Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
4 The Food that Shimmer in Ligh
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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4 The Food that Shimmer in Ligh

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The sound barrier reverberates in the sky as the dark-red line tore up the clouds up above.

With its speed, the silhouette that making this ruckus is now almost though she was already one with the line in the sky.

"I hate you! I hate you!" The silhouette shouts again and again in the childish manner and tone.

It was the horned dragon wings Loli!

Lilith was her name.

She was annoyed and angry in the same time that she was already a future wife of some brat, losing to a traditional dragon partner fight, which was always held by challenging your desired partner, and if he/she can win means that he/she has the right to be partner whoever he/she challenged.

And she lost to unknown little brat, that is only know was to be stupid!

She was a princess, daughter of the queen. And to be a wife of that unworthy male was a big blunder to her, much more to defeat her one on one.

Her pride will never allow that, and to begin with, he really never won over her, she was just really distracted that fight and forget that she was fighting.

Or she was just really arrogant that day?

But nonetheless, she was never gonna accept it, as long as she lives, she'll take her honor back!


Amidst her flying, she noticed a big tree to her right, which made her puzzled... Is there a tree on that isle?... Weird... She thought. Remembering that she have no memory seeing in the past a big tree on that specific island, clearly remembering that details.

One of the greatest traits of the dragon, a sharp memory!

And that was really true, as the dragon grudge to revenge was really never be forgotten as long as they breathing to this world.

With her great control of flying, she stops mid-air and looked over to the big tree.

Shes thought was deep, and just a few seconds, her thought was already been solved as a sonic boom explode to the air and her silhouette headed towards the big tree.


"So, what's your order?"

Izzeth asks the girl that was opposite where he was sitting.

He asked the girl as though she had money on her pocket to pay, despite the fact that she had none, even a single copper coin.

"As the business was not popular these past three-months. We will have a promo!

Whoever entered the restaurant first, will have a 100% discount, free all the dishes until he/she was full!"

That was the instruction he got on the system when he was already three-months onto this restaurant.

And the lucky one to get that promo was a little girl on her front. Which was a great thing. Her body was malnourished slightly but not the way that she has starved a strait 10-days in the sea.

That skill of observation was most likely upon him being a chef. Being a habit to look over to his customer body and guest of what's their diet.

"Don't be shy, it's all free." He nudged the girl slightly, patiently waiting for her.

The little girl was shyly looking down, not meeting his eyes directly as she was scared for her first meeting to this stranger.

"Heya! What a great sport, I always win! Hahaha!" A small prideful voice sounded to the glassed sliding door, and a red fairy entered with her victory smile, her forehead was sweat on playing.

"Idiot, you're second to the last. Why are you happy about it?" Violet asked her, standing in her back.

"That was simple. Because I was not on the last, means that I'm not the loser! Hahaha!" She said facing her with a victory sign.

"Even though Echo didn't dash to fly on the starting line?"

"Hmm, hmm. Are you an idiot? Because it was simple again. She already knows that she'll lose, so she'd never put more effort to win. Hahaha!" Red answered it shamelessly without guilt.

Violet's lips twitched as she looked over to her sister asking of how she'd have a sister like this. "Nevermind." She said passing to her.

One by one, they enter. Their forehead was moist because of the sweat, racing to the place which no one knows.

Izzeth looked over to them and seen them a little bit tired, so he can help but ask what happened.

Before he can even ask, he notices that the little girl eyes were shinning upon looking to Red and her sisters. "Fairy~," She said with delight in a hushed tone.

"Are they real?" The little girl asks Izzeth turning her head to him.

Izzeth surprise a little bit but he maintains his smile and answers her. "Yes."

With that answer, that little girl eyes shine once more.

"Yes, we are!" Red said as she flew to their table.

"Knew it!" She said with the victory tone as though she knew it all along.

"So, what do you want?" Izzeth asks again, seeing that the little girl nervousness around him vanish for a few seconds.

"Ummh, anything will do." The little girl said shyly because of Izzeth hawking gaze.

Izzeth became silent a few seconds before answering. "Okay, one each of the dishes!"

If the system said it was free, it was all free, and giving it to a little girl with honest services was not a thorn in the heart.

First of all, he was not losing money in the first place!

Izzeth ignored red and her sister's request of having one more pudding, and whitey that circling around on his foot, even Fluff that flapping its wings nonstop in mid-air.

Not wanting to wait for the little girl for more than a thirty-minutes of cooking, he takes out one piece of cake and pudding and puts it on her table.

Izzeth entered the kitchen, but before he can do so, he heard.

"Okay, dig in!" Red shout excitedly, as her spoon on her hand landed on the jiggling pudding.

"Red!" Izzeth said, looking over to Red with his hawking gaze.

Red back sweated, hearing her big brother voice. With a swift move, she puts her spoon away on her back and faces her back and laughs nervously.

Her sister's in the side didn't speak and did not dig into the pudding even though they are too is on their limits.

"We already take our breakfast, Red, so don't eat our customer food. Restrain yourself, wait for lunch." Izzeth said.

Red wanted to defend herself so she will not be punished, punishment not to eat! But before she can even talk, she heard a meeting silver spoon and plate, creating sound to this awkwardness.

It was the little girl, slicing the pudding. She sliced it in L shape and take the 1/4 of the pudding, putting it on her plate where the cake was and slide the rest of the pudding plate to Red.

The sweet aroma of the pudding lingered on Red nose and her mouth closed tightly as she looks over to Izzeth gaze, stopping herself to take a bite of the pudding beside her.

Izzeth looked over to the little girl action and give Red again a look...

Sigh... Izzeth sighs inside and entered the kitchen.

It was the customer's decision, so they have the right to what they can do about the food.

They paid for it, so they decide on what to do to it... Except for wasting the food, and also take-out!

Red seen Izzeth entered the kitchen without saying anything, she became puzzled.

She waits, she waits and she waited if Izzeth will peek once more.

For more than thirty seconds of waiting, she can't bear it anymore, she digs in!

On the side, her sisters didn't move, torturing themselves to look over to Red, devouring the pudding.

But when the pudding was almost half, they dash in furiously. With great teamwork, they restrained Red on eating more and divide the rest of the pudding to the four of them, as Red struggles to free himself to the binding that her sisters put on her.

Inside the kitchen, Izzeth was already cooking, but this time, it was slightly different.

"Gourmet Hand (Lv.1)

The gourmet hand was a powerful technique to create a delicious that was out of this world. Only a chosen chef can wield this technique!"

The system said before he can start. The guideline to use this technique was empty, only saying that he only needs to cook and finish the job.

With his proficiency in cooking this dish over a thousand times now, his movement was fast and clean.

He notices something as he cooks the Sweet Chicken Fried-rice, the smell that he was getting over to the frying pan was captivating, the first time he smelled this kind of smell on his dish.

"System, what's happening?" He can't help but ask the system.

"Don't worry, host. This one was pretty normal.

You see, you're using the technique called the Gourmet Hand, a partial skill related to God of Gourmet Creation, and this will define on many levels.

Gourmet Hand

Gourmet Saint Hand

Heavenly Gourmet Aura

And lastly, God of Gourmet Creation.

This all-level was defined in many ways as they had their own uniqueness of ability, which will be compressed until you level-up more to God of Gourmet Creation.

So, work hard young man, and the future will bright as long as you thrive to the top!"

The system said, giving encouragement to his egos.

"Okay, so. What was really the big deal about this skill?" Izzeth asked the one that he really asking, which was how his dish became more fragmented this time.

"Gourmet Hand, a skill that mold and care the ingredients to be fully ripe in time as long as you cook in on to your own hand.

Your hand aura will help the environment ingredients to be high-quality, as long it was in your area of 1-meters, the periphery of your hand. Its area of effect will increase if you level up."

Gourmet Hand Lv.1 (2%)

After the system finishes speaking, a panel showed onto his front as it was stuck on a specific area of his vision, the center of his vision. Just a three-second, it closed off of its own and his view cleared up.


The aroma permanent the air as it lingered out in the kitchen to the dining table.

Fluff that hovering mid-air flapped his wings furiously in the excitement as he twits.

And Whitey is not exceptional too. The furry dog howled like a wolf in the night and paced on the floor as though it saw a delicious pray, eagerly want to pawns over to the kitchen.

Red and her sister were captivated too by the aroma as they lick their soft lips.


The door in the kitchen opened and Izzeth emerged out with two bowls on his hand and placed it to the little girl table. He ignored the two who are pestering him, Whitey and Fluff.

"Here's your Sweet Chicken Fried-rice and Egg Fried-rice! Enjoy!"

Izzeth opened the lid and showed the dish to the little girl.

With a piercing blind light, the lid uncovers the dish inside the bowl.

The soft yellowish rice coated of egg with the sliced tidbits of carrots, garlic, and onions brings light upon the art of food.

It was a piece of art!

And lastly, the Sweet Chicken Fried-rice. This time it was quite different, its lingering aroma was distinct but in an exotic way of his point of view or smell.

Its sweet smell was covered with hot spices in the air, shyly covering itself behind the spice aroma.

Izzeth didn't put anything to his dish to make it spicy, because it was a natural property of the chicken meat all along.

"Gourmet Hand, A technique that refined and cleanses the creature mana and blooms it meat and taste to the greatest." The system told him before serving.

The process this time was not different from the rest that he cooks, it just really that his technique that the system bestowed on him was great.

But it has a backlash on him. The system told him that he needed to master this technique, and in order to do that, he needed to accomplish the challenges after his Exp bar on the technique been fulled, or else, he'll take a big consequence if he fails the challenge.


The fairies, Whitey and Fluff exclaimed in a big O shape in their mouth, except the two animals didn't make any sound.

"Is this food glowing, really?" Red asked as she looks over to the dish, and her saliva was almost drifted to her lips, thankfully Light, her sister wipe it and nudged the towel to her face.

"Why the dishes this time is shining, big brother Izzeth?" Blue asks, one of the fairies, as she looked over to Izzeth.

Yeah, I wonder too... System, why did you only introduce this technique this time, not in the first place?... He asked inside the system.

"Simple, because we have a customer this time. The customer was our priority, and that was our obligation to give full effort to satisfy them."

Okay, I get that. But why right now, and not early? The ingredients that I made for Whitey and Fluff were wasted, it was such a waste of Exp... He said in slight disappointment

The system answers his question which made him choke. "Oh them?... Free-loader was not our priority."

"Bwwfffhh! Cough! Cough!"... He almost chokes because of the system's innocent answer, which the system voice not even slight guilt of how she views them.

Then why would order me in the first place to feed them if they were a free-loader!... He lampooned inside. As he regained himself, he coughed again.

"Inutile person was a burden to our business! and on the top of it, they're food was free in here, much more sleeping to this place!"

The system feminine mechanical voice was slightly different this time as it tells how she thinks of them.

"Cough! Cough!" Izzeth coughed more as he heard more the system's venomous tongue.

"Are you okay, big brother Izzeth?" He heard Blue ask, and looked to all of them which was looking over to him. He slightly dodges their gaze, abashed because of the system word for them but still maintained his proper look.
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But this time, there is no escape, as he heard the system told him next and splashed Blue a mouthful of saliva because of his cough.

"And by the way, you have a 236 dragon coin debt to me, that was the overall expense of your ingredients you cooked these past four months. So work hard young man and pay your debt~°•°√"

Motherf*ckers!!! "COUGH!!!"


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