Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
10 Who Cares About the Budge
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Gourmet Restaurant in Fantasy World
Author :HaloHalo
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10 Who Cares About the Budge

"Slow down there, Chloe, you might get burn."

"Yes, big brother Izzeth!."

"Good. Oh, by the way, did you already rinse your mouth, if you don't go upstairs and rinse it, lunch will be ready in a minute."

The latter didn't answer instead just get up and walked towards the staircase while her face was glued on the flickering fire between her palms.

It's magic!

Yesterday, while they are eating dinner, Chloe suddenly becomes a mage.

The cause of it was his food according to fairies and Lilith, backed-up by the system.

"Gourmet Hand.

A technique that refined and cleanses the creature mana and blooms it meat and taste to the greatest. Beneficiary to a mage to boost their mana inside them." The system says.

Chloe entered the World of Mage where countless betrayal and success awaits to discover with their desire to be on top of the food chain.

Which Izzeth was quietly worried about. Her entering that kind of environment at a young age was really perturbed. Just thinking about it was already been anxiously for him.

Or just from his perspective. The standard age restriction of Earth

Lilith's said that this world children of 6 to 7 start their aptitude test of becoming a mana wielder. The first step in becoming a true mage.

With Chloe quietly unconcerned malnourished body, in the beginning, she is looked like a child at the age of 6. Peculiar height for a nine-year-old girl.

So he can't help but worry about her whole being of how she would handle that world. Much more difficult of growing inside a house full of human size fictional characters.

Izzeth tried to persuade the system of him buying medicine for children's problematic height which was hard of course. But for Izzeth mentioning that the little girl was their employee even though they didn't employ her, the system gives the medicine for free... Good, that the system still thinks of her employee... He thought.

Same as ever, they take their lunch and after that, they get to their own past time hobby.

Lilith plays again her game, Tekken 7, and on the side, Izzeth secretly connects the device to the internet, so Lilith friendly practice was a hellish match to a pro-player, losing consecutively without even winning a single thing.

Chloe on the other-hand was patiently sitting beside her, putting aside her magic training after Lilith said that no matter she focus on her magic, it'll never improve as long she can't comprehend what is it and trained of how she could control it.

So she was currently watching Lilith play, as she always tells Lilith to calm down, raging because of the game.

Izzeth, on the other hand, was sitting on the chair as his feet rested to the other chair opposite him. With a sketchbook on his hand, he sketched the two little girls playing video games and the scenery outside only using a 0.3 Fineliner Pen.

His hands relaxed as it draws every detail he sees from his point of view, putting a texture of realism on his drawing.

As he draws, he constantly looking upfront to not miss any detail, and to his surprise, there was a man standing to the staircase outside.

Izzeth stands up and stepped outside while looking to the man in blue long-robe and black tattered cloth on his shoulder. Overall the man's clothes are well presented with his stoic face, even though it is wet visibly.

"Hello, sir. What's the matter?" Izzeth said after opening the door.

The man in the blue robes looked at him with his stoic slightly stern face, not abash meeting a person in this place, most of all having a house on the top of this big tree. He asks. "Are you the owner of this place?"

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"Nothing, just passing by. If you don't mind me asking. What is this place?" The robed man asks again. While on it, he glances inside the house and sees the two little girls, the one was looking to them while the little girl beside her is glued on a glimmering thin box on her front.

"Oh, this. This is a restaurant, sir. Did you not read the sign alongside the staircase ascending in here?" He asked, clueless of how he'd miss all of those signs.

There's nothing wrong about the grammar right?... About that, the system said that he had already grasped the language on this plain and its word even though his language didn't even change.

So definitely, there's should be no problem, unless, the system tricked him.

The robed man didn't respond for a moment before saying slightly apologetic. "About that, I saw it around. Sorry, I'd thought that it was a trap, so I destroy it all. If it quiets a price, I'll gladly pay for it."

Izzeth paused looking over to the man and twitched his lips, slightly annoyed. He just put it out yesterday and now it's all gone just like that!

Of course, anyone would be angry about that.

"I-its okay, don't worry about that," Izzeth said.

The robed man noticed his annoyance but didn't put finger on it and just ignore it.

"A restaurant you say... Then does it mean I can eat if I would like too, right? It's already been 7 days the last time I'd eaten." The robed man said.

"Do you have money?" Izzeth didn't answer his question but instead ask some critical questions.

The robed man stoic face looked at Izzeth before fishing his pouch in his waist.

Izzeth nodded and opened the glassed door to let the man enter. He guided the man to the nearest table in the counter. He said. "Please choose what you like." He pointed his finger towards the blackboard.

The robed man followed his finger and seen the blackboard up above the counter.


Suddenly, his stoic face constricted as his eyes bulged slightly; visible upon eyes if you concentrate on his face.

He looked back at the young man again and said. "Are you sure about your price? Or is this some daylight robbery scam?"

This again, don't tell me, sigh... He sighs inside. "Why tell? Is something wrong? Don't worry, foods here are guaranteed the best of the best, no doubt."

"..., Them give me Egg-fried rice." The robed said after a few seconds... If I really doesn't need to eat just to replenish my strength, I probably wouldn't order. But can't be helped, I need 4 days of flying just to reach the shore. On top of it, the search party still following me... He thought and looked again to the blackboard... What a waste of money.

"Got it, then please do patiently wait."

Izzeth entered the kitchen and cooked the order.

After Izzeth went, the robed man looked around the place. He saw a fuzzy white dog lying beside the glassed to where the warm sun was concentrated, and a bluebird pecking a bit of soft bread beside the black-haired tan-skinned little girl.

With his position, he has a full view of what is the glimmering thin box where the other little girl was glued on.

Lilith form was now a normal human little girl, because of her wings and tail, it's become a nuisance for her, knocking the table and chair when she walking, and for the first time appreciating of how convenient the puny human body is

He saw two figures inside the box. Short-haired tan-skinned woman wearing a too revealing blue-skirt and topless golden-haired man in long wide pants.

The topless guy kicked the woman, sending her mid-air and consecutively kicked her again and again as though something wrong with their move.

Because as the topless man kicked the woman. Bizzare is, the woman in the mid-air stays mid-air as the guys punch it slightly even though there no force on it, even magic has none.

Even the ground was shattering, but bizarre is, it mysteriously fixing itself visibly.

"What sorcery is this?" He said under his breath.


Creaking resounded on his ear snapping him out of his thought. He looked over to the door and seen the young man with the bowl.

Before he can even greet the young man an aromatic smell of delicacy reach his nose. Grace of hot air entered his detecting smell as his appetite suddenly became energized to eat.

"What a delicious smell!" He exclaimed without moving, hawking the source of it, the bowl which on the young man hand.

But still, 500 gold for this food is really expensive... He thought.

"Here your Egg-fried rice. Enjoy your meal~"

Izzeth put the bowl on his table and slid to the nearest table to sit.

The robed man takes the silver-spoon beside the bowl and uncovered the lit. The harmless light shimmered upon his very front. The food showed it's frizzy and its extraordinary smell.

The robed man sniffed the air without moving and his eyes lit up. Next, he shoves the spoon to the oil-yellowish rice that covered with egg and bits of symmetrical carrots and garlic.

Without further redo, he takes the spoon up towards his mouth, taking a mouthful.

The taste of the Egg-fried rice surged inside his buds down to his soul as he was in great nine-clouds up above the sky.

It might because of starvation or something else, whatever was it is, he gobbled down the bowl without a break.

With his mouth that definitely was bigger than the little girls, he'd finish fast the dish with humid air coming from his mouth.

"Water!" He requested.

Izzeth stand-up and take the carafe and serve it to the robed man. He asks as he was serving. "Dessert?"

"Is it good?"

Just like that, the robed man forgets the outrageous price and asks if it's good. He's a silent person, so even though the food was so good, he didn't jump around and praise the food as though it was a blessing to heaven.

"Of course, no doubt about that."

"Then... give me a piece of cake, I guess?" He said as he has no knowledge about this called cake. He just ordered it because of the price, his pouch wouldn't make it if he ordered the pudding.

"Got it."

Izzeth approached the cabinet cake and fish out a plate beside it and put a slice of cake on it. Served to the robed man and take his seat again.

The robed man looked over to the plate which contains the piece of cake with a cherry on top, a chocolate cake.

The robed man hastily ate the cake with blissful aura emitting from him, but his face still not had a sort of reaction of how great the food was.

With how light and little the serving of the cake, he was quite not full, or rather unsatisfied with not having enough cake to fulfill his almost satisfied buds of taste.

As he was on his thought, he unconsciously takes out his pouch on his waist and looked inside it.

1DG, 2G, and 57S of what consisted of his pouch. He looked back again to the blackboard... If I just knew that the food was great, I should've ordered the most expensive one. Wonder what's that taste was... He licked his lips, imagining what it's taste like.

Who cares about the team budget! If I could just reason to them that the money was lost amidst our escaping... He thought.

He ordered, "Give me one pudding!"

[1] DG - Means Dragon Coin
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[2] G - Gold

[3] S - Silver


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