God Complex- Currently Rebooting
53 The Beginning of Everything
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God Complex- Currently Rebooting
Author :QuasiKai
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53 The Beginning of Everything

"In one weeks time, the one versus one matches will start and two certain people will be matched against each other. These people will be Pyrrha Nikos and Penny Polendina. Most of you probably know Pyrrha Nikos and how she has never lost a fight in her entire career with her semblance of polarity. Penny however is the main person we will be focusing on.

Turning around I waved my hand at a screen and willed it to show the blueprints and schematics of Penny.

"Penny Polendina is the first ever robot in the world to be given sentience and have a fully working aura that can both grow and regenerate by itself. If you can connect two and two, this means that she herself has a soul."

Lots of people gasped at this and muttered in amazement at this.

"In the one versus ones, Penny and Pyrrha will be going against each other like a normal battle at first but with the information I've collected, Salem's group will be putting a mental illusionist in the crowd who will manipulate what Pyrrha sees and force her to use her semblance against imaginary weapons. She will for Penny apart and kill her by accident because of what she sees in these illusions. Our job is to stop this as if it happens, Cinder who is our enemy, will show this feed to the entire world by not allowing the cameras to stop and then will talk to everyone watching. Use the money that I'll be having the AIs get you so that you can by a ticket and find the person. Understood?"

Everyone yelled, "UNDERSTOOD YOUR HOLINESS!" all at the same time while bringing their feet together, putting their left arm behind their backs, and their right fist over their hearts like an attack on titan salute (google it if need be).

'Nice work AI.'

Finishing with that, I teleported back to the area below the arena and ate some food with the others. We enjoyed a nice meal of some ramen and then went back up to the arena using the same way we got down.

Back at the arena we sat down and watched the next couple of matches go by. Eventually team JNPR was called up against team BRNZ. Team JNPR obviously won but had a funny moment at the end where team JNPR was arguing about their combo moves and names which made team BRNZ yell at them about how this was a fight and shouldn't be discussing this now.

Jaune rested his head against his sword upon hearing this and with his eyes closed said, "Nora, just hit them with a hammer."

Nora of course said really excitedly, "Will do!" and ran up to them really quickly. One there, she hit all four of them at the same time and used so much strength that she hit them all the way towards the crowd.

After that there was a couple more of just regular team battles that didn't really matter as they weren't important. And like that, the day ended shortly and told us that the next couple of battles would happen next week with the 1v1s.

Using this week, I constantly talked to my uhhh... My cult... Yeah its pretty much evolved into a cult at this point.

I talked to them more about the plan and how to go about everything. They will be searching for a person with green hair and red eyes. Her name will be Emerald but they can't just go around willy nilly asking, "Hey, are you Emerald!?", with a very happy and cheery tone.

Finally when the tournament started back up, a whole bunch of seats were taken by my followers and were ready for the plan.

The first match to start off the day was Weiss against someone who used a skateboard to fight. Weiss won obviously because of being the main protagonist and stuff like that.

Couple more random fights happened afterwards but nothing really cool happened except for some guy just giving up immediately. When the match finally came between Pyrrha and Penny, Penny said a couple of words while Pyrrha just temporarily stared at her own hands because of something that happened during the week.

The two got ready to fight and got into battle stances and waited for the countdown to start.

"Three... Two... One... BEGIN!" Shouted the announcer into the mic

Penny started by pulling ten swords out of her small bag on her back and twirling them around in the air by controlling them with her semblance which allows her to control electronics. After moving the swords in a circle, Penny shot five of them straight towards Pyrrha who was running forwards with her shield up.

The swords and Pyrrha met in the middle of the small arena and jumped up and moved midair to dodge the swords. Landing on the ground, she continued running forwards to meet up with Penny. Getting closer, Pyrrha jumped up again and tried hitting downwards towards Penny.

While all of this was happening, my people in the crowd were looking for Emerald.

While they where doing this, Penny somehow hit Pyrrha's weapons out of her hands. Penny moved her blades to be above her hands and started aiming them at Pyrrha. At this time, you could see the desperation in Pyrrha's face who was about to use her semblance to accidentally rip Penny apart and start the gigantic downfall of everything.

Without thinking, I stopped time so that none of that may happen. Even though I could simply rewind time or just use my powers to make everything instantly go my way, what would be the fun in that?

Using my powers I quickly found out where Emerald was, I flew over to her in this frozen time and tapped her on the forehead a couple of times so that way when time restarts she'll feel it and get temporarily distracted. I also made a small beacon for my cult that'll direct them in this direction.

Heading back to my space and sitting down, I restarted time to make everything go back to normal.

The first thing that happened was that you could see Pyrrha calm down a bit as the illusion was no longer affecting her and making her see thousands upon thousands of swords. The next thing to happen was the a couple of my followers finally found Emerald and put something on her that would forever seal her semblance. The way this worked was with a little patch that would be applied to the skin and then quickly absorbed.

Pressing a button I then had in my jacket, everyone in my cult got a notification on their scroll's that the mission was a success. When looking over to Emerald now, you could see that her face was straining with a bunch of effort at trying to get her semblance to work.

A minute later all the screens, scrolls, and anything else that could receive videos started switching their image to a black rook chess piece. With everyone seeing this, a pre-recorded audio file of Cinder started to speak.

"This is not a tragedy. This was not an accident. This is what happens when you hand over your trust, your safety, your children, to men who claim to be our guardians but are in reality nothing more than men. Our academies' headmasters wield more power than most armies, and one was audacious enough to control both.

They cling to this power in the name of peace, and yet, what do we have here? One nation's attempt at a synthetic army mercilessly torn apart by another's star pupil. What need would Atlas have for a soldier disguised as an innocent little girl? I don't think the Grimm can tell the difference. And what, I ask you, is Ozpin teaching his students? First, a dismemberment, now this? Huntsmen and Huntresses should carry themselves with honor and mercy, yet I have witnessed neither.

Perhaps Ozpin felt as though defeating Atlas in the tournament would help people forget his colossal failure to protect Vale when the Grimm invaded its streets. Or perhaps this was his message to the tyrannical dictator that has occupied an unsuspecting kingdom with armed forces. Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue as to who is right and who is wrong, but I know that the existence of peace is fragile, and the leaders of our kingdoms conduct their business with iron gloves. As someone who hails from Mistral, I can assure you the situation there is equally undesirable.

Our kingdoms are at the brink of war, yet we, the citizens, are left in the dark. So, I ask you, when the first shots are fired, who do you think you can trust?"

Everyone just sat their in confusion and everyone else who was watching this somewhere else in the world just listened in confusion as well. Most of them though, 'What?' because compared to what would happen normally, their minds weren't in fear of what happened. Nobody was scared at what they saw.

The only way that the speech Cinder just used was if people were afraid of a Hunter/Huntress. But that didn't happen.

Cinder who was in her room at Beacon Academy watching this was throwing and breaking anything and everything she could.

I told Jaune next to me to tell everyone I was going to the bathroom and he just nodded in understanding, after all, I let him on the plan too. He is my right hand man after all.

As soon as I was out of everyone's view, I teleported to Cinder's team's room and sat on a bed as I watched her break everything. As a bit of time passed and Cinder was finally starting to tire. She looked around her room and first saw only the destruction of it.

But then we stared each other in the eyes.

"Took you long enough to notice, Bitch." I said calmly while crossing a leg over my other leg, "You ready to talk calmly about what you did?"
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    《God Complex- Currently Rebooting》