God Complex- Currently Rebooting
44 Interest of Salem
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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44 Interest of Salem

The mission was a complete success with no casualties on our side. We wiped out the entire White Fang in this area and kindly took all of their stuff.

On their way back, I rewarded all of them with a decent amount of points and time off of training.

Now that the first mission was also completed, I could do a quick upgrade to the training area. With this upgrade, the AI will now me able to give out missions by looking at Intel that it gets automatically through tons of different sources.

These missions will be able to be either picked whenever they want, or given immediately depending on the urgency. This way, I will have my 'soldiers' continuously get stronger and better.

For the next couple of days, I kept making urgent missions for people to do. I was also going out into the kingdoms and finding more and more people to bring back to base.

Lots of the people wanted to help as thanks for me saving them but some of them wanted to be lazy and just stay in their rooms. I was fine with this however as I completely understood. They just got out of a very harsh period in their life and wanted to live as easily as possible now.

As I was looking for more people, when I was in the Vale Kingdom, I saw someone who I knew from watching the show.

Cinder Fall.

Cinder Fall is one of the main antagonists of RWBY and is a member of Salem's Faction as well as the leader of her own. She is also the current host of half of the Fall Maiden's powers. Her machinations are the driving force behind the events of the first three volumes of RWBY.

Taking out my scroll, I quickly checked the date and noticed that in a couple of days, it would be time to go back to Beacon Academy.

Looking back up from my scroll, I noticed that Cinder was walking over to me.

"Eric Verathal, I've been looking for you." She said with a evil smirk on her face

"What do you want?" I asked getting ready to use my powers

"Well a little birdy told me that you've been talking to Ozpin a lot." She moved her hand out and attempted to grab my chin, "I want you to tell me everything you know."

Slowly, she used her maiden powers to heat her hand up to a very hot temperature. For me however, it caused no pain and didn't even hurt me. She didn't know this from what I could tell as the look on her face seemed to be of one that a sadistic person would have.

"Yeah, I'm telling you nothing."

Her smirk turned even worse and she said, "I was hoping you were going to say that." as she turned her maiden powers up to full.

"Speak now or I won't stop." She said with pure arrogance in her voice

With a sigh, I started raising the temperature of my skin to a insane level. Slowly, Cinder started feeling more and more of the heat. When it got to a temperature higher then her own, you could start to hear skin start to burn and cook from her hand.

"You know Cinder, if you don't remove your hand, then it just might be cooked off."

She continued to hold on until smoke was coming out of her hand. At that point, she finally ripped her hand away and backed off.

By this point, some people where staring at us in confusion.

"How about this Cinder, we'll take this up to your boss so that we can... 'talk'."

Upon hearing me mention Salem, her boss, her face went white with fear.

"Y-You know Salem?"

"Yeah, of course I do. Let's visit her."

And with that, I opened a portal to the Land of Darkness.

The Land of Darkness is the former domain of the God of Darkness when he was still on Remnant and was the antithesis of the Domain of Light. The pools of Grimm which are the birth place and origin of all Grimm are located there. Salem and her faction are currently using the land as their base of operations.

As I forced Cinder through the portal, I quickly erased everyone's memory of what just happened. I then walked through it myself and closed it afterwards.

The Land of Darkness is a barren wasteland from what I could see. With a rocky terrain and enormous purple crystals sprouting from the ground, it looked like a evil place. To make it even worse, the sky was stained with a dark red hue. There was also pools of what looked like tar-like substances that were spawning Grimm in large numbers.

Cinder was running away while screaming out Salem's name, attempting to draw here attention to where we were.

Making a trowing knife appear, I threw it in the direction of Cinder and turned it into a rope. Using this rope, I manipulated it to capture her and make her fall to the ground.

Slowly walking up to her, many different kinds of Grimm ran towards me and avoided Cinder all together.

'Seems like Salem knows that we're here, she's already controlling the Grimm to attack me.'

Without even trying, I make a invisible aura that couldn't even be felt appear. This aura would kill any Grimm that got within a couple feet of me in any shape or form.

With it, I continued to just slowly walk to Cinder who was now moving like a worm. When I got to her, I picked her up by the roped and teleported us to what seemed to be a castle in the far off distance. Using my powers to confirm what it was, teleporting inside of it became even easier.

'I didn't really want to confront the Big Bad of the show so early, but I guess I can do something.'

Continuing down the center area of the castle, we eventually got to the throne room. This room had a chair on top of some stairs that was looking down a long table that could seat a couple of people.

Salem herself was sitting in the throne and looking down upon us.

Salem is a insidious person who patiently waits to undermine and destroy her enemies with cold, deliberate resolve. She is also highly intellectual, with a healthy respect for her enemy, mankind, which she recognizes as possessing both resourcefulness and ingenuity. She also acknowledges humanity's capacity to draw strength from hope, but she uses this knowledge to subvert and destroy them. She is humble enough to recognize that there are limits to her abilities and that she can only do so much for her subordinates.

"Greeting Eric, I see that you brought Cinder here for me." She says in a bland voice void of emotions

"Hello there Salem, nice to meat you. Seems like you already know who I am though."

"Yes... I've heard reports about you from my people on the inside. From what they say, you never existed and just came out of nowhere."

I raised a eyebrow while hearing this

'I only knew about Cinder and her team... Should've used my powers in the first place but eh, it's to late now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .'

"So what're you going to do with that information Salem? Don't forget that I have Cinder right here." I said while lifting Cinder up with one hand

"From that information, I can conduct that Ozpin helped you and been talking to you a lot." She got out of her chair and started walking down the stairs until she was face to face with me, "So I'm going to make you talk."

She then reached forwards with her left hand and tapped me on the forehead. From her hand, a dark reddish black static like energy went out and came into contact with my forehead. She smirked and from the look on her face you could tell that she was thinking, "That was easy."

After a second of just waiting, nothing happened to me.

"Uhh... What was that supposed to do?"

Salem lost her smirk and her eyes opened wide

"Mind if I try it Salem?" I said as I pointed my finger to her forehead

Doing the same exact thing, I used my power to make a static like charge shoot out and hit her. Unlike what it did to me, her eyes dulled and she became like a puppet. Cinder who was watching, was shivering in fear at what was happening and how I wasn't even affected by what Salem did.

Throwing Cinder lightly in the air, I used my powers to just make her hover there.

Walking up to Salem, I waved my hand in front of her face.


She did nothing

"Uhhh.... Sit?"

She sat down on the floor

"Oh cool. Hey Salem, forget everything about me but if you relearn my name, have a deep sense of fear and awe about me! Ok, I'm going now, that was all I wanted to do. Bye bye!" I said as I didn't really know what to do

I did the same thing to cinder but made her even more afraid of me then Salem.

'That should do for now. I have to go back and get ready for school now :( '
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》