God Complex- Currently Rebooting
45 Second Semester
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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45 Second Semester

After a week of more rescuing, missions, and the usual, Beacon Academy finally started up. Before leaving, I finally allowed people in the base to leave and go to Kingdoms so that they could spread the story of a god on Remnant that would go around and help people. This will hopefully bring people to me when my workers do good deeds and stuff like that.

After finishing that up, I teleported to Beacon Academy and got ready for school. Even though it was still a day or two before school started, there was already a bunch of people there.

Heading to the cafeteria, people where running out in fear. Running over to see what was happening, Team RWBY and Team JNPR were having what appeared to be a giant food fight. Tables where stacked upon other tables, vending machines where pushed over, and Team JNPR was throwing watermelons across the cafeteria to RWBY in many different ways.

After that, Pyrrha and Blake where fighting with very long things of bread.

'Jesus, those things must be stale as all hell to be able to stand all that.'

Eventually, Nora had a metal pole stuck into a watermelon and Weiss had a sword fish. Both were using it as if it was their regular weapons. Nora struck the ground and sent Weiss and a lot of tables in front of herself flying forwards and up into the air.

Ruby caught Weiss and after saying something, yelled, "Nooooo!" into the sky while having a pillar of stone fall behind her and bread sticks flying everywhere.

Yang with her hands in turkeys, rushed up to Ren who had leeks in each hand. Yang kicked at Ren but he blocked it using the leeks which didn't even snap at the force. They fought for a bit before Yang hit Ren up into the air. Ren then threw the leeks down to Yang who back flipped her way back while the leeks stuck themselves into the floor.

'The food here must've been made with concrete...'

Blake came out of nowhere suddenly and rushed towards Nora who just finished hammering the floor in front of Yang.

I just stood in wonder at everything that was happening. Not because of the fighting. No, it was because of how unbreakable their food was.

With my powers I could make this type of unbreakable food but this type of food just appeared out of nowhere.

Deciding that I've seen enough bullshit physics of food and stuff like that, I decided that it was my time to step in.

Running in, I ran in between Nora and Yang. Nora was about to hit Yang upwards with her watermelon hammer but I caught it and forced it to the ground. Yang who was also about to punch Nora in the face with the turkey, while funny, was also caught quickly with a open palm.

"ENOUGH EVERYONE!" I yelled loud enough for people to hear

Both teams just turned to stare at me in confusion as to where I came from. Jaune on the other hand, when seeing me yelled, "Oh hi Eric!"

I talked to them for a while trying to find out how this all happened but suddenly the doors busted opened and a very mad Glynda walked in. She immediately used her semblance of telekinesis to put everything back where it was supposed to be and fixed everything they broke.

"Children, please. Do not play with your food." She said while pushing up her glasses and using a slightly angry tone.

Everyone but me just looked down at the floor.

After ten seconds, Ozpin walked up behind Glynda and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Let it go."

*Sigh* "They're supposed to be the defenders of the world."

"And they will be, but right now they're still children. So why not let them play the part?" Ozpin started walking away, "After all, it isn't a role they'll play forever."

After Ozpin walked away, Glynda just stood around for a couple of seconds before she also turned around and left.

"Well, looks like we didn't get detention." Said Ruby

Everyone just nodded and agreed.

We then all left to go towards our rooms. On my way to the elevator to go up the tower, Ozpin was already in front of it waiting for me.

"Mr. Verathal. A word if you would please."

With a sigh I just followed him into the elevator and to the top of the tower. Once there, he went towards his desk, sat down, and pointed to the seat for me to sit down.

I complied because I didn't want to cause any trouble and asked, "So what would you like to talk about?"

He took a sip from his cup of coffee before speaking.

"I have reports of you speaking to the person that you mentioned before. This intrigues me because you said that she works for Salem and that she attacked the Fall Maiden. I would like to know why you're talking to her then."

'Man he sounds like a clingy girlfriend.'

"I was talking to her because she approached me and threatened me to try and get info out of me. She said that she has spies inside the Academy and they reported to her that I've been talking to you a lot. She must've assumed that I have some important info about your plans or something like that."

Ozpin just stared at me trying to see through me as if I was trying to tell a lie. After a bit he just sighed and took another sip from his coffee.

"I can tell that you're not lying so you're free to go."

"That's it? No more questions?"

"That is all Mr. Verathal."

"Cool then, thanks."

I got up from my seat and started heading towards the elevator. Once there, I pushed the button and waited for it to open.

"I'll help you know one thing Ozpin. If you continue as things are, your plan won't work."

And then I left. Leaving Ozpin no time to ask questions, I know that he'll think about it more.

"This... Is going to be a long year..." I said out loud while thinking about what was supposed to happen.
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》