Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
6 Take One of her Peck and We Admit Defeat, but Before tha
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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6 Take One of her Peck and We Admit Defeat, but Before tha

Lilith blanks out just a few seconds after her surroundings became cold somehow and her hair fluttered upside down furiously in a flickering manner.

"Me? a waitress? Are you joking with me!?" Lilith said coldly... My pride was already been shattered, and now! NOW, this one is asking me to become a waitress! Unforgivable!... Lilith's thought furiously.

Izzeth looked to Lilith indifferently.

What now?... Izzeth asked himself, somewhat tired inside; don't know how to handle these outrageous circumstances.

"Say that again, human, and you'll know what hell feels like." Lilith cold voice hissed between her teeth; her ferociously eyes locked to Izzeth, as she made a cracking noise in the air.

"I said. You needed to become a waitress here, so you can pay your bill." He said as it was just nothing.


Izzeth heard an imaginary sound. Though someone snapped or shattered in instant of aggressive audacity of emotion.

The temperature died down after he spoke. After it, it returns to much more colder; tingling of coldness he felt even though he was on his jacket.

"Then you die!" Lilith lunged forward as her hand was bent backward.

It might be normal for an abnormal person to see this kind of speed, but for Izzeth, it was a blurred flickering line. And the only thing he knows next was, he's already now standing inside the counter, and sees Lilith on punching pose where he was originally standing.

Lilith ferocity face turns to disbelief, looking to the man that was standing to her vision was gone instantly... Impossible!... She thought.

She looked around to find the man and seen him immediately inside the counter.

Before she can even move, she heard a wise prideful little voice.

"What an impulsive lady you are. You should act civilize young lady, so you can be a great leader. Not just a brainless lizard that rampaging around and doing chaos."

She heard the voice on the men back, and a white fairy revealed herself, hovering to the left; looking at her.

"Don't you dare lecture me!" Lilith said, but just for a few seconds, her forehead was moist slightly, as her eyes constricted, as though there's was a problem on her compulsive word.

"Don't worry darling, I will not do anything to you. But, you'll need to obey the regulations. You shall be will become a waitress here, so, you can pay for your dishes, in... How many days it was, big brother Izzeth?"

"15 days, in total." The system said, and Izzeth delivered it to them.

"15 days in total, my darling." Light said.

"Why would I be a waitress if I can just pay the expenses?" Lilith said carefully this time, but still, pride was her primary ego. Doing absorb things to be her punishments was outrageous!

"That the rules my darling, can't break the rules." Light said as she was though no choice but to obey. She continued. "Sigh... Okay, how about this. If you'll defeat one of us, you can leave without paying. Sound fair for your pride right?"

Just for a moment, Lilith remained silent and her eyes constricted, and she said while gritting-teeth. "What an absorb words that's coming to your mouth. Or, just perhaps you're acting blind so you can bully me easily."

I might weak to your presence, but still, I will not let you flattened my pride... She thought.

As long as she can remember, Fairies was a powerful creature too. But, they're kin was almost instinct because of the war that took event. The war that all races were killing each other.

The Great Primitive War!

Her mother always tells this story, a story that her mother also heard from her mother. A dragon that roams that time, a living legend that can tell the tale of that dark history.

According to her mother, the fairy was a powerful creature, par with dragons boundless magic.

While the two were in the same power, they are not with the same mindset.

Dragons were all destruction which made them the enemy of the fairy's that love nature. Always resulted in conflict and a lot of destruction.

But the adversary was been halted.

A great catastrophe was knocking on their door.

All brave warriors of all races banded together to fight the creature that looming to the horizon, menacingly putting a destruction aura that will destroy them.

While all races participated, still not all of their kind, the cowardly that run away to their duty to protect their home.

And one of those is her grandmother.

It's not an act of cowardice, it's an act of protecting life.

She was pregnant.

And her husband the current king of that generation hides her; not wanting his wife and child died meaninglessly.

All the dragons and fairies participated. The two sides have one purpose but have different goals.

Pride of being the strongest creature!

Protecting life to total destruction!

Nonetheless, what the two beliefs are, they have a common goal, and it was to defeat this abomination monster.

No one can tell the tale of what really happened. The only thing that her grandmother can tell was, it almost destroys their populations. And the other race was not in exceptional of undergoing total extinction.

That day, dragons became passive of harming or participating in any war, so life in this land would sprout in time, which she made rules to all dragons when she'd became the ruler next to her husband.

She was not the only one who hides of being pregnant, which made their kins survive on this onslaught of extinction.

And on the other-hand fairies met their demise of total annihilation.

Miraculously, her grandmother found their nesting tree which where they nurture their next kins.

And onto that next part was blank.

Her grandmother hides the infant's fairies to be protected from total extinction.

Even her mother does not know where her mother was hiding, only appearing if there's was a celebration, like when she was born.

So she was kinda tense right now as she doesn't want to provoke this fairy. Even though the two race was par on magic, they are not par with shear strength and body.

Fairies were a delicate flower while the dragons were a living unbreakable metal.

Just on that, they are much more superior to them. But still, even though that was the case, she has no chance of defeating this fairy on her current power.

Light looked at her for a moment before saying. "No, I am not the one who will decide that. Big brother Izzeth, who will be your choice to do it." She looked to Izzeth that was still silent.

After Light said that, he heard the system and a roulette wheel appear to his front.

"Do you want to use the roulette of servant!"

Servant!?... Do you really see them that way!... Izzeth lampoon, not liking the irony of audacity thinking of the system.

"Why? Can you do something about that?" The system said, which made him speechless.

Enough of it, as long there's no physical harassment, there is no problem. Much more, hearing what's the system saying to them... Izzeth put aside the system's problematic attitudes and focus on what on his front.

The wheel has many icons, complete of what Fluff and the rest cartoonish faces.

Role... He said to himself and the wheel activated automatically. It spins fast until it stopped to an unbelievable face, which was Fluff.

What can a bird do?... His faces darkened thinking that he will have a debt to his tab again... Why not Light or the rest of her sister!... He thought.

At least there's a chance, right? Fairies where magical, so they have magic basically, right, which means they can fight. At least...?

"Just say the name. Don't worry, we've had the best of the best nessecity thing in this restaurant up until dust." The system said.

Hey, hey. You're at it again, are they really nothing to your eyes... His lips twitched deciphering the word of the system.

Doesn't have any choice, he said. "I choose Fluff."

"Okay, your turn." Light didn't even question Izzeth decision and just called the bird.

Fluff hovered to the table beside Lilith and tweets as it though saying something that it was ready to fight.

"You're serious?" Lilith's lips twitched feeling that her pride was crumbling to pieces.

"How about this. You take one of her pecks and we admit defeat, and if you're still not convinced. Feel free to leave with a lash on your butt." Light said.

You all! "Okay, don't back off to your word after this." Her word hissed to her teeth, infuriated of her bulgar word, as though she was going to explode in any given moment.

Light suggested to step outside, so destruction will be avoided. Which the two became puzzled, Izzeth and Lilith.

I can finish this with one stroke, it's not necessary to be cautious of destroying things... Lilith snorted inside.

Good, at least we avoid more debt... Izzeth thoughted.

They stepped outside.

Lilith was standing on the right side of the platform while the rest was opposite her.

"Are you guys ready?!" Red imitated a referee in the middle of the fight with her joyful energetic voice.

"Finally," Lilith said under her breath and didn't even bother to put her guard to defend. "Faster, you're all wasting our time." She said.

"Don't be too prideful, little girl. Pride might cause your death, like any other brainless lizard out there." Light commented on the side which made Lilith more infuriated, adding more flame to her core.

"Okay, here are the rules! One peck only, and after that, nothing more! But if the recei-ouch! That hurt, you little!"

Light throws a twig towards Red that keeps wasting time, acting as a referee in the middle of a championship belt.

"Start it already! Idiot sister of mine!"

"Hey, who's your calling idiot! Were all sister, so that means you're an idiot too!"


Silence filled the place. Light, the one who talking with Red didn't reply, even the rest of the fairy's face darkened, hearing her shameless proclamation.

"Seriously, don't say it out loud, people might get suspicious. Our image will be tainted if yo-Ouch!"

"Die! Don't lamp us with you!"

"You ungrateful braindead sister! Go die!"

"Hey, don't throw twig. Here, throw this. Knife is a better choice if you're going to kill someone."

"Oh thank you. Now DIE!"

"Ouch! he-hey! that hurt! Don't throw at me! Hey Blue, stop them! Don't join the-hey that hurt, seriously!"

Her sister's throw everything at her, hearing her words of idiocy. Lamping them with her empty head. Even the kind Blue take the knife just to throw at her and said. "D*ckhead!" Which was a taboo for her to say.

Izzeth tried to stop them, but with those barrage of throwing, he doesn't know which one he will stop first. Lilith, on the other hand, dodged everything that was coming towards her. Anxiously trying her best not to get hit with those deadly objects even though it was only a twig.


Out of nowhere, a bark resounded, which the chaos stop and their head turn to look who was it.

It was a furry dog. Whitey.


"Don't bossy me around rascal!" Without even three seconds of silence, Red throws a wide plank of wood to Whitey, as though there's nothing happened, even though she's the one who causes it. And shamelessly creating one again.

Which was the latter answered with an angry bark and followed along with the rest of the fairy, throwing things at Red and accidentally hit Whitey that was trying to bite her.

And with a cycle of hitting someone accidentally, it repeated over and over again.

It was a total disaster of chaos.

Lilith and Izzeth looked at them with twitching lips. Not for the ironic event, but for those flashy flash movements of destruction, heading in each direction.

Tweet! Tweet!... As the rest was in chaos, Fluff was hovering and joyfully chirping at them.



Izzeth asked them, exhausted on this pointless childish fight as they catch their breath, inn and out of their lungs.
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"Sorry about that one big brother Izzeth, my sisters sometimes act li-"


"Bwwwgghhh!!! Bwwwssggsg!!!"

The one who talked first was Red, shamelessly trying to act civilized, even bowing to Izzeth to apologize. But stopped by angry Echo with a body slam on the floor, and been followed up with an elbow in the neck, which Violet did, so she can never talk for a few minutes.

But no one knew how tough their sister is, because of all of that, she still manages to speak. "I real-bwwrrsghhh!"

Before she can even finish her word, Blue appeared beside her and put a bubble of water to her heads, so she can speak, for only a pops of bubbles.

"Finally, peace." Light who was infuriated on her core was finally breathed fresh air, as her haggard face lighten up.

But turn again to much redder. They heard an annoying voice.

"Sooorrrryyy... Foorrrr... Thhheeeiirrrr... Acccttiiiooon... Biiggggg Brrroooootthheerrr Iizzzeettthh..."

Red head that was already been on the water, still manages to speak, with slow annoying unbearable voice. Her voice traveled slowly, because of her using the bubbles to delivered her message.

Clang! Clang! Swishhh! BOOM!

The infuriated Light vanishes to her spot and appeared beside Red. She manifests a coffin and opens it and throws her sister inside, close it and swiftly throw it to the ocean.

To her finger that pointed where Red landed. Formed bright concentrated magic and with a swish sound, the place where the coffin landed exploded.

"Huuhhhh... Huuhhhh..."

Light breath deeply which made chills to Izzeth.

Most of all, Lilith, who was already crying inside as her tears already forming to her eyes.



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