God Complex- Currently Rebooting
46 The Beacon Dance
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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46 The Beacon Dance

The next couple of days went by really quickly. As I was using my Auto-Pilot, I was able to have my system make me only the stuff that I needed to remember.

One of these things was Cinder's team joining Beacon. Ruby met her and didn't suspect a thing.

Everything continued as normal and nobody really suspected a thing about Cinder's team. She just went to class like everyone else.

Luckily she never spotted me in class so the tremendous amount of fear I put into her instincts didn't go off.

Another couple of days past and Beacon said that they'll be hosting a dance party as part of the upcoming Vytal Festival. It was kinda similar to a type of homecoming or prom so everyone was asking someone to go with them.

Jaune asked Weiss to go out with him but she refused. He had a look on his face saying that he was going to try as many times as he could. I put a stop to it by putting my hand on his shoulder and shaking my head no, when he was about to do it again.

"Why not Eric, I think we would be great together?"

"Dude, she doesn't even look at you as if you where human. Just give up, it'll be better for you."

He looked at her and pondered what I said.

'I hope that he does what I say. In the show he asked so many times that it was borderline harassment. Instead he should go for the person who likes him and is somewhat obvious about it.'

"Hey Jaune, how about you ask out Pyrrha? From what I heard, nobody has worked up the gut to ask."

His eyes lit up for a moment and he said, "That's a great idea! I'll go ask right now!"

Jaune then started to run off trying to find Pyrrha but turned around after a couple of seconds.

"Who're you going to take?"


My mind just blanked because I myself haven't thought about asking anyone to go.

"Probably no one." I said because I had literally no clue

Jaune seeing this just patted me on the shoulder before turning around to try and search for Pyrrha again.

I looked around and saw that everyone else has already left so I headed back to my room. On my way there, I noticed Jaune still frantically searching for Pyrrha. Lightly chuckling at this I continued on my way.

Eventually I got to my room and made sure by using my powers that nobody was around or watching. After confirming, I opened up a portal to my room back at my base.

"AI, give me a report about what happened since I was last here."

The AI changed what was on the TV and monitors in my room to show all the new people that joined, research done, and levels increased. I now had around 2 thousand people and was still increasing quickly as the more people that joined, the more people I had that could spread my legend.

It also reported that Salem's faction and the White Fang where now officially declaring us as 'Fake God's Kids'. They also officially added us to their war with against each other, humanity, and Ozpin's group.

I continued to check up on the major people to see if everyone was doing good and living properly. Most of the stuff I got back was positive feedback with people asking for a couple of changes in some small things. Most of my time went around fixing what was deemed as problems and improving other stuff.

At one point, I made sure to gather everyone in the main Lobby and show them proof of my power. This encouraged them and made everyone feel motivated to continue spreading my legend.

'Looks like my work here is done for the day.' I thought will making a portal to leave

Back at Beacon, I checked outside and noticed that it was dark outside. I quickly made some food with my powers and stuffed my face with it. After eating as much as I could, I laid down on my bed and started to play some video games.

With my powers, I didn't have to sleep so I just used what would be normal sleeping time for people to instead fuel my video game addiction.

By the time the first rays of sunlight were shining, I've already beaten a bunch of games. Some of these games were ones that did not even exist yet and I took from the future to play.

Getting out of bed and taking a quick shower, I decided to think about what to do for the Dance. I could either make a new person, find a actual person to ask out, or just go alone. Personally I was leaning towards the going alone as I didn't really want to go with anyone.

Eventually after I finished showering, dressing, and all the other daily morning stuff, I decided on something. I won't go with anyone but if I meet anyone while at the Dance, then I'll give them a chance.

And with that, I used Auto-Pilot some more. I continued skipping the school parts of the day and using my powers to complete any homework that needed to be done.

Finally, it was the night of the Dance and everyone was heading to the decorated cafeteria with their date. Jaune who listened to what I said was locked arm in arm with Pyrrha who looked very happy and pleased about something. Weiss was going with someone called Neptune and Blake was going with someone called Sun Wukong who had a blonde tail showing that he was a faunus. Everyone else on team RWBY and JNPR was going by themselves.

At the part, Yang was making fun of Ruby for having trouble moving around in high heels. She continued to laugh until the music came on and people who had a date started to dance.

Eventually both Ruby and I were standing near the punch bowl with glasses in our hands.

"So you didn't find anyone?"

"Nope. Neither did you?"


We both just continued to stare at everyone and drink our punch. At one point, I put my glass out near her and said, "To the ones without a date."

She tapped my glass with her glass and responded back with the same thing, "To the ones without a date."

After finishing a couple more glasses of punch, the music changed to Shine (A song about Jaune and Pyrrha) and the entire team of JNPR started to dance in sync.

'This is not high school musical...' I thought while seeing this

A minute later, with my powers I sensed that Cinder was on the move to go through with her plan. The plan in the show was for Cinder to infiltrate the Cross Continental Transmit Tower (CCTS or simply CCT) at Beacon. The Cross Continental Transmit System is a communication technology in Remnant which allows instantaneous multimedia communication wirelessly over large distances. Ozpin calls it the most influential technological innovation of all.

Her goal after getting into the CCT, was to upload a virus that would be used as a back door into the system.

Nudging Ruby on the arm, I told her that I saw someone running across the roofs of the buildings across from where we where. Ruby hearing this immediately said, "Then lets go!" and bolted off in the direction I mentioned. We followed her all the way to the CCT and Ruby at that point used her scroll to call her weapon to her using a rocket propelled locker.

She waited for a minute before the locker landed and she got her scythe out. We then ran into the tower and noticed many people either knocked unconscious or out right killed. Getting to the elevator, we picked the top floor and patiently waited while we were going up while listening to good ol' elevator classical music.

At the top, Ruby went out first and said, "Hello? Is anyone there?"

We walked forwards for a bit before Cinder decided to show herself. She was wearing a black jumpsuit and black domino mask.

"Excuse me. You know, it's not a masquerade party, so why don't you take off that-"

Before Ruby even had time to finish, Cinder was already spamming fire balls in my direction. The instinctual fear activated and has made her immediately do this as a flight or flight response.

Ruby jumped out of the way and I simply made my throwing daggers appear. Using them, I threw them at each fireball and removed them from existence. We continued to fight with Cinder who was only targeting me for a while until the elevator opened and a man stepped out.

Both Ruby and I looked to see who it was but when we looked back, Cinder was already gone.

While I could've used my powers to finish the fight instantly or find her, I wanted to the plot to continue so that I could continue to work out my plan. Cause while it may not seem like it, Cinder was actually a major part of the plot.

Turning back to the person who came out of the elevator, he asked what was going on here.

Using my powers I found out who he was. His name is General James Ironwood and is the headmaster of Atlas Academy. He is also a general in the Atlesian Military and a holder of two seats of the Atlesian Council. His weapon of choice is a revolver. And for some unknown reasons, the entire right section of his body has been replaced with a robotic prosthesis. Digging deeper into his past with my powers, I found out it was because of a experiment going haywire.

He started interrogating us about what happened and what we were doing here. This continued for a long time until he finally stopped and let us rest by sitting down. Neither I or Ruby spoke and just stayed there in silence.

Ruby was staring at the floor while I was staring at a monitor that was nearby. The minutes ticked by and when it became 12 Am, a bell went off across the entire academy to tell people. But, as the bell chimed, the monitor I was looking at started flickering until a picture of a black rook appeared for a second or two before disappearing.

'It looks like, it's now time to put my plan into effect.'
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》