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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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After a couple of days constantly catching bad people, saving people, and just anything else Heroic that you could think of, a opportunity finally came.

In a alley, two people where surrounding a beggar on the ground who seemed to be heavily malnourished. They where taunting and throwing insults constantly his way. At one point, one of them took away the metal cup he was holding, took the money out, and then threw it at his face.

The beggar didn't seem to see this coming so I assumed from this that he was blind.

Walking up to the two bullies, I tapped them on the shoulders and when they turned towards me, I nodded, and then punched them upwards with enough force to lift them up. The two bullies fell to the ground unconscious and the blind beggar just fumbled around and kept saying, "What happened?"

While he was doing this, I knelt down to the ground and looked him directly into the eyes. Even though he couldn't see me, he could feel my presence.

"W-What do you want from he?" The beggar asked

I stayed silent for a few moments before saying, "I can help you out of this situation. I can also restore your eye sight. Do you want to live a better life Mr. ...?"

"Mr. Holt. James Holt, and yes, who wouldn't want a better life. Even if you weren't lying about offering me this deal, why would you give it to me? There is always hooks attached."

"I'm willing to help. You just have to accept James. This is only a one time offer."

James said nothing for a second but very silently said, "Yes... I'm willing to trade my soul with the devil..."

Hearing this I just smirked, "Trust me, this is no deal with a devil. Now don't shy away from what I'm about to do."

Finishing saying this, I slowly moved my hand to cover his eyes. Using my power, I fixed them and gave them a special power. The power to see trustworthiness.

After fixing his eyes, I used my power to make him healthier and much better overall.

Removing my hands then, James blinked multiple times over and over. He moved his hands up to his eyes and said, "I-I-I... I can see!"

He rapidly looked everywhere and his eyes just showed a glint of hope that wasn't there earlier. After looking around, he finally focused on me.

"Why... Do you have this glowing green aura around you?"

"Cause I gave you a power. The power to see trustworthiness."

James started to tear up

"Thank you. Thank you so much. Hahaha, I don't even know the name of my savior, who are you?"

"I'm Eric. Eric Verathal. Now lets get you to base."

I started lifting him up and once we where fully standing, I opened up a portal to the base. I brought him to one of the rooms I made to let him rest.

To ensure that he would be able to survive here by himself, I added some robots and AIs to every area to help not just him but whoever else I add. I also made a new scroll and gave it to him with my number inside of it.

Going back to Vale, I looked for more people to find. I found a couple, showed them my power, then moved on to find more people. After a couple of hours, there was no more people left in Vale so I went to Atlas.

Doing the same thing there, by the end of the night, I had brought a total of 25 people to base.

In the morning, I spoke over the intercom in each persons room. I asked for all of them to leave their rooms, go to the elevator, and press the fifth button which will take them down to breakfast.

Couple of minutes later, everyone was inside the cafeteria.

"Ok everyone, say hi to each other because you will all be living with each other. Now if any of you explored at all last night, then you will have discovered each floor. The first floor is the main lobby and your rooms, the second floor is the training area, third floor is the trade floor, fourth is research, and finally this floor, which is food. Now as you may have also noticed already, there is some robots and AIs that are here to help. However this is roles that can still be filled out around here.

That is why I'm going to do some interviews and give each of you a job! None of you have to do this job and can just laze around but if you do, you'll be getting point for things in the store which can do special things. For example, as you all know, I can give out powers. With your points, you'll be able to get more power! Now any questions?"

Everybody looked around to each other and a couple of them raised their hands. They asked some pretty easy questions to answer and I answered them immediately. Afterwords I started the interviews.

8 people got sent to the fourth floor to be taught and educated better, 12 got sent to the second floor to start improving themselves and become what I call "Reapers". Finally the last 5, were put as Janitors because they still wanted to make some points but not do to much work.

The next couple of days went by quickly as well as I was training most of them and using my powers to improve the base and work life of everyone. I was also constantly going out of base and making a name for myself by helping people and every night I would bring people back to base to join.

Eventually as the days constantly went by, Beacon Academy was about to start up again and I got a message from Jaune.

[12:24 Pm

Jaune: Yo, haven't talked to you in a while, how have you been?

Eric: Pretty good. Been putting things into motion.

Jaune: You do know that sounds very menacing right?

Eric: Yes, very much.

Eric: Good thing you messaged me though, I had a question for you.

Jaune: What's up?

Eric: So a while ago I told you that I would be gathering people and making a group. I'm currently in the middle of making it and I would like you to be my right hand man! So what do you say?

Jaune: Uhhh.... I'm not sure. It kinda sounds evil and I don't really know much about it.

Eric: I can bring you to the base to show you around, show you the people, and explain everything to you here. Would that work?

12:28 Pm

Jaune: Yeah that'll work]

Hearing the confirmation, I opened a portal where he was and connected it to the lobby of the base. He stepped through shortly after.

"Welcome Jaune! This is my secret base and we greet you."

"Yeah, nice to see you again Eric."

Jaune was now wearing some cool looking gear that seemed to fit him better and he also seemed to be emitting a new type of aura around him that was radiating strength and power.

With a quick look at his stats, I saw why.

[ Name- Jaune Arc

Level- 49

Job- Sword Master Tank

Title- Secret Grimm Killer

Strength- 167 (+100 from Bonus Points) (+37 From Level Up)

Defense- 170 (+60 from Bonus Points) (+37 From Level Up) (+35 Armor Bonus)

Speed- 100 (+37 from Bonus Points) (+37 From Level Up)

Intellect- 100 (+40 from Bonus Points) (+37 From Level Up)

Constitution- 126 (63+ from Bonus Points) (+37 From Level Up)

Semblance-Aura Amplification (SEALED)

Aura- 4490

Bonus Points- 0

Actives- Sprint, Taunt, Frighting Yell, Aura Strike

Passives- Pain Tolerance, Massive Aura ]

He seems to be going for a tank with a bunch of strength and health. Does go with his name and title though.

I then showed him around base and also showed him all the people the I've brought. He just soaked everything in and asked some questions here or there.

Finally at the end of everything, I asked him again if he would like to join and be my right hand man. Seeing as I was doing nothing illegal and evil, he said that he would as long as I continued to do nothing against the law.

I just smiled and improved his status. I gave every stat a +100 bonus, improved his class to Paladin who follows me, and also gave him the title called (Believer of Eric) which gives a bonus to everything if he's doing it in a mission from me or doing something for my benefit. I also improved his system a bit.

"Now kneel Jaune. I'm going to knight you."

Hearing this, he just complied and kneeled in front of me.

"I Eric Verathal from Earth am bestowing some of my power upon you as a token of friendship, and as a contract to work together."

I tapped each shoulder once with a sword made out of black and white glowing light and finally tapped him on the top of the head when I finished. With the last words and tap, I stabbed the sword into the ground.

"Rise. Rise and grab my gift to you."

Jaune looked up to me and got up. He stared at the blade and eventually grabbed it. The blade then shot into and swirled around his arm creating a tattoo of a dragon with a sword handle coming out of his mouth and into Jaune's hand. It also had some Verathal writing on it that quoted what I said earlier.

"You are now my Knight."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》