a base.

I made a shack that did seem like anything. I added some basic decorations and furniture inside of it so make it seem more normal. Then I added a book case with a lot of books on it. Depending on the book they pulled, something would happen.

However, the way into the base I was planning, you didn't need to pull a book or move the book case to the side to reveal a door. What needs to be done is to open the book, "Plans of a God", and write down your name in the back of the book. Using my powers, I made it so that if the person writing it is writing a valid name, a secret portal would open to the base. However, if it isn't valid, then another secret door will open directly into a prison room that seems normal at first.

I also made the book clear out the names written inside it every ten minutes to ensure that it would be harder to find.

Anyways, lets get back to base building.

I made the portal teleport a mile below the Shack into a giant open area for the portal. This area will have be kinda like the lobby of a hotel or something like that.

This first floor will span a couple of miles and have tons upon tons of rooms. I'm also using my powers to make everything bigger on the inside to help with space and to make it less difficult to find. This floor will also have elevators that teleport you to certain floors as long as you have the correct ID and permissions.

The second floor I decided to make as the training floor. It will have a dungeon that can slowly help you get stronger, lots of weapons to practice with, and weight rooms.

Inside this dungeon, compared to the one I made for Jaune, would be vastly different. Each floor had a mini boss somewhere which you could kill to get certain items to increase the stats of yourself or your items.

Every ten floors then had a actual boss that would be used as a checkpoint which could be visited instantly later on.

Time would also pass normally in this dungeon.

The third floor will be what I'm calling the trade store floor. With this floor, people can trade in points that are given out from missions to people we give. People will be able to get these points from a variety of things.

Fourth floor will be the research area so that I can have my people make better medical treatments, technology, weapons, and food.

Fifth floor will be the kitchen cause we all need food.

Currently this is all that I'm going to make for now cause I need more people.

Finishing everything up, I teleported to the one of the main kingdoms, Vale. Waiting for night, I looked around for anyone that would need any help.

Searching around for a while, nothing happened at all. Eventually after a bit of waiting, a robbery was about to start.

5 Armed men with guns, stood in front of a dust company that sold dust with elemental effects. I let them start doing it a bit so that if this was caught on camera, it wouldn't look like I was just beating up some random people.

As they started picking the lock and entering, I quickly made a mask and put it. Dropping down from my spot on a roof, I stood behind them, cleared my throat, and said, "You do know that the store is closed right?"

They all jumped and turned around with their guns pointed at me.

"Now now, no need for that."

I pointed my finger at the guns and flicked it upwards. They shot out of their hands and started floating.

The one guy seeing that he no longer had a gun, ran up to me instead and attempted to fight me hand to hand. Every punch that he sent to my way I just took as if they where nothing.

After a couple of punches, the guy moved back a bit and with a grin on his face said, "Had enough there 'Hero'?"

Brushing off my shoulders I just stared him in the eyes and pointed to my face, "Does it look like you did anything to me 'Villain'?"

Actually seeing that he caused no damage to me, even though he was using his full strength, he attempted to run away. The others seeing this, all attempted to run away too.

Freezing them in space, I slowly walked up to each one of them and grabbed them by the collar.

"Lets take a trip down to the police. Sounds like a fun idea, right guys and gals?"

Walking my way down to the police station, some people who where still out saw me and either gave me a weird look or just ran away.

Continuing down, I eventually got there and brought the people in. A police officer walked up to me and asked me what's going on.

"Well sir, I saw these people trying to break into a dust store so I decided to stop them and bring them here. Also if you're asking about the mask i'm wearing, it's because I don't want to be known for what I did." I both lied and told the truth

He looked skeptical at first but using my powers on him slightly, I convinced him to lock them up and look at the video camera footage to see that it was true. I left as he went to go check the footage and made my way back to base.

'This is the start of everything!' I thought. Afterall, I'm putting everything into effect.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》