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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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8 An Explicit MC

"Good!" Finally, a real customer!... "Here, I'll fully welcome you to my humble restaurant!"

Izzeth welcomed the man that was clearly frightened to him, quivering a little as it walks, obeying his word as though he was a hostage or some sort.

Izzeth even pulled a chair to him to sit, treating him as he was a lady on a dinner date which frightened is puzzled the young man.

"Can I know your name, sir?" He asked.

"Kyle, Kyle BroadShield! Sir!" Kyle reported obediently like a soldier in front of his Captain.

Causing Izzeth to jolt to the abrupt reaction and slightly took two-step backward. "Don't be tense dude, I just asking your name. Geez." He said as he regains his retain.

"Kyle, right? Okay, as this establishment was secluded and there's no sign of what is this place is, I will explain it to you what is this place, okay." He said into consideration.

"This place is a Restaurant, and this place is where you pay alright, not just eat and run as it was a bouquet party."


He heard an imaginary sound of snapped things on his back and he felt his back as someone stabbing him, frostbiting. Which he just ignored and continue.

"So, that's simple. There is the menu, pick one and I'll cook it." Izzeth pointed the board above the counter and leisurely take a seat nearby.

Kyle was listening to him in all of the things he'd said, deciphering every word of it... Is this a challenge made by Master? I clearly remember that he'd told me sometimes that he stumble similar like to this, where he was starved in 2-months before escaping... He thought.

And as Master characteristics, he always gives a challenge to me and said he'd been too in that similar situation. Now I know why he sends me in here, to be challenged!... He thoughted and looked around to everyone.

He saw a white dog, blue-bird beside it, five fairy's, two children and lastly the vile man that definitely the mind with all of the thing and his Master subordinate.

Gulp!... He gulped as sweat slide to his glabella slightly nervous to his Master challenge... Master should be definitely not let me die right, I mean I am his disciple, he'll definitely not let me die. Oh, hehe. So that's why he gives me an item before my voyage... He touched the whistle in his chest and he chortles which puzzled the rest.

What happened to him? Don't tell me I got another free-loader again... His face darkened and a slight kick he felt to his foot which Lilith did, glaring at him.

He retained his confidence and ready to take the challenge without concern that his life is in dangered.

He looked to the menu and scanned it and his face darkened to the price but didn't protest... This is only a challenge, nothing real here!... He thought.

"Still not deciding what's your meal?" Izzeth asked but answered by his silence... 100%, this is a free-loader, no doubt... He thought, but he has no idea what the young man head's happening right now, if he'd just knew, surely he'll smack this guy to the ground.

It was full of a smart-MC idea!

A two dish and two desserts, it might have no meaning but if I look closely in here, there some kind of connection. And looking over to them, it's really making sense! And that answer is!

"Kekeke." Kyle chortle again.

And spoke that made Izzeth darkened more.

"I choose this white dog!" Kyle yelled as he points Whitey.

The rest became dumbfounded as was this guy thinking right now... Do you know this is a restaurant, not a butchering black market?

"Hey, are you in drugs?" Izzeth asked. "Chloe, call 911 right now." He said which made the little girl puzzled more to the event. "What's 911," She asked himself, somewhat felt safe knowing that number.

"My answer is spot on right? Kekeke, I've got the title of being a disciple of Master just for nothing you know."

"Yes, I think you'd do really needed an answer to a psychologist-!"

Before Izzeth can continue, Kyle interrupted him.

"Don't even try to waste my time, whoever you are!"

No, I think you're the one who's wasting my time!... Izzeth lampoon inside... Is this the one that my father always likes to watch? Where MC is always being explicit, and my mother would go wild seeing it.

Kyle walks towards the furry dog and said. "It's clearer than the sun that this dog was the real answer. As you've said earlier, I needed to choose one to the dishes, and looking over to it, a pattern is aligned with each other!" He swiftly turns around to look over Izzeth as he was near the truth, exposing what is this all about.

"The menu has four varieties between meals and desserts. Forget the dessert, as it was not important to the two meals! First, we have Sweet Chicken Fried-rice and second, we've had Egg-fried rice, and this is when the pattern begins!"

"As the name said, the first dish has chicken. Guest who's favorites with it, the dog of course!" Kyle yelled again somewhat becoming more enthusiastic than earlier, revealing the mysteries in here. While Izzeth face darkened hearing more of it, and the others have a question mark on the head and the one he mentioned was on excitement, correctly guessing what it's favorite food was.

Kyle looked over to the corner of his eyes and sees the dog is currently walking in circle, adding more to his ego to continue.
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"And the next dish is Egg-fried rice a simple dish, not too good to be a delicacy much more to be added on my revelation!" With that, he cleared all the unnecessarily clue that hindrance and only obstruction to his answer.

But before he can even continue, the bluebird came straight flying to his face as it was a hawk, clawing his face.

He swings his hand to shoo away the bird, but his hand was always evaded by the agile bird.

Izzeth face lightens up seeing the scenario, somewhat chuckling to himself. "Fluff, enough. Come here." It might be fun to watch, but it is a customer, not an unknown person.

Fluff immediately stop and hovered in front of the young man and the young man looked at the bird, relief that its stop.

But before Fluff flow to Izzeth, it hit Kyle one more time in the nose which the latter yelled in pain.

"What a sly tactic you've got there, kekeke, try everything you can to stop me, I will get out of this place!" You thought I'll fall for that trick! I clearly remember the story of my Master, where he broke a rules inside a dungeon, hurting the one who's guarding it! And for my case, that is all of you!... He thought.

"Now, where was I? Yes, the revelation part!"

"No, I think you should stop no-" Izzeth tried to stop his bullshiterry word but interrupted again.

"And next fairies! Fairies were already instinct long ago as my Master said, but even so, they have a meaning to this round and I am sure of it, definitely!" My master will never miss a small detail when it comes to something like this!... He added inside and walked towards him.

"I learned through books that fairy is the guardian of nature, and being a guardian, they always nurture wildlife and nature!"

"Chicken produces tons of chicks and nurturing them is easier than the wolves, and don't even tell me that this dog is not a wolf! So for the balance of it, surely fairies will let the wolfs eat their prey as they use to be a predator."

He stopped and leaned down slightly as he looked above to Izzeth face. "So that is my final answer, the dog!"


Silence. Yes, complete silence filled the room. Izzeth lips twitched of what this young man saying, bullshiting his establishment of some sort of mystery puzzling attraction. "Hey, if you're not orde-"

Again, Kyle stopped him again, putting his two fingers to Izzeth mouth.

"I know, I know. You'll pull again one of your sly tactics that I miss something, but fret not, I already knew about that."

"I choose the dog because of his white fur, resembling the light that guides us to the dark world." He looked to the two girls to the corner of his eyes before continuing. "Before this challenge started, you'd already given me a clue, and that is the child's stepping on you, resembling the bad nobles that using their power to hurt the weak, depicting the dark side of human cruelty. And this dog was the key and only answer to this world, where light is all about, the light that guides humans to the right path."

"And that is love! Love and trust between living things! Between man and dog, mother and child. All of us just need love, and that when is the dog symbolizes, trust, trust for the living things to move forward to the right path!"

And Kyle meaningly looked up to Izzeth eyes and said with a smirk. "Am I right?"

Times slowdowns on the room as no one can tell how long it was.

Kyle the one who causes this was smiling, and waiting to this man to vanish into the thin air, illusioned that his Master made.

His smile reached his ear in enthusiasm seeing the man raised his right arm and that means this mindless illusion will announce that he'd pass the test.


Out of nowhere, the supposed illusion suddenly smacked him down, plumming him to the floor with a dark face.

Huh?... Happened?... Is there still a combat test?... He asked himself, and he heard the man said.

"Throw him out, Light." He heard the man's cold voice.

"But big brother Izzeth." And he heard the fairy answered in somewhat troubled.

"I said, throw him out of this place."

"But he's a customer you've been expecting, and on the top of it, he's a real one." He heard the fairy tried to calm down the man.

He didn't hear the man replied for a moment before saying. "Okay, if you're all not gonna do it, there's no dinner for all of you."

Huh, what shallow threat you've had just to throw your customer. Surely they will not do it... Kyle snickered inside of how laughable his threat was.

But he has no knowledge of how that is impactful to them. Because the only thing he knows next was, he's already cutting to the air of how fast he was flying, and on top of it, he's inside in a dim compartment, a coffin!

With Izzeth threat, no one even thinks twice to defy him. With swift teamwork, they'd play a part of their own role, so they have an alibi that they help to throw this guy out of the place, not wanting to not miss the dinner later.

Red immediately throws Kyle inside the coffin that Light manifests and Blue coated the coffin with water and freeze it. Next Echo and Violet throw the freezing coffin to the horizon and while it was still mid-air, Lilith and Fluff flew towards it and kicked it to boost its speed.

And lastly, the two, Whitey and Chloe.

Whitey bark three times and the coffins seemingly shot to the distances with more speed within it as it's wind around the freezing coffins are being cut, not making any noise as it flew it alarming high-speed.

Chloe, on the other hand, throws her slipper trying to assist, but sadly, it only reached the end of the platform outside, not even falling to the cliff.

"Wait! No! I didn't mean it!"

With that instant turn of events and his action, he'd just knew that his heads have been taken over to his rationale. Ordering without thinking twice the consequences of not having a customer.

But he'd only been greeted by the group with a smile, waiting for him over to tell them that they made his order right.

"Sigh." With those innocent smiles, he can only blame his irrational thinking.

He can only wish that the young man should survive, somewhat.

Hey, it's a fantasy world, where miracle does always happened. Even though that speed was so fast.

He thinks, about Mark 5 at least. Nearly.

[1] MC - Main Character in Story means.

[2] Mark 5 - Called to speed where the sound barrier of an object can succeed. Mark 1, 2, 3, etc.


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