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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!
Author :Xiao Xiao Mu Tong
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Chapter 739: Diabetes 10

Meng Nan shook his head again and again: “No, no, she didn’t mean that. You should calm down.”

“Let her leave, let her leave right away. Even if I die of this illness, I don’t need her to treat me!” Madam Meng was so angry that she beat the bed. Meng Yuande on the other hand was speechless.

He heard Bai Zhi’s words clearly, he also felt very uncomfortable. Although his wife said something unpleasant, her words were even more unpleasant.

Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulders: “You don’t need to drive me away, I’ll go. Don’t think my words are ugly. Every sentence I said is true. You can think about it. Don’t always put your eyes above your head. As if the world only belongs to you. There are so many people. Do you think you are noble than others? Not necessarily!”

After that, she turned around and left. She didn’t take another look at the people in the room. She was not in the mood and didn’t need to.

Meng Nan wanted to chase her, but Madam Meng stubbornly held him back: “If you dare to chase her, I will die.”

Imperial Doctor Zhang had been standing in the corner. Seeing Bai Zhi leaving, he hurriedly chasing after her, leaving the three people in the room.

Meng Nan sat down on the side of the bed and sighed: “Mother, why are you so troublesome? It’s impossible for me and her.”

When Madam Meng heard this, she looked at her son and busily said: “What do you mean by this? Don’t you like her?”

Meng Nan shook his head: “What about it if I like her? She doesn’t like me, didn’t you see it? If she has a slight affection for me, why would she say this to you? She did it on purpose to show you. Don’t you understand? She doesn’t want me to have illusions about her anymore.”

Madam Meng was stunned: “Really? Didn’t she come in here in the capital for you? Didn’t she want to be the next Madam Meng?”

Meng Nan shook his head, his eyes were covered with bitter and his voice was filled with loneliness: “Mother, in your eyes, the seat of Madam Meng is extremely noble. But in her eyes, it was nothing. She doesn’t aim at it at all. If not because something happened, she will not even come to the capital.”

Meng Yuande also sighed: “Madam, you are really in trouble this time.”

Madam Meng became more confused, why was she in trouble?

“Do you know where Bai Zhi lives now? Do you know who came with Bai Zhi last night? You have offended Bai Zhi like this now. Do you think he will spare you?”

Madam Meng asked weakly: “Who is the ‘he’ you are saying?”

“Dongfang Mu, he is still in our mansion. When Bai Zhi is refining your medicine the whole night, he also stayed. He didn’t go back, he rested in our guest room. If he heard about this, do you think he will give me a face?”

Madam Meng became even more confused. This Bai Zhi was a mountain village girl. Even if she knew some medical skills, how could she have some relationship with the Dongfang family? It doesn’t make sense.

“What the hell is going on? You guys quickly make it clear!”

Meng Nan had nothing to say, he turned and left.

Meng Yuande rushed outside to apologize to Dongfang Mu.

Madam Meng was still confused, so she busily pulled the maidservant on her side: “What happened yesterday? Tell me clearly.”

The maidservant didn’t know anything, except that Bai Zhi was very dedicated to treating their madam’s illness. Their master was in awe of that Master Dongfang. While their young master was always guarding her and didn’t leave. That’s all and nothing else.


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