God Complex- Currently Rebooting
52 Training Montage
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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52 Training Montage

After Ozpin released the news about the tournament and how they were only allowing certain teams to join, everyone's eyes had a sort of flame in them that showed their determination to join. People rushed out and went to anywhere they could to train and get stronger.

I just waited for everyone to leave so that I could talk to Ozpin about the tournament and after a while, it was just us two.

"So will I be able to join? I mean, I don't have a team and all but I would still like to participate."

Even if I wasn't allowed to cause I didn't have a team or for whatever other reason, I would use my powers to get in. In the show, something happened there that was a major plot point and would work well for me if I planned things accordingly.

"Yes Mr. Verathal, you'll be going as there isn't just team battles but also one versus one as well. You will be in these one versus ones and maybe a substitute for any team that needs a player but had a accident or something the night prior. Now you should really get going, you probably are tired from the mission and fighting Grimm."

I gave Ozpin a double thumbs up and started making my way to wherever team JNPR is. Along the way I saw a bunch of people working out and fighting one another. I could just imagine a eye of the tiger blasting our of a radio nearby to hype them up even more.

Hell for the fun of it, I made a radio appear behind my back and started the song. Throwing it into the middle of the field where everyone was, they started listening for a bit as they've never heard of this song before but after listening to it for a bit started to work even harder as they jammed out to it.

'The miracles of this song.'

I continued walking around in search until I finally gave up and just used my powers to teleport close to wherever JNPR was. Teleporting brought me to the entrance to their room and standing there I heard a bunch of video games behind it.

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Hey, it's Eric!"

Everything went silent for a bit before I heard a lot of fumbling around behind the door and Jaune scream to Nora asking what she was doing. Nora just replied, "Getting the door silly!"

Once she finally opened the door, I saw that their entire room was a mess. From what I can see, what happened was that Nora and Jaune were playing video games and were in the middle of a boss battle. Nora left without pausing and probably nearly lost them the entire game.

Their room had a bunch of junk food wrappers bags and and around showing that they really didn't care.

"You guys not going to practice for the tournament like the others?"

Pyrrah who was in the corner reading a book looked up and said happily, "Oh they already decided those a long time ago. They just tell that to people to hype them up and get them to train a bit harder. It's what my trainers did for me!" before going back to her book

"That true? Then I guess I might just join you two in your game." I said while nodding over to Nora and Jaune. Nora simply handed me a controller and unpaused her game. I waited around to join but it never happen as they would have to restart the game to get me to join in said Nora as she stuck her tongue out at me.

While doing that, I used my powers to add me into the game without her seeing it. When she looked back, she saw it and rapidly moved her head back and forth between the screen and me wondering how I joined in.

"Magic." I said with a wink

Jaune raised his eyebrow at this but continued on playing.

The next couple of weeks went by quickly as we continued to play video games all day and not train. Just as Pyrrha said, a week before the tournament happened, we were picked as if we were always the ones they wanted. Team RWBY and JNPR were the main two teams with a singular side team that didn't really matter.

I was classified as the 'Substitute' for if anything happened to anyone. With this position, I could pretty much participate anywhere I needed to be.

For the next week, team JNPR actually decided to train a bit and decide on some strategies and team combos. Jaune of course decided everything as team leader and as the now official as well, even beating Pyrrha.

While they were doing this, I was just eating Cheetos while under a tree and watching people temporarily stare at what I was eating as they've never seen/heard of them before.

When the day came for the tournament, a plane flew down and all teams were told to be there as soon as possible. Once we all were on board, we stared flying over to Mistral kingdom and eventually got to a giant floating arena in the sky. This arena had a gigantic white crystal coming out of the bottom of it and a NFL like stadium on the top.

The center part of the stadium could change to different environments and move around to become like different places on the world. This way all the matches would be different and nobody would have a advantage about knowing the landscape. We flew into a open garage like area that had a bunch of other planes in it as well that must've been other academy transports.

All the academy were sent to different rooms that designated their kingdom. Team RWBY seemed to be very excited about this while JNPR was just so-so about it.

In our rooms were TVs that showed the entire arena and had a small box on the side that had the two broadcasters talking about everything that was happening. After explaining the origin of the tournament and how everything started, they finally announced the first two teams that were going to fight. The teams were team RWBY and team GRNE.

Oddly enough, everyone on team GRNE had a major portion of their clothing to be green. Either their team was named GRNE because of that, or they just liked it enough to dress up in all green.

Each team went to opposite sides of the arena and right now the arena was half ice and half fire. Team RWBY started on the ice side and fought on their terrain the entire time. The occasionally hit their enemy into the fire side but ultimately stayed put.

After ten minutes of fighting then, team RWBY won without loosing a single member of their team.

Couple of matches happened afterwards and nothing really interesting happened with that.

Everyone was then released and told that the matches would continue after a three hour break. Everyone who was participating would be given a free ride below the arena to visit the food stalls and other shops.

Everyone went down and went to do their own thing while I sneaked off somewhere with a fake excuse. Then, I teleported back to base.

Gathering everyone around quickly, I made a announcement.

"Alright everyone, I've got a mission for all of you."
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》