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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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1 Prologue

The slamming of the door resounded on the hallways of Auradon Prep shaking the entire floor as I stomped my feet towards the centre of my room with Mother and Father behind me.

"I told you Mother! I don't want to marry Prince Chad" I screamed in frustration, my arms flailing in front of me wildly as I faced them. I heaved angrily as the wind picked up inside the room sending papers scattering down the floor and the curtains moving uncontrollably.

"And why is that, darling?" Ariel, the Queen of Atlantis, my mother spoke softly. Her voice a melodic tune lingering on the atmosphere as she approached me with Father, King Eric, beside her. A solemn expression on their faces as they wait for their daughter to speak her thoughts about her betrothed.

I went to the large window located beside my bed, groaning in frustration when I saw Chad strutted arrogantly to Aubrey, daughter of Queen Aurora. He leaned on a tree, smirking confidently as he shamelessly flirted with the pompous princess.

What a match.

"Can't you see, Mother? He is too narcissist for his own good. He doesn't love anyone except for himself" I explained uselessly referring to the said Prince.

"Enough! You will not speak like that to your Mother, young lady. You will marry Prince Chad Charming and that is final" Father stated firmly, having enough of the argument, before he alongside Mother walked out of my room leaving me in rage.

Screaming loudly in wrath, the air blew stronger shutting the door with a loud bang. Hands clenching in a fist, I can feel my chocolate-coloured eyes transformed into a golden hue as they snapped towards the direction of the conceited Prince outside my window who seems to be talking to his reflection on the water. Filled with undeniable rage, I snapped my finger persuading the lake to act accordingly for its Princess. I snickered loudly when the water obeyed at my command splashing sprinkles on his face.


I rolled my eyes at the scenery before travelling my gaze towards the sparkling ocean. I stepped on the small balcony, my tanned hands gripping the railing tightly turning my knuckles into white. The sun blazed on me harshly as I examined the deep wide ocean with desire swirling on my stomach. Closing my eyes, I let the seawater filled my nostrils calming the rage coursing through my veins when a shimmering glint caught my attention behind closed eyelids. Glancing on its direction, my eyes glimpsed the glittering gleam of the barrier enveloping the entire Isle of the Lost where Mal, a lady of the court, and her comrades came from. Ever since her announcement about her engagement with King Ben, Son of the Queen Belle and the Beast, Mother and Father grew persistent in determining a suitable husband for their daughter which, unfortunately, came in the body of Prince Chad Charming.

My hands clenching in a tight fist as wrath burned through my stomach at the image of my betrothed and the arranged marriage. My eyes glowing in a golden hue as large formation of clouds overshadow the academy. Squeals were heard from below the balcony when the rain pelted hard suddenly as girls immediately rushed inside Auradon Prep seeking for shelter. Turning around, a lightning blast resounded to the distance capturing my attention. My eyes caught the Isle a few meters away and a devilish smirked appeared in my face when an idea slowly morphed inside my brain.

Well, this is going to be good.


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