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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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43 First Mission

After Knighting Jaune, I gave him a simple update to his system that would open a portal for him that would bring him to base and back to where he was earlier. This way, he will easily be able to get between the two.

Sending him on his way so that he could get back to what he was doing, I checked up on my new researchers.

Walking in, a short girl wearing a lab coat walked up to me.

"Mr. Verathal, thank you for visiting! We have some great news that you might like to hear."

'Oh? They made some quick progress with the special elemental dust I made.'

She walked over to a small table with a tank on it and handed me some notes to read.

"The gray dust crystal that you gave us to experiment on is a amazing discovery! With everything the AI taught us, we were able to discover that this is the most potent type of dust ever and can actually be used for a assortment of things. When using it for item enhancement, it's almost like magic and makes what would normally seem impossible, actually possible."

She continued rambling on for a good long while about it and talking about more discoveries not just for the new type of dust I made.

'Guess the enchantment I put on this floor to increase learning and research speed is a bit strong. Nothing wrong with that though.'

After another half hour of her energetic and excited speaking about everything they discovered, she finally stopped. Looking around, every was working even harder then normal now that I was here, even though I wasn't paying attention to everyone.

"Ok everyone," I yelled out, "As a reward for doing so much within the short amount of time you've been here, I'll be giving you all 50 free points to spend at the store!"

Hearing this they all cheered.

I just smiled and waved as I started making my way out. Then I went up to the training room to talk with them. Upon entering, everyone who was in the basic area with the dummies and weights, got up and saluted to me.

"At ease."

They all stopped saluting and went back to what they were doing.

I watched them for a bit and looked at all of their statuses before finding the person with the current best status.

"Thomas Rogers, front and center!"

He quickly ran from where he was and lined up in front of me.

'God I love all the training the AI is doing for me.'

"Mr. Rogers, I have a mission for you. Follow me so that I can get you a briefing on what it is."

Rogers just nodded as I walked over to the wall that everyone knew had the bathroom behind it. He just stared in confusion at me wondering why we just went to the wall.

I moved my hand to the wall and grabbed the air in front of it for where a door knob would be. When I grasped it, the door appeared in a quick burst of light.

Opening the door, it showed a simple room with a table and chair with a lot of TVs, monitors, and touch screens on the wall.

"Please proceed in." I said while waving him in

He entered and took a seat immediately. I walked in front of the table and tapped the center of the biggest wall mounted TV.

After doing so, a screen with a picture of the Anima Forest.

"The Anima Forest is filled with tons of White Fang troops. The White Fang is a Faunus (People with animal features) organization in Remnant. Founded following the Faunus Rights Revolution, the White Fang was initially a peaceful activist organization created to improve relations between Humans and Faunus.

However, in the face of continued discrimination, the White Fang began to adopt more and more radical methods."

Tapping again on the screen, more pictures of their base and troops appeared.

"Your mission is to scatter their teams in the forest and eliminate as much of them as you can. You may use necessary resources to do so but it's recommended to keep it on the down low. You understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good, any questions."

"Yes Sir. Am I allowed to take a two people with me so that I can have back up?"


"May I also take out gear that the AI said we could take for missions?"

'The AI put gear for missions in the store? Cool."

"Affirmative, but don't take to much. Now go and prepare for your mission. The AI will open a portal for you when ready and a item to open one back."

Roger stood up and saluted again.

"YES SIR!" He yelled before rushing out the door

I just smiled and teleported back to my room. I set up a video on my TV to follow Roger and whoever he picked. After a couple of minutes, he walked down to the store with Seth Allens and Claudia Horne.

Down at the Store, they took out a few small knives, a pistol per person, extra ammo, and a couple of special designed light weight armor.

Finishing up there,they walked over to a clothing changing room and started putting on the gear. Afterwards they walked over to a screen on the wall and started talking to the AI. After confirming a couple of things with it, a portal opened up to the forest.

Walking through it, they immediately crouched down and started to sneak around. They continued walking in a pattern and when they heard some movement ahead of them they stopped. Rogers who was in the front, pointed for each of them to go around the sides so that they could trap whoever it was.

They tried silently walking around but Seth was noticed. The three White Fang group members yelled out that somebody was there and got out their guns. Claudia and Rogers quickly stabbed two of them in the back of the head while covering their mouths.

The last White Fang member turned around and saw their teammates dropping to the ground. Seth saw his chance and run up and killed the last White Fang.

Rogers walked up to Seth and hit him on the back of the head while shaking his head. Seth said something apologetic from what I could tell but the others just kept shaking their heads.

They got back in their crouching positions and continued walking forwards. Eventually they found the base of the White Fang after another couple of close calls with other small Groups of them that they easily dispatched.

Finding the base, they split up and started slowly taking care of everyone. Eventually they were found out so they started shooting at each other. With my recruits specialized training and buffs, they were able to out maneuver some of the bullets and quickly get behind cover.

They shot back and slowly killed more and people before there was just one person left.

"COME ON OUT BITCHES!" Yelled a giant White Fang

Seth, Rogers, and Claudia continued to hide behind some crates. Claudia peaked around the corner of the crate and saw that the giant White Fang was temporarily looking somewhere else so she quickly ran to a fallen tree.

The giant White Fang saw her temporarily while she was doing it so he turned around quickly and threw a giant sword size throwing knife at her. It barely missed her but in that time, Claudia was able to fire two shots at him.

One shot missed but luckily one shot went directly towards his forehead. It hit him directly on but all that happened was that his head moved back slightly.


Using my powers to find out why, I discovered that his semblance was 'Resistant Skin' which made things harder much harder to penetrate his skin.

The recruits and the White Fang member, constantly shot at each other until the White Fang ran out of bullets. He then threw some more knives at where the team was hiding. Some knives pierced through it and nearly went right through Seth.

Seeing as the guy had enough strength to do that, both Seth and Rogers looked at each other and with a quick nod, knew what to do. Seth ran to the side and shot at the White Fang to draw his attention. Rogers on the other hand, ran straight to him and drew out two daggers.

Seth continued to offer covering fire and Claudia joined in too after seeing what was happening. Rogers was able to get really close before the White Fang noticed and jumped up as high as he could. Rogers got close enough to his goal and stabbed the White Fang in both eyes with the daggers.

The White Fang dropped down to the ground and started screaming in pain. With this opportunity, everyone ran up to him and both stabbed and shot him. Seeing as nothing pierced his skin but saw that the daggers were able to go into his eyes, they formed a plan. They got the big guy to open his mouth and when he did, they shot into, killing him almost instantly.

While it may be really gross, it got the job done.

I pulled out my scroll and dialed up Rogers number. He picked up a few seconds later.

"The job is done Sir! Permission to report back to base?"

"Denied, you still have more work to do. I'll be opening a portal and sending some robots through to gather the bodies, gear, and other resources. Protects these robots and when they're done, you can come back. Understood?"

"Yes Sir!"

'Man, I love what the AI taught them. Even made them able to kill without regrets, no idea how it did that.'
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》