Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
3 Why Would a Little Girl Doing in here?
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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3 Why Would a Little Girl Doing in here?

That morning before Izzeth woke up. There's a dot in the vast unended lake just a few kilometers away from the tree.

Splisshh... Splashh...

A boat drifted to the calm waves of the ocean, pushing it more to the unknown direction. Inside of it, a little girl at the age of eight was in adrift of her thoughts, looking above the clouds in the sky.

She has long black unkempt hair, reaching above her waistline. Deep dark-blue eyes and delicate tanned skin.

As she looks over to the sky, shades gradually blocked her view, keeping away the warm sunlight on her view, but the sunlight scattered between gaps of the branches filtered the environment below the tree, making him narrow her eyes to the brightness.

Her reaction to noticed the branches that blocking her view was a little bit off too late as she concentrates all of her thoughts to the clouds, gradually coming back to her own senses.

She got up to stand to her own two feet and look to the big tree upfront. She silently looks to the tree and slowly moved her head to look-up at how tall the tree was. She notices the staircase that leads up to the peak of the tree, as it designed was spiral-like, coiling around the wide body of the tree.



Izzeth collected the dishes and put them to the hole beside the counter narrow passage. This hole was a great help to him, as it was miraculously in mystery cleaning the dishes that they're using, appearing to the kitchen when he was not looking.

Done with the chore, he stepped outside and take his usual resting place, the swing.

"Another busy day." He said sarcastically to himself, anticipating that no one will come again to this place. "Wake me up, okay." He said to, Little Blue, that hovered up and landed on one of the branches before he lay down and rested his eyes to the horizon.

Miraculously like not any other day, this time, sleep didn't visit him as he looks over to the horizon or to the moving clouds up above. He tried any position to be comfortable, doing it over and over again, taking over a thirty-minutes of time.

"Huh?... What a peculiar day..." He said to himself.

He got up and looked over to the restaurant clock inside, visible upon eyes inside, hanging above the counter.

It's 9:35, morning. Two and a half more hours needed before lunch. It a boring thing to waste time looking to the horizon that he can't even reach or somewhat knowledgeable about.

So he'd decided to play some games called, "Guild Wars 2". It's an online MMORPG, a living world so what they call of. Yeah, you'd heard it, an online game in which players can interact with each other. So he can actually play with people on the earth server, where he yearns for to come back. But bizarre is, even though he can play with them, his chat is limited on one particular problem. He's not allowed to say about being on the foreign soil, or in a different world. Messaging it to the player would always go an incoherent sign, as it thought that he was a different faction player enemy.

So he got up and patted the wrinkles on his jacket, slightly fixing it. He flings the swing, tidying it up in somewhat a mannerism of him, even though it's not a folding swing to be put aside after using.

Amidst his flinging, he saw a glimpse of eyes on the staircase that leads below the tree root, but his brain didn't signal him to react on it as though that his eyes didn't see anything. He walks away to enter the restaurant but stopped his foot mid-way. "Huh?" He subconsciously exclaimed.

Slowly, he turns his head to look over to the staircase and sees the half-head of a small little girl. The little girl deep dark-blue eye's wavered a little bit seeing him looking over to her.

Izzeth staggered a few steps backward before saying. "Oh, god." He almost has a heart attack. Being seclude to humans for almost four months, he was slightly scared into the surprise. And on the top of it, a small child in this place?

Why would a little girl doing in here?... A peculiar thing of the event for him.

How did she survive to step to this place by her own-self?... He was glad that the little girl survives, but it was really a great mystery for him... How did she eat? Is she abandoned by a ship? Does she have supernatural power?... Train of thoughts surged on his brain. But even though that was the case, he's still managed to say a normal human word in this kind of situation. "Hello." He said waving his hand in an awkward manner.

Just as he finished his word, the little girl runs like a scared bunny down to the staircase. Which made him followed the little girl, scared that she might fell in this height, and that was a gruesome thing to think of, imagining what the aftermath is.

"Stop! Be careful!" He shouts to calm the little girl, but his action made the little girl more scared.

As they run, Izzeth was really trying to catch up to the little girl but at the same time restricting himself to not to do so, scared that the little girl would panic more and the accident might happen, and that was he was avoiding to.

Slowly, Izzeth distance to the girl dwindles, succeeding to not scare her even more.

Sadly, the thing he was avoiding happened.

The little girl wobbled slightly, as she was trying to regain her footing, her foot slipped, and the direction she was heading was to the right, where there are no handrails to grips and be protected on accidentally falling.

"No!" Izzeth shout as he leaps to grab her.

But it wasn't enough, his hand was a little bit too late to grab her. His world view became slow motion looking over to the girl that was falling as he dangled his upper-half body of his.

He closed his eyes, avoiding the thoughts and the view of how the girl would die in an imaginable way. In other words, the outcome was unimaginable as it was so gruesome.


Out of nowhere, a strong gust of wind swept on his face. He opened his eye's but the wind is stopping him to do so, only slightly opening his eyes to see what was happening.

His vision was blurred because of the wind that pushing his face up, his eyes were slightly moist.

A figure he'd see, gradually becoming bigger as second passed.

Only a few seconds it takes of how his eyes became adept at the wind pressure and his vision became more clear and see the figure was.

The black-haired little girl!

He blank-out, not for the shock, but for the miracle that happened. He only takes over a five-seconds before he grabs and pulled her to his embrace.

The two of them froze on the spot, embracing each other. Izzeth hand was restless as he moved his hand slowly all over the little girl's body, scared that something missing over her. "T-thank, god..." He said under his breath.

The little girl was eyes closed, scared of what happened. She felt a warm hand covering her, and the warm heat that engulfing her entire body, bringing security for the first time in her life.

"Are you okay?"

She heard a gentle voice above her. She looked up and sees a black-haired, black-eyes man looking below to her.

A demon!... She thought.

Demons' appearance told by her friends was all black, symbolizes chaos and cruelty.

She was scared every time she heard the story of the demons. Cannibalism, torture, massacre and many more.

But right now, it was different. His voice was securing, his warmth was reassuring. Not like those masters of them where they'll be slashed by a painfull whip if they didn't do their job properly.

"Hmmm." She nodded shyly as her hands gripped more on Izzeth jacket chest area.

"That, is, okay," Izzeth said in a slow tone. And he asks. "Come, are you hungry?"

When the little girl heard that, her eyes slowly wide opened, and look into his eyes.

That day, the legend of the most mythical and legendary restaurant in the world begins.


In that morning too, north-east where they are. There was a big landmass with five mountains. The one in the center is the most humongous in size compared to the rest that surrounds its periphery.

The land was rich in nature. The greenery of the forest was condensed of trees and plants.

In the center, where the colossal mountain was. A cave was carved up above it.


A silver-lined flash swiftly emerged inside. With its speed, the light was still visible upon eyes in a few seconds before it gradually disappears in sight. And the one who made it is already been standing mid-air.

Its loli that had a two red-horn on her head.

"I hate you, Mother!" The loli shouted to the cave and two red fiery-eyes emerged inside, looking over to her.

"Honey, that's the rule. You lose, so you'll be his wife. That's was so simple." A charming loving sound of a mother resounded inside, redirecting inside the Loli head.

The Loli grits her teeth because of annoyance. Her mother was right, she loses so she needed to take responsibility for it or her pride of being a dragon will become a laughing stock. She can only blame herself for being weak even though she was the daughter of the dragon queen.

But still, she felt annoyed by that. And the answer from her entering poverty was to run away from home.

"I hate you!!!" She shouted again, and her back bloomed a reddish-black wing. It spans over to her sides. Two times a length of her height.


A sonic boom resounded after she disappeared away to the island. As a dragon, being strong was normal and that was already been a fact for more than the history of the world.

Sigh... The fiery eyes inside the cave sigh to herself.

"Ara, ara. Our little princess has already guts to run away from home." A seductive voice sounded inside the fiery eyes.

Violet's eyes emerged to the cave. It comes from the mountain in the north, one of the Dragon Queen's homes!

The Lightning Dragon Queen! Verris!

Don't make it worse, Verris, I already felt a little headache... The fiery eyes said. A Telepathy communication!

Sorry, sorry... Verris, the lightning queens answered in a telepathic way too... But still, how are you going to resolve this?... She asked.

Nothing, she'll come back. She'll never allow that her pride will be like that, a princess that runs away from an honest fight... The fiery eye said.

She was right, as a dragon, pride was their strongest symbol and their weakest. If they said it, they'll commit to it, and her daughter was not different from the rest.

Pride was the sole purpose of them being the strongest creature in this world!
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But what if she... You know... A calm feminine voice sounded, it was the east mountain.

The Dragon Queen of Nature! Siery!

Its light green eyes emerged to the cave as it looks over to the center where the fiery eyes were.

She deliberately didn't speak ill on the back of the Loli, running away from home and not coming back to honor her words. As a dragon, they're not a backstabbing snake and ill tongued viper! They honor their kinship and they'll honor too for them! And that's too their great traits of being a dragon.

Hope that did not happen... The fiery eyes said after a few seconds.

Don't be too gloomy. That girl wouldn't let that happened! It might be the opposite, she'll come back here and take back her honor, like me!... A loud brave prideful voice of a woman sounded to the rest of the dragon.

It's The Earthen Dragon Queen! Mygshiil!

Its clayed colored eyes emerged on the south mountain and her sheer force aura shook the island masses. A fully hot-headed prideful dragon!

Yada, yada. Here we go again, your revenge story... Verris, the lightning dragon said in irritation towards her, as her eyes rolled-over to, Mygshiil.

Why?... That epic story of mine was the greatest ever, and that story will be continued upon, Lilith's story, of how we queens were the strongest of our own kind!... She said head high up... How about you tell her, Agatha?... Mygshiil asks the mountain in the west.

Calm blue eyes opened inside the cave and looked over to the rest of the mountain... There's no need to say the obvious thing... She said in a calm voice, but inside of it, you can trace pride of her being a female dragon.

It was one of the dragon queens.

Agatha, The Tide Disaster! The Ocean Queen!

Well said, Agatha!... Mygshiil laugh and the land have a minor earth-quake.

Mygshiil! You're scaring the children... The fiery eyes in the center said to the earthen dragon queen.

Oof, sorry about that. Out of habit... Mygshiil said apologetic.

You're allowed to be yourself, Mygshiil, but we're already not young anymore, so be mindful of your action... The fiery eyes said.

That will never happen, big sister, Lucysin! I will take note of that!... Mygshiil said, promising to, Lucysin.

Her respectful tone was telling it all, that she was the sole leader of their kind.

The Red Abomination of Life!

The Queens sole leader of the Dragons!

Lucysin, The Red Dragon Queen!

Good, I hope that you'll be mindful in the future so that you can already find a husband and have a child already... Lucysin said, which made Mygshiil cough loudly because of choking.

Please come back, my child, I already missing you... Lucysin thought as she looks over to south-east, where Lilith flew away.


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