Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
7 Finally, A Real Customer
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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7 Finally, A Real Customer

"Lilith, did you already cleaned the room upstairs?"

"Later, the dust will not gonna run you know? So let them be alone. I'll finish it, don't worry!"

"You lazy. Clean it now."

"Tch... Okay, okay. Just make sure that my share will be ready before I finish cleaning."

"You, sigh... Don't you know that your eating here is debt, and the who will pay is me?"

Izzeth said, and Lilith the one who is talking to is already upstairs and didn't reply to him.

It's already been six-days after the fight happened.

Lilith, the one who fights for her bill admit defeat right away when the infuriated red Light looked at her with those piercing cold eyes and asked her immediately to continue the fight.

Everyone would definitely be terrified if you'd be on her spot. Tingling of the void of terror you will feel deep inside you, as though your body is already been on morgue. The only needs are to bury you and prayed for your next life.

Which made Izzeth sighs, dodging the one-sided fight and not getting more debt.

Fluff who will fight that day hovered to him and pecked him nonstop, not knowing what's the matter.

His relief was a lie.

Do you ever felt being owned by a shark loaner? Because if you're still not, I advise you to not do so or even think about it.

Izzeth felt the true terror of a shark loaner which was the damn system. Even the expenses of what Lilith eat were even to his own pocket, which again was a debt.

He'd just wish that he had just let Lilith go home that day and let her decide if she'll pay or not.

Because up until now, his debt was increasing more and more, adding two more free-loader to him, Lilith and the little girl, Chloe.

"Chloe, you should wash now. And try to invite Lilith along the way. Okay?" Izzeth said to Chloe, who was cleaning the window


"Yes, big brother!" Chloe replied, and carried the swab cloth and bucket upstairs.

Izzeth looked to Chloe's figure until it disappears in the staircase.

He temporarily employed Chloe in here, because of a reason that they both can't get out of this place. One that can't literally step outside of the perimeter of the tree while the one was still little and don't how to navigate and survive the hunger in the ocean. This means that both of them are stuck here.

Yet still, he has no way of knowing so on this current problem. Or even do something about it.

But for Izzeth right now, that thing was not his priority anymore. With these two little girls that can accompany him to this place was already enough for him.

Don't accuse him that he was a pedophile, it just that he really needed a company to himself.

With a cheeky little brat and an obedient caring little girl, there's nothing he can't wish for, for himself anymore.

The priority right now was, how would he pay the system? That thing was always on his head.

Thankfully, the system never asks or says where or when should he would pay his debt.

And for that reason, he'd never even debating or even imagining how he would ask the system about that topic. Even pronouncing the "Debt" was already been a taboo for him.

It's now 11:30 am. Means, he should already start making their lunch. He entered the kitchen and busied himself on the stove.

With a swift and fast movement of his routine every day, the dishes were already been done in just half-an-hour.

Izzeth put the dishes on one of the big tables, and slightly smacked Whitey noses, wanting to start without the others. He called the girls upstairs, which Lilith shout back in enthusiasm. He heard Chloe reply in a hush, but it might just his imagination because of how low it was.

In the table, they'd gather along with Whitey on the floor, while Fluff was on the different table, just near them.

With the signal of him, everyone minded their own businesses, faster than a pro-eater. Gobbling down the bowl of their own choice of like.

He can't help but smile at them before eating.


Six-days ago.

After Light used powerful magic to bomb Red.

There was a power adventurous hermit magician that walking to the port of WindOcean City, one of the territories of Ryder Kingdom, and a vessel kingdom of Sven Empire.

The Sven Empire was position in the East of the continent geography, and just below the empire was their adversary, the Zoxan Empire.

These two powerhouses occupied 40% of the landmass of the continent. 25% to Sven Empire and 15% to Zoxan Empire.

Even the difference between the two was too wide, they have their own problem to occupied this kind of land.

Sven Empire has many lands, but most of it was empty and hard to defend if a big war happened.

You see if they really wanted to defend this vast land, they needed to defend each border that vulnerable to the enemy. And with great distances to the mainland where the empire was built to the border, communication and supply were hard to deliver to sustain the army.

And the semi-empire of Snowheart Kingdom to the north was a big problem to them too, ready to pawns to them in any given moment if they and the Zoxan empire took a war on each other.

And that was the weakness of the Sven empire even though its land was humongous.

To the other side, the Zoxan empire had a big problem too. They had three kingdom vessel and this kingdom was active in cahoots lately in shadow, trying to fight their mandate to this land.

But just secretly, just preparing if there's a chance.

The empire and these three kingdoms' army are too wide gaps to each other if we were talking their strength. Even the three kingdom allies together and band to fight the empire army, it'll be pointless and laughable.

Defeat is inevitable to them.

Like Snowheart kingdom, they too are waiting for this behemoth empires to fight each other, and the two empires are aware of that too if they really fight.

Even there's no secret meeting between Emperor, it's already been too obvious to talk about it.

As this unknown figure walks aimlessly to the port looking around to each establishment of fish.

He suddenly felt a mana disturbance to the distance, West where he was.

"What could might happening in there? Is someone trying to provoke the Dragons Queens? What an amusement to see this decade." He said hoarsely to himself.

"Master! Master! I'd brought the thing that you wanted!" A shout he heard to his back.

A young man with short silky brown-haired up to his forehead to the back was running to his way. With his full-pack strap-bag to his left was bulging with any item, parchments to books.

"Haaa... Haaa..." With exhaustion because of running, he takes a few seconds of oxygen before continuing. "Master, are you gonna teach me now? I wanna learn 2-tier magic now, I am fully ready to learn it!"

The master looked to his disciple for a bit before speaking in a horsesly tone. "Don't be impatient. You just learn how to use magic 2-months ago, and now you're hurrying to reach the top? It's too early for that. Before a powerful magician reaches the top, they meet many adventures and hardships along the way.

Even though I am your teacher, that doesn't mean that you'll be on the top. An inexperienced man can never forever secured his position on top, remember that.

So, I'll let you do some adventure. Set sail to the west, see if there's an abnormal thing happening in there."

"Are you going to send me on my death Master!?" The young man spoke, hearing an unbelievable word that coming to his master.

"Of course not, Kyle, do you really think that to me?" His master said, not changing his stoic face.

"I am not Master! Never!"

"Good, then go, see if there's an abnormally to that place. There is no need to enter Queens Island, you just need to scout the perimeter and come back, that's all. And before that, adventures are not completed if there are no challenges."

The Master raised his hand and snapped his finger, and immediately, a small cabin boat appeared to the shore just beside them which made the crowd jolted to surprising noise of water splash.

"Here, this one you'll use to your adventure. Magic is not allowed, remember that, okay?" The master said.

"Ye-yes Master. But what if I'll encounter sea monsters?" The young man asked.

"Of course you're allowed, even catching fish or playing to yourself is allowed too. Just not the flying magic, I wanted you to go there with this boat and come back in here like that again, understood?"

"Yes, master!"

"Good, I shall wait for you in here, oh, before I forget, here take this. If you're in a dire state just whistle this thing and I will come to rescue you." The Master passes a wooden whistle to the young man.

The young man takes the whistle and hangs it to his neck for safekeeping and boarded the boat to set sail to the west

Six-days later.

The young man saw the humongous tree and approached it to study with excitement to his face.


After eating, they clean the place.

Lilith grumpily arranged the chair while Chloe carefully puts the dishes to the hole to be washed.

After it, they'd played some Tekken 7 on the Ps4 console which Izzeth get on his room and take it downstairs to play.

Playing, being tilt is normal which is now happening to Lilith, losing 6 times in a row to Izzeth whilst Chloe only watching to the side, even sometimes giving massage to Izzeth sore back.
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Her massage was good as though she was already been trained for it. But as long he doesn't what Chloe's backstory is, he can just shut up and not ask her privacy.

Next, they rested outside, sleeping to the futons that they set-up.

Izzeth requested the two to step on him. Not for the fetish, it's for the massages. Which the two gladly obey.

"You're now becoming well aware, human, that's good. Kekeke."

Lilith laughs as she walked above Izzeth, while Chloe was focus on her work and trying to dodge the prideful walk of Lilith.

As they do that, they heard step sound to the staircase.

And a young man emerged on it.

Seeing the young man, the young man sees them too. His face of excitement slowly turned to disgust as though he'd seen a lowly vile creature.

Which made Izzeth face darkened getting what that looks means.

Even him, that will be his reaction if he's in his position.

You'll see a beautiful tree as you will feel excited to explore it, and as you examine it, this thing you'll see, surely you'll be disappointed which to his view was disgusting.

A man letting a two-child step on him is a disgusting seen to see. Like those vile disgusting noble which only know how to r*pe woman and even fetish a vulnerable child.

It's truly disgusting!

Izzeth with his darkened face slowly get up and didn't give attention to Lilith that fell to his back. He'd just walked to the young man with a dark face.

The young man takes his stance fight, ready to fight this pedophile to death.

Even though the man is slowly walking towards him, he'd not notice that the man is already on his front and clutched his shoulder. He heard the man said.

"You'd seen nothing."

He heard the man tone which made him terrified. His icy voice engulfed his body and sweat he felt to his back and now undergoing to pee.

But he'd still manage to nod his head in stiffness. "Ye-y-Yesss!" He squeaks like a little girl in the woods, terrified in the dark.

"Good." All of a sudden, the atmosphere came back to normal as though nothing happened and his coldness gone instantly.

"What's your business over here?" Izzeth asked him with a smile, which made the latter more terrified to the turn of the event.


"Good, then are you hungry?" Izzeth said enthusiastically... If he'd been researching, it means he's hungry!... He thought.

"Ye-yes." The young man reply.

"Then you're in a treat... Wait, before that, do you have money in you?" Izzeth didn't forget the vital thing to ask.

"Yes." The young man said, and take his pouch so he can see.

"Good!" Finally, a real customer!... "Here, I'll fully welcome you to my humble restaurant!"

[1-Note] Being massage by children on the back by stepping was normal in the Philippines. Please don't make it maliciously or some sort.


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