Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
9 Fluffy Day with Some Game
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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9 Fluffy Day with Some Game

Gust of wind bristled the leaves as it swayed tranquility in the ears, bringing the total harmony to the place.

Tamp! Tamp!

A sound resounded the place, hammer smashing to a wooden plank of woods.

It's Izzeth, putting a sign in each section of the long staircase of the tree, warning to the future visitors. Like said,

"It's a restaurant up above, not an entertainment establishment."

"No money, no foods."

Or the first sign said.

"If you had no money, please we don't need your face! (Sign, Lilith)"

"Hoo! What a day." He breaths for the fresh air, tired of endless walking and installing signs.

He actually really doesn't want to do this thing. But Lilith somewhat manages to convince him to do so, giving an example like the guys yesterday, Kyle.

With all by himself alongside Whitey, his helper this time, pulling the trolley full of the sign. He endlessly without break continued his work, anticipated that the work would be done in minutes.

"To the next spot." He gestures Whitey to move forwards beside him, sweating a little.

With his diligence to finish the job. He put all the signs before lunch with extra minutes to rest before going back to work again inside the kitchen.


"Hey! That is mine!"

"Are you an idiot, it's divided into 5 in each of us, means that is mine."

"Really...? Wait, I don't get it"

"Idiot, it's yours. It's cut in ten and divided into ourselves, which means you've had two slices. Idiot."

"I knew it! Hey! Don't eat it, spit it back!"

The fairies are it is in again on their stupid little bonding of theirs. Which always Red was being bullied. Giving life to the place.

Added to the gang means more food. More food means more pudding to be shared, and that share was meant for Chloe but shamelessly been given to the fairies. Her small heart can't endure those puppy eyes of theirs.

"Big brother Izzeth! Violet won't give my pudding back!" Red turned to Izzeth and swiftly flow on his shoulder, begging with her moist eyes.

"Idiot, I really can't give it back to you. I already eat it, resting inside my belly." Violet said, patting her stomach.

Izzeth looked over to Red that pleading and took a glance at Lilith that still currently eating.

Lilith felt his gaze and instinctively hugged her plates to herself. "Don't even think about it, human."

Izzeth sigh to her glaring eyes and face again Red. "Can't help with that, Red." He gently patted that crying Red with his two-fingers

With hard persuasion to convince Red to wait for dinner, Izzeth cleans that table alongside the two adorable girls.

And he entered upstair to clean his stinky feeling in his skin.

Ascending again to the dining room, he saw the two little girls playing Tekken which Lilith was still dedicated to defeating him, shouting. "Take that human! You can never defeat a dragon!"

Which the human was him, his name to her. Easy to tell, because she called over to Chloe was Chloe, Red is Red, and others are others. Only he is human.

"Training again?" He approaches the two.

Lilith turns her head to look over to him. "Play with me human. You shall taste defeat today!

Izzeth smirk to her proud look, and reply. " Talking who loss 12 times in a row, ey."

"Don't be too high human. Or you might fall fast." Lilith said unaffected by his tease, already knew what his game about.

Chloe takes the seat beside and lets him replace her spot on the player 2 controllers.

"Before we start, I wanted to propose something to heat some spice to our game. You'd always lose and I gain nothing, isn't fair to me?" He said after sitting down.

"Tch! Do as you want human, I'll win today no matter what anyway."

Izzeth smirk brightens more and continued. "Okay, Lilith. Here are the rules. Whoever won, he/she can give order or request that the loser needs to obey no matter what is it. That's simple. Deal?

"Deal!" Lilith somewhat flared up as her eyes glowed in spirit.

Lilith swiftly backs the screen to the main menu and clicks the select character and a variety of characters shows up.

Lilith picked fast Gun Jack and waited for her opponent which Izzeth to pick his character, and mimicking a professional player cracking their neck and fingers and call Chloe to massage her.

Jack, hehh... Izzeth thought.

Jack is a long-range high damage character in Tekken, and his high-damage skill was one of the fastest to use when in mid-range combat situations.

And using it by Lilith, which undeniably a prodigy to picking a lesson at an abnormal level was a bad situation for him.


He picks Josie, a new update to Tekken world. But undeniably a good mid-range situation and combat specialist when incomes of fast judgment.

The loading screen load and the maps showed up and the fight resounded fast. Lilith eagerly clicked the button to start the fight.

The fight word resounded and their controller starts moving.

They make space on each other and read their enemy movement attacks.

Lilith did not take the initiative to attack with Jack's fast mid-range high damage shotgun shot but instead retreat. She might be good at the game, but her experience was still far off to Izzeth world champion Tekken master.

Izzeth while became amused. He'd actually thought that he can bait the little girl to do that, so he can catch her off guard and combo it with a swift one-two and continue it a low kick to lost its balance and combo it again.

But sadly, Lilith was becoming more a true professional player. Patiently to her enemy to make a mistake and pawns to attack.

Time continued as they read their enemy movement. Patiently waiting for the enemy to attack.

Suddenly, Izzeth character Josie moves forwards with speed.

Lilith reacted fast and timed the shotgun punch to land it to the enemy.

Now!... Lilith press the button and Jack do the technique.

But suddenly, Josie stopped and fainted to back off which Jack punch miss.

Before the punch can retract back. Josie suddenly moves forward again to attack giving surprise to Lilith, losing her cool and commit to a defensive attack, the Gatling gun punch.

Jack put his two-hand forward and consecutively punch Josie's direction; grey smoke emits through his bicep as it punches nonstop.

Josie with an agile body and speed surprise Lilith again. Izzeth tapped his joystick down, and Josie his character crouched down to the right, dodging the attack and swiftly go for the low uppercut.

Jack lost his balance along with the one who's controlling him, furiously pressing any button to stand-up.

Izzeth begins the combo and Jack's health bar loses a tone of health.
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With Josie's beautiful and agile staple combo, Lilith's character sends flying away.

Izzeth was still not done, he controlled Josie to dash forwards to the enemy.

Lilith responds with a high over heels kick.

Which was again baited by the cunning Izzeth. He controlled Josie to slide kick to lower unprotected foot.

And again losing its balance, and for the finisher, with a beautiful staple combo again.

The screen showed Josie leaping in joy.

Which to the other side is not. Lilith was fuming in anger and Izzeth was just smiling.

"Looks like I won, right?" Izzeth said.

"Y-yes you are. Now name your price" Lilith hissed.

Izzeth smirked to the fuming down Lilith. He put his hand above her head and raffles it. "Okay, my price. I wanted you to call me, big brother Izzeth. Of course, it was not a forever price. Just one week is enough."

Seeing Lilith glared at him, he announced for how long his prize was with a smile.

"Y-yes, bi-big b-brother Izzeth" Lilith tried her best to pronounce his name.

"See, it's not hard at all." Izzeth laughs and raffles again her hair.

"Don't touch my hair, human!" Lilith clutches his hand and throws it away to Izzeth.

"Ah-ah, my name?"

"Tch, big b-brother Izzeth. Happy now?"

"Hahaha... Of course."

Izzeth raffles her hair again, but this time, she didn't throw it away.

"Who's hungry for some snacks?"

With a beautiful day, Izzeth can't help but have some snacks to lighten everyone's moods.

Which all of them glowed their eyes even the sleeping Whitey and Fluff woke up fast and surround him. And of course, it goes for the fairies too outside as they dashed inside the restaurant, hearing it loud and clear.


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