Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
1 A Restaurant in the Middle of the Ocean
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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1 A Restaurant in the Middle of the Ocean

The continent of Prism.

In this land of magic and mysteries live a different kind of race that was hostile with each other.

Human, Half-human, Dwarves, Elves, Demon, and Dragons.

All these races were hated each other or maybe only the people that hold the power of their nation so they can pillage and reclaim the enemy territory for themselves.

Putting from the three races of Elves, Dwarves, and Dragon, the rest was the most active in the field of war. Fighting for a piece of land, dominating each other while the warrior died and the aristocrat gained fame and power.

The geography of the continent was like a thick bowl that has a big crack in the side connecting the outer and inner ocean water. This crack was called, "New World", depicted in what called the path to another new world,

An exaggerated word, because the land that they living inn is surrounded by a vast unending ocean. This name is been told in legend and myths that been passed down generation after generations in the history of this world.

Just like a bowl, there's a water inside of it and called by the legends, the "Key", but within the course of the history people gradually changed its name to "Mother Lake" as it was the most abundant merchant route to any business, connecting all the kingdoms and empire, helping the economy of each nation.

The name of this lake was now only a word in the book that you can read in any library or houses, sometimes a telling story's to the kids.

In the center of it, there was a small isle and inhabited by a rather tall tree. The word "Tall Tree" is not an exaggeration to describe how tall it was.

It had a height of 100-meters above the isle, and above sea level is currently unknown. The dept of this lake was still a mysteries to anyone as it was the danger that lurking in the deep dark ocean was even more mysterious than death.

If you look above, the only thing you will see and think is that this is mother nature great works of art, a masterpiece that she made in her own loving hands.

In a bird-eye view, a treehouse was built on the west side of the tree. The treehouse was neatly built in a perfectly fitted nest area of it. It's just like the size of it is intended to build in that spot.

The east view of it was blocked by the thick green-leaf and branches of the tree, concealing all the view in the back and the vision outside.

The treehouse was a second-floor restaurant. The first-floor was a glassed-wooden sliding door. The size of the room was 20 square meters, while the second-floor was only 10 square meters, and it's a window was a wooden circular material that designed into it was a carved wave of an ocean that will collide in each other.

The second-floor has an air-conditioner installed on its sides indicated that the second floor has two-room.

Back to the first floor. Inside, the floor was made to smooth brown woods. The quality of it can be seen of how it shines upon eyes and shimmered the room coziness.

The room was spatial in needed that restaurant or dining necessity things are completely on this floor. A small counter was placed in the north-east of the room and the rest was occupied by table and chair.

The table was consisted of big and small. The big-table number was three while the small ones consisted of a number of ten, and it's chair have only two or three depends what are the small-table positions and where it was placed. (just imagine a room and the table was placed in L(reverse "_|") sign and the blank area was the counter.)

On the floor beside the big-table just near the counter, a white-dog was lying in there, sleeping peacefully. And a small tiny treehouse was built just above the counter, and if you'll listen to closely a mischievous laughter can be heard inside.

Inside the counter, corner of it. A wooden door with a small-window glassed was placed, leading inside the kitchen.


The door creates a creaking noise, and the dog and the mischievous laughter inside the tiny treehouse take their attention in the counter.

A young man in his late twenty emerged out in the kitchen.

The young man is a black-haired, black eye's with a fairly white smooth-skinned man in his prime. His looks were good but not to handsome in a way a woman would jump straight to him.

He has a slim figure, so you can tell his not inn in a fighting hobby or some sort.

Using his left-foot to fully opened the door, he professionally unspilled the food on his two-hand as he stepped outside in the kitchen to the counter.

"It's breakfast time!" The young man announced out loud.

He walked out on the counter using the gap in the corner of it. And put down the bowl beside the fury white-dog that was already panting in excitement. "Here's whitey favorite 'Sweet fried chicken rice' and 'Egg-fried rice' for, Fluff'!" He said.

He places the last bowl on his hands above the counter, and on his head, a bluebird flapped its wings to hover down beside the bowl to peck the rice on it while it surged out a blissful aura of how the food was so delicious.

"Where's ours!" A tiny cute voice resounded on his back.

The young man looked too tiny figures that hovered on his front. Five fairies with different colors on each other are looking to him. The red one was the one who asked him while it using its tiny hand to pull his hair bangs.

"Okay, okay. Take it easy, Red. I'm on it." He gently pushed the red fairy away from him, using his palm.

In the counter, there was a stainless glassed cabinet with three floors inside, where cakes were been displayed to the customer. Beside it, a small refrigerator with a size of 2.0 cubic feet.

The young man approaches the refrigerator, opened it and takes out a plate. It's a large size pudding.

Seeing this, the fairy's eyes glowed in excitement and followed the plate. The young man put down the plate above the counter just beside, Fluff.

The fairy's manifest a small spoon into the thin air and starts devouring the jiggly pudding. Their manner was more etiquette than Whitey and Blue as their movement was slow, feeling how sweet the pudding was.

"Easy, your food will not gonna run you know." He said as he looks to the dog and the bird that gobbling down the bowl nonstop.

But the two just ignored him leaving him in an awkward situation. He just leaves them alone and approached the cake cabinet, he takes out a 1 piece chocolate cake. Starting the morning with a light breakfast, so he can be prepared on a busy day.

The only problem was, even though he ate too many foods to be prepared, there are no customers. It has already been three months after he teleported to this magnificent and mysterious place.

Just by judging this tree where he lives, the fantasy world is the most believable conclusion he can think of. And that enormous height of the mountains in the distance, north where he was, was really breathtaking to look at, can't believe how's that was possible.
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Even though his passion for cooking is above in any profession that can be offered to him, he has still knowledge about geography and perspective.

On Earth, the tallest mountain that ever existed was Mt. Everest.

But even so, you'll never see it mountain tips, not until you step inland where it was built. And most really impossible to see it in the middle of the big ocean of where he was right now.

That thunderous lightning and grim sky engulfed the tips of the mountains as it was already part of it forever because when he always look at it, the sky and the tips of the mountains have never been apart on each other.

And onto the north, slightly in the west. Another seven mountains can be seen, as it was near where he was. But it's inland was still far off to see in his place.

He'd concluded it because of its pixelation that his vision getting at. If your eyes can see it more, and more details than the other. It meant that it's more near your place, or place where you're looking at.

With fascination inside, he'd attempted to make or somehow go in there, looking for something useful to be a raft. It might be difficult but he succeeded to make one. his teacher hobby in wildlife really makes a deep impression at him, Inviting him sometimes on outside activities.

But before his raft can make it outside of the tree periphery. A transparent wall stops him. His raft crushed into it, decimating the raft in each every part of it, making him swim back to the isle.

It's already been 2-months that event happened, and he already accepted that he can't escape on this place, as he made more attempts to escape.

"Rise and shine sleepy head. The business is now open. Work hard young man for the bright future!"

A mechanical voice sounded in his mind, but he didn't pay notice of it and just continue to walk wooden platforms outside, just in front of the restaurant. It was only a circular platform, and on the side of it, a staircase leading below to the isle where this tree built.

This staircase was a spiral design, as the foundation of it is the tree, so it cannot budge off or fall to the side with the strong wind that the open ocean brings.

With the tree dense leaves and twigs that really bigger than him, he made a swing, attached on the tree twigs.

He approaches it and leisurely sits, and looks to the horizon. Not making a fuss about the system in his mind.

Already knew that someone will not show up today. And first of all. Why the opening of his restaurant is 10 o'clock. Is it because of his location? But nonetheless, this was a big mistake or unprofessional for a business-like this.

Any given time, a human would always be attacked by hunger, and not opening in the morning will really a minor loss to income. And for a small restaurant like mine, it was a big deal to be ignored.

Sigh... He rested his back to the swing and position himself like a cocoon, and the sleep visited him fast as he closed his eyes.

Chirp... Chirp...

Chirping of birds entered his ear. His eyelid twitches and he faces his left side instinctively, trying to find a comfortable position.

Something poked his eyes, and so he'd decided to look who was it. It was a bluebird, as it tilts its head looking at him.

"Fluff... Is it now lunchtime? Okay, I make lunch right away." He yawned getting up. The blue fluffy fat bird hovered in front and land on his head.

He entered the house. As usual, Red tiny little voice scolded him for the late food. So he took out first the pudding and fed them before heading inside the kitchen.

Without hassle and mistakes. He perfectly finished the food that White and Little Blue favorite.

The day passed, as usual, no one came. The nightfall reign above and the business is now near closing time.

He made again their supper as they don't want to eat any dishes that he made. A great chef never wastes food and the thing they'd made just a month ago to not eat the food he made was a blunder to himself.

But he didn't punish them, only canceled their favorites in a couple of days. As they the only customer he've had for the first time in this establishment.

Except that, these guys were a free-loader in the first place.

It was his first task from the system. Without inquiring what for, he obeyed the mission so he can do something on his skills, not wanting his hand to be rusty and be slow in cooking in the future.

"Goodnight." He said as he turns off the switch light beside the staircase leading to the second floor.

The seven take their sleeping area. Whitey just circled three times in his place and lay down to the floor. Fluff flow upward and land to the bulb cover. (Umbrella shape)

Whilst the five fairies enter the wooden small like toy house in the counter. Inside it, a five small bed was neatly covered by a blanket. And the rest necessity is small too, designed for them, mirror, cabinet, and computer, you name it, they had it all.

Stepped to the second floor, he waled at the end of this narrow corridor, passing the first room and arriving in the second room, opened it and entered.

A neatly and cleaned room, with many appliances inside greets him. Modern appliances that you can find on earth in their daily lives.

Puff... He fell to the soft bed, tired on this busy day. Although there was no single soul came, it made him really tired, because of no works to work with, or maybe he just not really familiar with this activity.

Closing his eyes, he hopes that tomorrow there's a customer who would walk on here, so his daily lives should become lively with human interaction.


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