Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
5 Another Free-loader
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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5 Another Free-loader

"Cough! Cough!"

Izzeth coughed, almost out of breath because of the sudden debt that he got, thinking that the ingredients that he was cooking all along were on his tab and only knew this time, getting a proper answer to the system's, which flabbergasted him to the core.

Are you kidding me!... He asked the system inside.

"Yes, what do you think, you're a free-loader too! Your a chef, and a chef were independent! "

Izzeth lips twitched... You're the one who pulled me in this situation, and you have guts to say that to me!... He lampoons inside.

"It's your faith!"

Faith your face!... Izzeth face darkened to her shameless word.

Izzeth looks over to the fairies seeing that he'll never win the argument; to that venomous and shameless word, that system got.

He felt a little ashamed seeing Blue covered with saliva drops, thanks to him.

"Sorry about that, Blue, don't worry, I give you a whole pudding just for you later, okay?" He said, abashed as he bled inside of getting more debt, hearing a imaginary sound of 'Kachin' inside him.


"Of course."

With that, the gloomy Blue that covered with saliva, shined upon like a star. Envy her sisters felt and tried to coax her to give them. This time, the kind Blue refused, instead gave her portion of pudding to them and she'll eat the whole pudding all by herself.

"Eat now, little girl, you're hungry right?" Izzeth gives the girl a little bit of an ego, so her shyness would fade away and eat

The little girl nodded, and slowly take the spoonful of the rice and stuffed it to her mouth.

Immediately, her eyes bright of the sudden burst of delight, which was the food brought to her own core of taste.

"Nom! nom!" The little girl gobbled down the bowl-like someone in this place.

The aroma and the softness of the rice melted to her mouth after she chews it, even the chicken was not a hindrance as it melts too because of tenderness!

"Delicious!" The little girl exclaimed in the middle of her gobbling.

On the side, the onlookers were in their thought.

Izzeth was delighted that the little girl like his dish whilst the rest was thinking that they're the ones that sitting in there and gobbling the food.

"Take it, easy. You might choke." Izzeth reminded which the latter ignored him like the one that he uses to... Is it really hard to reply while eating?... He asked himself inside.

Izzeth lips curled-up and brushed her soft hair which the latter didn't notice as she was completely subjugated by the food.

He instinctively looked to the clock, up above the counter.

10:57?... Guest, I cook now... He decided to cook early so the work should be completed and he can tend his first customer in this establishment of his.

Entering the kitchen, he busied himself again.

Cling! Cling!

Amidst his cooking, he heard the bell installed in the sliding door, which means that someone entered. But he didn't fuss about it and continued his work, guessing that it's just the mischievous fairies going out again to play.

Two customers on the same day, naa... He thought.

But this time he was wrong hearing the voice of a girl in the dining room. "Hello, is anybody home?"

"Of course there is, are you blind!"

A second voice he heard, which Red of course.

"What? A girl again?!" He said to himself, "Aida, please look over to the dish, I'll be back." he adds before heading out.

"What! A fairy? Are you real or fake!?" The girl asked before he can step outside.

"Of course! How dare you judge us that we are fake! Unbelievable!" Red said infuriated.

Izzeth saw Red turned redder as though she was going to explode.

A two-horned girl?... Izzeth saw the girl in white long blouse, crimson-red eyes, red hair, and two horn in her forehead... A half-human?... Is this the one that they're talking about, the gothic Oni?... He assumpted remembering his dear father figurines collection.

"Hey, are you thinking something bad about me?"

A voice snapped Izzeth on his thoughts. It was the two-horned girl, who was looking over to him as she pushed the stubborn Red aside.

"No, of course. Or it is clearly written on my face?" Izzeth ask.

"No, but I can tell." The two-horned girl said suspiciously, clearly not buying his white lies.

Izzeth looked over to her fierce face before asking. "So, what is your business coming over her, little girl?"

"Hey, don't call me little girl, believe me, my age might twenty times much more to your age." The little girl said as though she was wiser than him.

Izzeth pondered for a bit before saying. "Then, should I call, grandma?"

"Of course not! Do I look old to be called like that?!" She snapped as she howled to him.

"Right, so little girl then?" Izzeth didn't budge off to her ferocious looks.

The two-horned girl became speechless, thinking that he has a point. "But still, don't call me that, I have a name you know."

"Then was is it?"

"Lilith, the name is Lilith! Remember that okay!" Lilith said.

"Okay, Lilith. So, what's your business coming over here?"

"No, I'm the one should be asking that. What is your business over to this area? Just a year ago there is no tree over to this island, and here we are mysteriously sprouting a gigantic like this. Are you planning something evil in here?" Lilith said suspiciously, trying to seize the man in any given moment if she finds out that there is actually one.

Hey, don't accuse me, I am innocent in here. "And why say so?" Izzeth lampoons inside but still maintained his guise.

"Don't excuse yourself with your pity perplexing word! I already saw through it!"

"But don't worry, I wouldn't make a move. In fact, I shall see it in my own eyes your stupid plan." Are you an idiot? Even though you accumulate your plan and time, you cannot defeat a dragon! Much more facing queens?... Lilith's mind was something different this time which Izzeth will never grasp what is it, much more think like that

Hey, what are you talking about? Don't think something simple was grandeur in your perspective, or you've got the 8th-grade syndrome?... "Easy there, Lilith, what are you talking about?" Izzeth lips twitched slightly.

"Don't act dumb, it's pointless. Who would build a base near the island of dragon queens? of course none! Except you have malice to attack us!"

"I'm giving you a warning now, so you can dodge your demise, human. Don't crawl on me that I didn't warn you. Dragons were the strongest creature in this world, so... plea... What is that smell, it smells delicious."

Lilith's speech of how's strong the dragon has been cut off by her, smelling the aroma into the air that permits deep down to her taste bud.

She looked to the girl beside her which was gobbling down the bowl with her small mouth using the spoon.

"Hey, is it taste good?... Hey, hey... Hello!"


Lilith snapped the little girl back in reality with her shout as she jolted her body and looked to her.

"I'm asking, is it taste good? Just answer yes or no, is that hard? Tsk, human." Lilith said in contempt.

The little girl shyly looks away to her and nodded her head. "Yes."

"Good, give me some," Lilith said in an authoritative tone.

The little girl does as she said, pushing the bowl to her.

"Good, great that you have some respect." She commented before taking the bowl.

Lilith looked inside the bowl which infuriated her somehow. "Are you playing with me?! There's no even a single rice in here, it's empty!"

The little girl cowers away as she faces her back to her. "Sorry!"

"Grr! Remember this human! You! what is this place really?!" Her patience instantly diminishes and now asking strait what his goal living in here, and how this tree was built.

"If you were asking of that, then this place was a restaurant as you can see," Izzeth said patiently. "Means, you can order your food in here." She said as though he was teaching a child how the world works.

"Of course I know what is a restaurant human, don't lesson me!"

"And I know how to order too! Give me all of your dishes, I will see if it's true, but remember this, if you didn't manage to satisfy me that this is really a restaurant, it'll be your end human!" Lilith said ferociously before and after she takes her seat just beside the little girl table.

Izzeth looked to her for a few seconds before asking. "Do you have money to pay for it?"

"If I say you cook, you cook human! We're the ones who created the dragon coin, of course, we're rich!" Lilith shouts irritated.

"Good." Because I don't have to have more debt on my tab... Izzeth added inside.

Izzeth entered the kitchen and busied himself. The dishes that he was cooking just a while ago was been taken care of Aida which he was now continuing.


The aroma traveled outside and entice everyone in the dining area.

"What a great smell!" Lilith red eyes shine upon, smelling the delicacy that will be served to her, can't wait to dig on it.

Creak... The door in the kitchen opened and Izzeth emerged with the two bowls on his hand.

Lilith excitedly gripped her hand as her vision locked to the bowl.

Unexpectedly, she saw a blunder to her honor, slapping her.

Izzeth crouches down and put respectively the dish to Whitey and Fluff and patted their head. "Here you go, your favorite."

"Human! Are you doing this on purpose! Are you looking down on me!" Lilith felt provoked, testing her pride again that was just shattered just this morning.

Izzeth looked to her innocently. "Why would I be?"

You're acting dumb again, human!... "Just enter the kitchen and cook for me, human!" She commanded him like she was the owner of this place.

"Okay, okay. Geez." Izzeth slightly annoyed, not knowing what her mood was... Is she on period? An early bloomer, hee... he thought which was Lilith felt and shout to him.

Before he entered the kitchen, he gives the fairies their favorite pudding and been shouted again by Lilith.

Without a hitch, Izzeth cooked the two dishes and served it.

"Just in time, human." Lilith snatched the spoon and fork to him and continued. "Now, go away!"

Just one more, I might smack you... Izzeth lips twitched wanting to bend this girl bad manner.

"Wow!" Lilith uncovered the bowl, taking away the lid that hiding the dish to her. It harmless light dazzled onto her eyes as she gulped hard.

With a spoonful, she takes the first bite in Sweet Chicken Fried-rice.

"Mmmm!!!" Lilith twitches like a woman in love, closing her eyes looking up and gripped her hand tightly because of unimaginable pleasure.

She takes more a few spoons, continuing the act of unimaginable pleasure.

She stops and takes a spoonful of Egg-Fried rice.

"Ahhh!" A voice of pleasure came out to Lilith's mouth as she pants hot air.

"What!" Izzeth jolted because of the sudden event... Hey, that way too erotic!... Am I going to jail because of this?... He asked himself.

Lilith continued to gobble down the food until nothing left. "That is great!" She exclaimed delightfully.

"Do you want a dessert?" Izzeth asks in the side.

Lilith looked to him before answering. "Just make sure it is tasty."

"Don't worry," Izzeth shrugged and approach the refrigerator and takes out a pudding along with the piece of cakes.

He puts it to her table which was the latter already glued her eyes to it.

Just like any other person, no one can't resist the pudding, subjugating her completely. And the cake that melts to her mouth, not like the bread that was hard to eat, even though it was the fluffy bread in the continent.

Lilith forgets her problem today, as she was in a cloud nine in heaven.

"You've well pleased me, human," Lilith said to Izzeth which was the latter looking at him. "And for that, I'll spare your life. I shall come back and here and anticipate your service." She said.

Izzeth eyes constricted, hearing of what she said, which was the latter walking to the door.
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Grab... Izzeth put his hand to her shoulder and said. "That would be 1 Dragon coin, 500 gold coins, and 600 Silvered coins, thanks for your visiting~"

Lilith turned her head slowly. "Looks like I forget my purse, why don't you just give it free." She said innocently.

Her ferocious manner was gone, as she felt a little guilty of accusing him and eating without paying.

"Hoooo, so you're a free-loader too, he..." Izzeth said.

"I promise, I didn't do it on purpose! I really forget about my money! Because I run away from home!" Lillith said bowing.

Izzeth looked to her for a bit and sigh. "So, where are your home?" He asked.

"There!" Lilith pointed to the mountain on the horizon.

"Are you playing with me?" Izzeth said.

"No! I am serious!"

He paused for a bit and continue. "So, can you, go back there and take your money?"

"Y-yes, I-I can, definitely!" Lilith said stuttered.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, I am a dragon after all!" She said assuredly.

"Okay, yo-, no stay here!"

After Izzeth can finish his word, the system told him.

"If the customer step-out the restaurant, the debt will be put on your tab, and that would be 237 Dragon coins, 500 Gold coins, and 600 Silvered coins overall your debt."

Lilith jolted up to the sudden tone.

I can't risk this, I'll never know if she'll come back... System, is there a method that she can pay her debt to you?... Izzeth deliberately said that the system the one who lends the money.

"Of course, she only needs to be our waiter, and her expenses will be not on me, of course!"

Good. "How about you'll become a waitress in this establishment, so you can pay your bill," Izzeth said.

Lilith blanks out just a few seconds after her surroundings became cold somehow and her hair fluttered upside down furiously in a flickering manner.

"Me? a waitress? Are you joking with me!?" Lilith said coldly... My pride was already been shattered, and now! Now, this one is asking me to become a waitress! Unforgivable!... Lilith's thought furiously.

Izzeth looked to Lilith indifferently.


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