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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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2 I Wonder...

Chirp... Chirp!...

Birds hovered in the breezing wind near the big tree, as they stay in one particular place, midair, enjoying the beautiful day.

The morning sun showed up into the horizon and the place lights up in a dazzling manner bringing a fantastic look on the tree in any direction.

As the light continued to slowly cover up the whole tree, the treehouse gaps too are now being penetrated by the gorgeous sunlight, illuminating a pleasant day.

Inside the treehouse, or should we call a restaurant. A man in his early 20's twitched his eyelid as the warm beatdown the coldness in the room.

"Morning... huh..." He said as he lazily rubbed his eye.

As the routines that needed to be followed, he got up and ready for the day. He has a great mindset or plan for life. So to be prepared in the upcoming future, he needed to fight laziness even though there are no customers.

A great proficient body needs to have a positive mind, and thus, he was doing it right now like any other day that passed.

He takes out a plain blue cotton jacket inside the cabinet drawer, sleeves white shirt and black long jeans to pair on it.

He carried it and stepped outside his room. The washroom was just outside in the corridor, the right side of his room.

Entering on it, the first he sees is the toilet and beside the door was the mirror and the necessary things like toothpaste, shave, and many more.

To the end of the room where the bathtub and the shower were. The room has curtains, so the bathroom and washroom can be a part of each other just by sliding it, covering the other each side of who will use it.

Which made him quite clueless. Why need curtains if he was the only one living at this place?... And his buddy's is not onto those questions too. In all of these days, he'd never see them take a poop or something, which was again concluded that they are a species of non-pooping creatures. It's a fantasy world so anything was possible that his mind concluded.

Without wasting time, he entered the shower and soak his body with shampoo. Done on it, he didn't put a towel to cover his lower-body as he was the only person in this house.

He faces the mirror and rinses his teeth, puts the toothpaste to the toothbrush and brushes his teeth. Next, he shaved his chin with the electronic shaver.

He only takes twenty-five minutes inside the washroom before he leaves and descends on the first floor. With his leisurely attire that suited to this lovely day, he felt the place more cozy than yesterday.

Before he can reach the end of the staircase, he heard an angry voice.

He sees Red shouting towards the furry dog, Whitey. While the latter was glaring to her in a fighting stance.
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How many times do I need to tell Red that dogs can't speak... He sighs, but he didn't think the matter deeply. He only concluded again that fairy was magical as the books said in his old world. Fairies were a nature guardian, so talking to plants and animals was not a big problem for them.

"You wannabe Alpha! You think I am scared of you! You delusional rascal!!!" Red shouted.

"Woof! woof!! woof!!!" Then try it!... Whitey answered. Red understood it clearly, as she steps forward to confront Whitey but stopped by her sister's. A brown and violet fairy holds her, tangling their own arms to her.

"Sis, you should not be compulsive. Even though we outnumbered him, Big Brother Izzeth will be angry if we fight in this area." Blue said in her back, as she timidly said in a low voice.

"She's right Red. So please don't pull us together with you and... Whitey. We don't want to miss, Big Brother Izzeth delicious food again." Said Light, as she hovered between Whitey and Red. She paused and looked over Whitey before pronouncing his name, which made Whitey infuriated, as he barks on Light back.

"!!!" Red became alarmed. Hearing the word 'missing the food'. She remembered the harsh moment of their life when all of them didn't eat anything, and on top of it, they miss the delicacy in four days straight. It was okay if it only a normal food, but it was their Big Brother's own creation, so it was really a big loss to them.

"Tsk!" Red flung her two hands to free it on her two sisters restrain and completely obligate what her sister said. "Remember this dog!" She said, hovering away.

"Woof!" Coward!... Whitey bark, Insulting her.

Before Red can rebut, Light, used her hand to stop her from turning. Red didn't pursue the matter anymore and obey what her sister meant.

What are they arguing about?... Izzeth thought.

Just like what the fairies said, his name was Izzeth. The full name was Izzethoz Moon Dread. His parents naming was really out of this world, or it was just really their hobby. Well, his parents were who would they could a Weeb back then.

But even though they are like that, they always prioritize their children before them just like a great parent. He was glad he has a parent like that and the same with his three more siblings.

And that's why he slightly hates them.

He hates how caring they were, even to the point of giving their own kidneys to their bastards relatives. He hates his auntie thick face to blame his mother of how cursed she was, failing the surgery to his bastard uncle that his mother kidneys donate for. And their grandparents that look down on their mother even though the two of them are their daughters! A bias cunt!

Money really changes people. To a lovely grandparent became a blind bias money grabber.

His Big Brother Vulcan tempered erupted that day. Which was the first time he can't control the anger of seeing his mother being mock helplessly.

An argument took event inside the hospital which made his family became distant to them. He heard Vulcan said that he will become a wealthy man, and if that day comes, he will bury them only using money.

His brother has the right to be angry. Their father died because of them, giving his kidneys and uncommonly to failed the stitching process, dying without even waking up to talk to his family.

It's a harsh world, and a weak woman will be vulnerable in this society, like their mother. Which their Big brother became the pillar of the house, quitting school and work secretly behind their mother.

If there's really a god. Surely that he watched over them, as his Big brother succeeded on his goal and slap they're almost dying grandparents and the widow auntie of them.

"What happened?" Izzeth asks approaching.

"Nothing, Big Brother Izzeth," Blue said.

"No, this-hmmph!" Before Red can almost protest, Violet sealed her mouth and Echo(The Brown Fairy) chained her two hands behind. Locking her to not to move even slightly.

"Are you sure?" Izzeth asked again, seeing Red wanted to say something.

"Nothing, Big Brother Izzeth." Light said smiling.

Izzeth twitches his lips as he looks over to Red that struggling over to her two sisters. "Are you really sure?" He asks again for the last time, and Light answered back. "Yes, Big Brother"

Helplessly, he sighs. As an outsider of the sister's problem, he has no right to dwell on it, the only thing he can do is offer help when it's needed.

Izzeth approaches one of the chairs beside Whitey and asks. "So, what all of you want for today breakfast"

"Same as ever!" Light enthusiastically said.

"Okay, got it. Same as ever!" Izzeth said.

In all of this time, the only thing they interests was their favorites and the others were nothing but dirt in their eyes.

But even though that was the case, Izzeth would always ask them what would they like. As a chef, you needed to be aware of what would your customers like, and asking is not a vital thing to be shy of when inquiring what your customers like. Which Izzeth was well aware of and his characters fitted on that requirement of being a waiter, which he is not.

But his looks were undeniable to be a great asset to any restaurant, middle or higher class dining table.

Entering the kitchen, via the counter. A modern kitchen greeted him, but it's not a restaurant kitchen, it's a high-class home kitchen.

"Good morning, Master." A mechanical voice sounded in the kitchen as the stove and the rest of its side lit up a different colored volume mixer. High-Tech appliances that the system provided to assist him.

It was really a great help to him actually, as it was well knowledgable about cooking, which always he thinks that his proficient in cooking is still not eligible to be called good, talking about great or mastery.

This high intelligent design AI was really good. The only thing it's missing was a body to be called the master of culinary arts, or the god of gourmet.

The AI can detect when the meat was slightly overcooked even though it's was so good, or slightly not cooked wasting the ingredients to make great food.

So on and on, until his self-esteem of being a great chef was diminishing. But as time's passed. Izzeth became well aware of his mistake and his growth skyrocketed, as his dish was improving and improving to be a great delicacy.

"Hello, Aida." He greeted the AI. Aida's voice was a woman, so it was not hard to name her.

His movement was base on instinct or routine for his work. He takes out the frying pan and the ingredients to make Sweet Fried-Rice Chicken, and Egg Fried-Rice.

First, he would finish the Sweet Fried-Rice Chicken as it was longer to make as the latter.

He put the frying pan to the stove and ignited the fire and set it between medium and low. Next, he takes out in the refrigerator a chicken breast and sliced it in a little box shape. And put it to the next stove where a steamer was already been ready by him. He left it to moist, so it's sweetness and tenderness bloom that hiding inside of it.

This chicken was a special animal that the system provides him to cook. It's was a new world to him when he first tasted it, and how can chicken become sweet even though there's no sugar on it.

He doesn't know what type of chicken this is, but one thing he is sure for. If this delicacy of chicken brought to Earth, it will be the highest and demand product.

He approached the rice cooker, opened it and scooped 5 cups of rice. The system provided it all, and the only thing he needed to do is to cook and served.

The rice was perfect for making fried rice. It was apart from each other that you almost thought that it was never been cooked in a single rice-cooker.

Next, he cracked the egg, and this egg is definitely not a normal egg compare to the well-known egg. It has a colored light orange, and inside, a three-egg yolk was shaped in the egg shape.

He put it inside a bowl beside him and mix it, put a little bit of seasoning, just salt.

He waited for more than five minutes and takes out the chicken inside the steamer. The chicken box sliced was bulging in all sides, it's tenderness was really good as it bounced even though he just slightly moved the steamer.

The wait was over and he put enough oil inside the frying pan and put the garlic when the oil was heat enough to cook. He waited for the garlic to become golden, before putting two cups of rice and mix it in a professional way.

He throws the sliced chicken inside and mixes it again. The aroma of the garlic changed to mild sweetness in the air that coming onto the pan.

Even though the frying pan was not big enough or small to be spilled a single piece of rice. You can't see how proficient he was in this pan, as no single peck of rice can't be seen in the stove above. He was a chef, so he needed to become adept at any kitchen environment, and of what place it was.

The rice became golden-colored beauty, and so too to the sliced chicken. He put it in the bowl in a fast and caring manner.

Done making it, he proceeds to the Egg-fried Rice. It has the same procedure as the Sweet Chicken Fried Rice was. Putting garlic and the mixed egg, and mixes it until it became golden.

Making perfect fried rice is not as easy as it looks like in the amateur. Because if you overcooked it or not, it'll taste horrible, but for the people that have no great taste was exceptional.

Or if you put more oil on it, it will become too hard to eat as it was too oily to eat. Your appetite will vanish instantly, and chefs are well aware of it.

If your customer can't eat more, It'll be a waste of income for your business... As some others said.

He doesn't know what they really meant about it if it was the income truly or the wasted food that's not been eaten. But one thing he can be sure of, neither on the two was good to the business.

The cooking process of the two dishes only takes about thirty minutes or more. Before it was ready to be served.

"Adepts of cooking the Sweet Chicken Fried Rice and Egg-Fried Rice is now 98%. Work hard young man for the bright future!" The system rang out in his head, which he didn't fuss about and focus on serving the dishes.

He placed the two dishes above his hand and walk outside the kitchen, served the two and takes out the pudding inside the refrigerator and give it to the gulping fairy's.

And he started eating his own Egg-Fried Rice that he makes at the same time with Fluff. It only has one cup of rice so his portion was only half compared to Fluff.

He subconsciously looked to the counter above it, where the blackboard was hanged. Written on it was.


Sweet Chicken Fried Rice - 1 Dragon Coin

Egg-Fried Rice - 500 Gold Coin


Pudding - 500 Silver Coin.

Cake - 100 Silver Coin/One slice. Whole cake - 1 Gold Coin

He doesn't know how much his dish was, but looking over to it every time is making him choke a little

Wonder how much was that?... Dragon Coin... haa...


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