Hello, Mr. Major General
626 Ruin Him
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Hello, Mr. Major General
Author :Han Wuji
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626 Ruin Him

Gu Nianzhi heard the sound of the engine and instinctively wanted to cry for help, but when she looked back through the thick rain, the car was speeding towards her! She instantly knew that it was the man who had gotten out of the car earlier! They were on the same side as Seth!

Gu Nianzhi immediately ran in the opposite direction, but the car wouldn't relent and roared towards her. Cutting through the rain and mist, water splashed everywhere as it seemed the car meant to plow into her! The mountain road was narrow to begin with and only allowed two narrow one-way lanes going in opposite directions. No matter how much Gu Nianzhi ran, the car behind her could easily catch up.

Bang bang bang! A series of gunshots rang out on the road through the heavy rain. Covering her ears, Gu Nainzi quickly ran in a zigzag pattern! The person behind had a gun and was firing at her! They wanted her dead! Luckily, it was raining hard and obstructing the person's vision as well as the bullets' trajectory. Running in zigzags was very effective, so Gu Nianzhi hadn't been shot for now, but she knew she couldn't keep counting on that good luck!

The enemy had a gun and a car, so running zigzags could only allow Gu Nianzhi temporary escape. As more time passed, she would be physically exhausted and unable to run, even if she wanted to. At that time, she would be at the mercy of the enemy. They could murder, torture, rape, and humiliate her as they pleased. Of course, Gu Nianzhi would never allow herself to get into that mess.

Closing her eyes, she bit her lip and looked at both sides of the mountain road. There was nothing but bottomless slopes on either side, and she had no idea what was underneath the mountain road. The rain was falling harder, and with the steep mountain on either side of the road, a landslide could happen if she kept running down. But being caught would be even worse. They wanted her dead or alive, and to possibly use her to threaten Huo Shaoheng… She certainly didn't want to end up a hostage to force Huo Shaoheng to submit to their will. Gu Nianzhi had her own pride and would rather die with her will intact, rather than submit and survive.

With this determination, she saw a stretch of damaged road ahead and turned back to look at the car speeding up towards her. She suddenly lunged despite the slippery rain and continued to roll down the side of the road with sharp gunshots ringing behind her. The mountain road was paved but was also covered with little rocks that cut into her wrists and back, casing numerous wounds, but she couldn't be bothered. She continued to roll to the side of the road in the rain and pushed herself forward to tumble down the damaged road!

The two sides of the road were steep cliffs! The car behind chased after her relentlessly. The driver had never expected her to jump down the cliffside. A great screech rang in the air, the sound of tires squealing against the road. The car finally halted barely in time to avoid plunging down the cliff.

Gu Nianzhi looked up regretfully at the car parked up there as she fell uncontrollably down the slope… The mountainside had soft grass as well as jagged rocks. As she fell, her calf knocked hard towards the rocks, and a sharp pain pulsed from her calf bone. It was enough to make her instantly pass out. But the falling didn't slow. She kept falling and falling…

The man and the woman got out of the car at the intersection by the damaged road and could see Gu Nianzhi's silhouette quickly fall down like she was tumbling into an abyss. With such heavy rain, they couldn't see where she had fallen, even with their infrared night vision goggles. "What's under there?" The woman whispered.

The man looked at his phone and blocked the rain from it as he searched the nearby topography. "This is a cliff, and both sides are hard soil layers left from the Ice Age. It's harder than rocks."

"Is she dead if she fell down?"

"We still have to look for her whether she dies or not."

Holding each other's hands, they slowly walked down the slope in the heavy rain, but they couldn't go any further after a short distance because it was nearly a 90-degree cliff. They could only jump down or roll down like Gu Nianzhi if they wanted to move further. And with the heavy rain, they could already see the soil eroded on both sides of the road. If there was a landslide… They'd be goners. They looked around once more and found several scraps of purple fabric from the sportswear that had been ripped off of Gu Nianzhi. They personally saw her fall down the cliff in the rain but weren't sure if she had died. However, there was no way they'd go look for her themselves. They would not jeopardize their own lives.

The woman didn't want to pursue her anymore. "Let's go back now. We'll report to the bosses and see what they say."

"Ok." The man nodded and found the location on the map to send back. Their people received the information and immediately began searching on the mountain. Regarding Gu Nianzhi, their orders were to capture her dead or alive. The correct answer was not that Gu Nianzhi had fallen off a cliff and gone missing. Their bosses would never accept it.

Holding each other's hands, they slowly climbed up the slope and looked back down to assess the situation. The rain was falling so thickly that they couldn't see anything down there. Just trying to look made them feel dizzy. It was such a tall cliff, they had no idea what was underneath. When they got back on the road, they were both completely drenched but still had to check Seth's car first. Looking inside, they saw Seth lying motionless against the window. They shared a glance and the man walked over to shake Seth. "Seth?"

Seth whimpered quietly, his expression incredibly pained and features contorted.

"What's wrong with you?" The woman asked quietly, "Stomachache?" She noticed Seth kept covering his stomach area.

Seth was in immense pain and couldn't even speak. The man opened the door to go in then instantly noticed Seth's crotch… It seemed to be red. "What is it?!" He was shocked and didn't dare believe what he was assuming. No way. He had already injected Gu Nianzhi with H3AB7. It was absolutely foolproof! How was she able to fight back?! This didn't make sense!

Seth could only feel the pain in his crotch increase as his whole body began to spasm. Finally, he couldn't catch his breath and passed out.

The man frowned. "We'd better take him back or he'll die here."

The woman nodded, and like before, she went back to her own car while the man drove Seth's car. They returned to a large manor on the outskirts of Munich. Dense forest surrounded the property to conceal a huge manor that looked like a church. They carried Seth inside and had a familiar family doctor check his injuries. The doctor was in cahoots with them, so he wouldn't report Seth.

The doctor came over to take off Seth's pants and have a look. He sighed regretfully, "This man is ruined."

"Ruined?" Several people inside the castle shared glances. "Are you saying he's dead?"

"He's not dead." The doctor took out a syringe and began injecting Seth with an anesthetic. "His testicles ruptured and are completely flattened. They must be extracted surgically, or they'll get infected and cause sepsis. He'll truly be dead meat at that point."


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