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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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47 Field Trip

Twelve hours after what happened at night, Ozpin summoned Ruby and me to his office. As I lived right below him, I was obviously there first. Ruby showed up around ten or so minutes later.

Inside Ozpin's office, Glynda and Ironwood were arguing with each other about what happened last night. At one point, while Ironwood was saying something, Ozpin's desk started to beep to indicate that Ruby was outside the door.

Ozpin stood up which put a temporary stop on the argument.

"Come in."

Hearing this, Ruby opened the door and peaked her head through.

"Ah! Sorry it took so long. Someone accidentally hit all the buttons on the elevator on the way up here... It wasn't me."

Ozpin motioned for her to come in and said, "Thank you for coming Ruby, how're you feeling?"

Walking in, Ruby replied, "Okay, I guess. I'd feel better if my bad-guy catching record wasn't 0 for 3." and ended with a slight chuckle at her own joke

Ozpin, Glynda, and Iron wood just stared at her while not saying anything. Seeing as she started to feel a bit embarrassed at the bad joke attempt, I gave a small pity laugh.

This drew her attention over the corner of the room where I was sitting down and reading on my scroll.

"Hi Eric!" Said Ruby while waving and temporarily forgetting the awkwardness of what just happened

Suddenly Ironwood cut in and said, "Ruby and Eric, I feel it's appropriate to let you know that I think what you did last night is exactly what being a hunter and huntress is all about. You recognize a threat, you took action, and you did the very best you could"

(Ruby) "Thank you sir!"

(Me) "Yup, no problem!"

Ruby and I just turned to each other and gave a light laugh at each others response.

Ozpin cleared his throat to get both of our attentions.

"Now, the general here has already informed us of the events that, transpired last night. But now that you've rested we were wondering if you had anything to add."

Glynda then also cut in and added, "Was anyone else with her? Did she look familiar to you at all?"

Ruby thought for a bit before replying, "I... I don't know. She was wearing a mask and never said anything to me, but I know that she fought with fire. Don't think that was her semblance though. Her clothing lit up whenever she attacked."

"Save fire, the woman that sounds like the woman I fought the night we net Ruby. Eric, you have anything to add?"

I gave a quick look to Ozpin that said, "Should I say something?" but Ozpin just looked me in the eyes and gave a look that responded back, "Follow Ruby's lead."

"She targeted me the most with her attacks. However, I don't think I've ever met anyone that has the same same height, hair color, and eye color as her."

"And what was her eye color?" Asked Glynda


Everyone was silent for a good minute before Ironwood spoke out and said, "Embedding dust into clothing to make clothing light up would be possible. It is a age old technique and anybody could have done it."

Ruby must've finally understood what what Glynda said just a bit ago but she then cut in herself.

"Wait, you think this girl is connected to Torchwick (A secondary antagonist in RWBY) and the White Fang?"

Ozpin nodded his head, "It is possible. But we still lack the required evidence to link the two together."

"Actually I-I think I remeber her saying something about a hideout or something... In the Southeast... Just outside the kingdom."


Glynda then gave Ruby a questioning stare and said, "I thought you said the intruder never-"

Ozpin trying to save our hides cut in and said, "Thank you two for your cooperation. Why don't you go and spend some time with you team Ruby? Eric, you can go to your room and rest, play games, or whatever else you want to do as long as it isn't destructive."

I gave a double thumbs up.

"You both have a big day ahead of you, and Miss Rose, please try and be discreet about this matter."

"Yes sir!" replied Ruby while saluting temporarily before walking away

A couple of seconds later and Glynda and Ironwood walked to the elevator to leave. Once they did, I asked, "Do I uhh, do I not get a warning too?"

Ozpin sat down in his seat and took a sip of his coffee.

"No you do not. I know that you're only real good friend is with Mr. Arc, you don't spend time with anyone else." He took a small break to take another sip of his coffee, "And I know that you have some decent common sense. You may go now Mr. Verathal."

I felt a bit hurt at his response but didn't really care much because he was right. Seeing as the conversation was over, I went to my room and laid down on my bed.

Ten minutes later, over the intercom in my room, Glynda's voice rang out.

"Will all first year students please report to the amphitheater."

It repeated a couple of times until it stopped.

I groaned a bit as I just got to lay down but I eventually rolled myself onto the floor and got up. Heading to the amphitheater, there was already a bunch of people there and Glynda was continuously asking for people to quiet down.

Finally after a bit, she introduced Ozpin who was right next to her and said that he would like to share a few words before they begin.

"Together we stand together, united. Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo, and Vale. The four kingdoms of Remnant. On this day nearly eighty years ago, the largest war in recorded history came to a end. It was a war of ignorance, of greed, and of oppression. A war that was about much more than where borders fell or who traded with whom, but about the very idea of individualism itself. We fought for countless reasons, one of which being the destruction of all forms of art and self expression.

And as you all are wekll aware, that was something many could not stand for. As a result, those who

opposed this tyranny began naming their children after one of the core aspects of art itself. Color (Ruby is red, Weiss is German for white, etc etc.).

It was their way to demonstrate that not only would they refused to tolerate this oppression, but neither would the generations to come. And it was a trend that is held to this very day. We encourage individuality, expressionism, and unity through diversity. As I have said, we stand together, united. But this bond cannot exist without effort. Which is why today while the rest of the world celebrates peace, Huntsmen and Huntresses will work to uphold it.

As first year students, you will be tasked with shadowing a professional huntsman or huntress, on a mission. Some of you may be taken out of the kingdom for several days. Others may work within the walls for the rest of the week. But no matter which path you choose, remember to be safe, remember your training, and remember to do your best."

Everyone immediately started clapping upon hearing this speech as they deemed it as perfect and a amazing way to get training. He continued on saying that there will be missions outside that you can sign up for and the professional will decided if they want you to join them.

After that, everything was wrapped up and everyone went to the main lobby to start signing up. Upon trying, many people got frustrated that many missions were actually unavailable to first year students. Team RWBY tried signing up for one of these missions and Ozpin came over to talk to them.

I went over to one of the terminals and looked through it. The most common mission that people wanted was the Search and Destroy mission but that was one of missions that was unavailable.

Picking it, a prompt came up asking me to type in my team's name. Previously, Ozpin said that if I was ever given this type of prompt, I was to input ENLL which was a combination of Eric and Null.

Doing so, unlike the regular message that said, "MISSION UNAVAILABLE TO FIRST YEAR STUDENTS", mine said, "REQUEST SUBMITTED"

Ozpin seeing this, finished up what he was talking about with RWBY and started heading my way.

"Mr. Verathal, I see that you've already noticed that you're able to do missions that other first years are not able to. Please come to my office later tonight and I will tell you about the mission that I want to offer."

Done with that, he didn't even give me time to ask a question as he turned around and left. Seeing as I've already submitted my request and that Ozpin wanted me to visit at night, I just went back to my room.

While in my room, I made sure that there was nothing able to see, find, and or identify me in the room by using my powers. Next I teleported to my base and gathered everyone up into the main lobby.

"Ok everyone!" I yelled while using my powers to ensure that people could hear me, "We are now going to put plan 'Reborn God' into affect. We will now increase the spreading of my legend around and start helping the world of Remnant even more! We will also start calling me Vernal for it is what I desire! Now let spread the legend of Vernal!"

Raising my hand, I made a sword appear in it that radiated a godly/ holy light.

"For us, and for the peace of Remnant!"

Everyone else raised their arms and had whatever weapon they had in hand

"FOR VERNAL!" They all screamed in sync
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》