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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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51 Beacon Breach

I was taking my time to get all the way back to beacon cause it was a calm ride without Qrow constantly drinking. It was like a leisurely drive on some roads that had nobody else on it.

However, that all came to a very quick end. After flying for a couple of hours, I was finally a few miles away from Vale. All around the city was giant flying ships that were dropping mechs down to Vale to fight what appeared to be a gigantic Grimm hoard.

'Shit. Guess I won't have anymore peace and quiet.'

With a snap of my fingers, Qrow woke up from his alcohol induced sleep. He looked around rapidly until his eyes eventually focused onto Vale. Explaining the situation to him, he just nodded and pointed over to a open area that he said we could land at.

I complied and made my way over and landed once I got there. Jumping out, we immediately got into a fight with Grimm. Qrow pulled out his sword and started twirling it around like a baton and slashing at Grimm whenever they got near.

I pulled out my throwing daggers and got to work killing as much Grimm as possible without the use of my powers. We started making out way to the center of Vale that had a giant water fountain. Along the way, we spotted many hunters and huntresses dealing with Grimm who breached their way into Vale.

Once at the center, we spotted team JNPR who was fighting a majority of the Grimm. Jaune, was doing most of the work, was just annihilating everything around him. This surprised his entire team who was just standing there watching him in awe as they haven't seen him fight for a long time.

Ever since I made him a paladin and gave him that buff, no normal enemy would be able to even get close to hurting him. He was rapidly swapping between his normal blade and the dragon tattoo blade that I gave him when I knighted him.

In the beginning when we got there, there was roughly 300 or so Grimm. Within the span of a minute, Jaune took care of literally all of them.

With that done, he came up to me and said, "I gotta say, everything you've done is amazing Eric."

I grabbed him on the shoulder and turned him so that we were both looking at all the destruction he caused.

"You did this with your own power. I just helped here and there."

We continued talking for a bit before Qrow fake cleared his throat and told us there was still more to do.

Everyone spread out and killed every single Grimm they saw as we made our way back to Beacon very slowly. By then end of it, we must've killed thousands of Grimm by ourselves alone.

At beacon, we walked through the abandoned court yard and made our way into the main building. Heading towards the elevator, Qrow and I kindly asked for everyone to stay down here and watch so that nobody would intrude at what we had to talk about with Ozpin.

They didn't want to agree but with Jaune's help in persuading them we were able to do it.

Once we got to the top, we saw Ozpin staring out the window and looking down on the city of Vale.

"Tell me you at least have some good news." He said without even turning around

Qrow and I looked at each other to see who was going to talk first.

"You're the professional and the lead of the mission. You talk to him." I said quietly enough for only Qrow to hear

He stepped forwards and started explaining everything that happened since we left. Ozpin listened intently and asked a basic question or two when something was confusion. Finally, Qrow explained the situation about how we were flying our way back to Beacon when we saw all the Grimm invading through and attacking everything.

Ozpin turned around and went to go sit down in his chair.

"The breach is from a explosion that was caused by a rebel group working for Salem. They used a abandoned rail way below the city to have a train go through and and at certain time, blow up. This allowed Grimm to flood through into the city but luckily we were able to evacuate the citizens. I need all available Hunters to go and clean the city. Can you do this simple task?"

Qrow nodded and left. I just followed his lead by nodding and leaving as well.

The rest of the day was filled was Grimm killing and nothing else. It then continued on for another week but we also had the task of helping fill in the holes caused by the explosion. After that, things went back to normal pretty much.

The citizens started coming back into Vale and the students started coming back to Beacon Academy. One of the first things that happened once Beacon started back up was that Ozpin called everyone down the the auditorium for a announcement.

"I know that a lot of you are heavily scarred from what happened a week back. The breach was something nobody could have planned to happen. However, we must put that in the past. In a months time we will be sending certain teams to the Kingdom tournament to decide the best hunters of your generation. If we win, we'll be given funding for anything we need. With this funding, we can help repair Vale and fortify it with this money. Everyone, do your best for the following month for training. We need the best we can have at this tournament."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》