God Complex- Currently Rebooting
48 Against Thyself
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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48 Against Thyself

After initiating Reborn God, I did some quick work around the base and then went back to my room at Beacon to get the mission that Ozpin said that he wanted to assign to me. Going to the elevator, I went up one floor to get to his office and waited for the elevator to open.

Nearly instantly, Ozpin allowed me inside and opened the elevator. Walking out and moving to be in front of Ozpin, I took a seat before he even had time to offer me one.

"Hey there Ozpin! So what's that mission you wanted to offer me?"

"Glad to see you're excited Mr. Verathal. The mission that I'll be assigning to you will be about investigating reports of a new group appearing that is called the Fake God's Kids by some other groups and factions. You might've never even heard of them as they are that new of a group."

I raised my eyebrow at this because it was very similar to something that happened on Verathal.

"So what exactly is so special about this group?"

Ozpin took a sip of coffee, "What's special about this group is that they're actually good people. They save anyone regardless of gender, age, and race. These people would disappear after being saved by their so called god and after a bit of time, they would reappear again some time later being much stronger then they were previously. Some of them have also showed some weird powers and those powers were identified to not be their semblances."

"That sounds good I think? Are they doing something evil with these powers or what?"

"No, they're actually doing the exact opposite. Using these powers they would spread the word of their new 'cult' and try gathering more people to join. This has actually worked out well for them as many people easily went over to their side. Now are you willing to accept this mission or will you refuse?"

'Oh this is going to be fun >:)"

"Yes, I will accept this mission. If I may ask, who will I be working with?"

"Ah yes, since we're still not completely on the best of terms, I'll be having Qrow Branwen lead the mission."

Qrow Branwen (pronounced Crow) is the biological uncle of Yang Xiao Long and honorary uncle of Ruby Rose. Qrow's weapon of choice is a scythe that can change into a sword and is known as Harbinger. Qrow is also involved with a secret brotherhood led by Ozpin, whose purpose is to protect Remnant and is privy to knowledge kept secret from most of the world. His semblance is misfortune and is a passive one so he is unable to turn it off.

"Now Mr. Verathal, if you would please go outside and wait near the entrance to the academy. Look for a... How to put this... A drunkard. He'll have a big sword on his back and probably a flask in hand. Please go as soon as possible as he will be here very soon."

Hearing this I just turned around while waving goodbye and started making my way towards the elevator. Eventually getting down to the bottom floor, I got out and made my way over to the entrance to Beacon.

At the entrace, tons of people were there and also waiting for their own professional to arrive. As time went by, more and more people left until it was just me left sitting on a bench playing on my scroll.

Finally after what seemed to be a hour, a airplane came flying on down and landed on a landing pad nearby. Seeing as no one else was around, I assumed that this was Qrow finally showing up.

'He'll be very soon he said... What a huge lie.'

The door to the airplane opened up and let a ramp down so that people could easily get on or off. A second later, a man with graing black spiky hair came out. He had dull red eyes and slight stubble along his jawline. Along with that, he had a red, tattered cloak. He also wears a gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants and black dress shoes.

The first thing he did when stepping in the doorway was to take a swig from his flask. After that, he looked me up and down and said, "Hey bartender guy, have you seen a kid called Eric around here?"

I was currently dressed in my bartender like outfit so it made sense as to why he was calling me a bartender.

"You're Qrow I presume?"

"Yeah, who's asking?" He took another sip from his flask

"I'm Eric and Ozpin assigned you as the professional leading the mission for me."

Qrow looked me up and down again before saying, "Aren't you a little to well dressed for this mission and someone your age?"

"Nothing wrong with that right? Now how about we start this mission?"

With a deep sigh, he motioned for me to come in and immediately went towards the cockpit of the plane. When he saw me get in, he put the ramp back up and closed to door. Without letting me have any time to sit down and buckle up, he immediately throttled up and started heading towards the mission.

Luckily for me, my powers allowed me to easily say balanced and make my way to the cockpit as well and take a seat.

"Am I allowed to ask for a mission briefing?"

"Didn't Ozpin already tell you everything?"

"Yeah but I wanted to see if there was anything else you would add on to it."


After that, we didn't speak at all.

By the direction that we were traveling, we were making our way to Atlas which was a floating city that used dust as it's main energy source and main way to fly. I've been here a couple of times before so I knew where we were going to watch.

To also ensure that nothing would go wrong with my plans and this mission, I made it so nobody wouldn't be able to find connections between me and Vernal. If anyone who works in my cult saw me they would think I was someone else. If Qrow had someone describe my description then he wouldn't be able to find a connection.

Even if someone did find out something, I would just erase their memory in put it in my notes to find a better way when creating another world.

Qrow headed to the main Academy of Atlas and landed in a spot. We left the plane and started heading into the center of the city and stalking around for people.

The next few days went by quickly as we continuously went searching for anyone from my cult but kept coming up with dead ends as their powers helped them easily avoid Qrow.

One day when we were patrolling around looking for people, two muggers appeared behind us and pointed pocket knives at us.

"Give us all of your money and we won't hurt you!" Said mugger #1

"Yeah, do as we say!" Finished mugger #2

and before either Qrow or I even got our hands out, a person from our clan appeared and swiftly defeated the muggers.

"Are you two alright?!" She said with a bit to much enthusiasm

"Yeah, thank you for what you did there." Said Qrow

"If you two need a place to stay or need food or something, my group the Children of God, are willing to take you in!" She said again with a bit to much enthusiasm

At this point, I was starting to make a point total for things she did good and incorrect. That way I could correct everything everyone did later on based on this one person's actions. Should work well enough in the long run.

"That would be great." Said Qrow, "We could do with both food and a place to stay if possible."

Hearing this, she smiled and pressed a button on her scroll and opened a portal to my base.

"Come on in!"

Qrow suspiciously looked at the portal but didn't question it much as he decided that he'll think about how it was possible later. For now, his goal was to infiltrate and learn more knowledge.

"Come on Eric, they're willing to help. Let's go see our new home." He said while looking at me and winking
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》