Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
2 Chapter One
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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2 Chapter One

My eyes narrowed at the empty hallway of the Auradon Prep surveying the area for any guards. My boots making light footsteps as I tiptoed down the hall, breath blowing in a series of deep air as the tension on my shoulder never left in fear of being caught by Fairy Godmother or anyone for that matter. Footsteps echoed on the quiet building as a guard rounded up a corner, his back straight while walking towards the empty hall without noticing me. My bag hung heavy as I run down towards the doorway.

Blowing a gust of air, I opened the door wincing as it created a protruding creak echoing down the hallways. I quickened my steps as I sprint towards the shoreline avoiding the Auradon soldiers lurking nearby the gate for any unwanted visitors. Quietly, I put down my bag beside me before taking off my dress and placing it inside. Inhaling deeply the seawater, I welcome the wind as they brushed down gently my face, caressing the skin delicately as they danced under the luminous moonlight. I grabbed the bag from the sand clutching it tightly I whispered a small spell:

"Let thee object disappear

A thing not but a dream

Let thy object be unseen"

An echoing whisper resounded on the silent night. Waves crashing down the shoreline as a golden shimmer slowly crept from my fingertips and enveloped the bag momentarily blinding me. Opening my eyes, the golden light dulled down until it disappeared with the wind along with my bag. A smile crept down my face when a loud shout echoed inside the Auradon Prep, the light in my bedroom opened and a shadow loomed on my bed filling my senses with panic. Turning towards the sea, I took one glance on the building that became my home since I was a mere child reminiscing the memory of my Mother and Father in my mind. Sorrow flooded my body making me step towards the building but the image of my betrothed, Prince Chad,  stopped me from moving further. A new re-found energy course through my vein as I swivelled towards the ocean taking light hasty steps until the water reached my ankles. Casting another glance to my home I took a deep breath before whispering softly, letting the wind carry my words towards Auradon.


Submerging into the water, I felt the tingles course down my spine before blanketing my hips travelling down the length of my legs. A light protruded from the darkened water as a series of crimson scales covered my tanned legs replacing the skin. Then, a magnetic force glued my legs together stretching the length until an elongated crimson tail appeared as the light from my legs vanished.

Laughing wildly, I flicked my tail playing with the water as sea creatures neared me playfully. A dolphin brushed its smooth head on my hand before swimming away along with his family. Sighing sadly, my heart thudded in pain as I watched the dolphins glide on the water away from me. Ignoring the sting on my chest at the sight, I decided to traverse forward on the seawater faster. I ignored the fishes coming out of their hiding to look at their Princess. Continuously, I flicked my tail harder as my eyes caught a shimmering glint growing larger when I closed the distance between us and the barrier. My body stopped abruptly as I faced the barricade preventing me to enter the Isle. Hands moving forward, I touched the shimmer lightly hypnotized by the glittering light which stopped the people behind it in escaping.

I placed my palm on the barrier ignoring the haunting voice in the back of my head as I whisper the spell my grandfather thought me when I was younger:

"Here I command thee sea

Let the power flow into me

Open the door long forgotten

Be thee caster enter then"

A blinding light appeared in front of me as the entire ocean floor began to move violently scaring the sea creatures as a small hole appeared on the barrier. Letting out a shaky breath, I glanced behind the vast ocean seeing nothing but darkness before entering the opening and facing the world of chaos and freedom.

Breaking through the surface, my eyes wandered on the murky ocean nervously. The water was swarthy than of Auradon and there were barely sea creatures in the sea. A shiver travelled down my spine as I observed the mysterious Isle from a distance. The enigma of the island added to its aesthetic beauty which increased my desire in unravelling the mystery of the Isle of the Lost. My eyes wandered around the oceanic scenery when a lightning bolt struck the sky sending a hint of panic in my body as the current swayed harder, almost swallowing my form.


Fear bubbles in my chest as I glanced around searching for an escaped route on the stormy weather. I still can't comprehend that I managed to break down the barrier built years ago by a powerful caster and run away from Auradon and the undeniable pressure that the kingdom weighed on my shoulders.  My eyes closed in a blissful silence as the ocean waves calmed down carrying my form as laughter tore from my lungs and a joyful smile displayed on my face when the foreign feeling of tranquillity course through my being and the tension on my shoulders were lifted.

The peace were destroyed by another loud thundering in the brewing night sky. The calming waves turned stronger and angrier as it knocked me back down the water with a massive strength. Quickly, my fins flicked through the offending wave as I fought the current towards the shore which, unfortunately, far away from me. My tail ached from exhaustion as I pushed forward managing to grasp a large rock with my hand.

Letting out a loud groan, I climbed through the rock with my arms shaking by my weight as I dragged my lower body upwards. My crimson tail scratched on the sharp surface as a large wave swallowed me almost loosening my tight hold. Heaving a series of deep breaths, I embraced the rock ignoring the stings on my arms as the salty water entered the small cuts caused by the rocky surface of a small cliff. I waited for the storm to pass by whispering a silent prayer on the heavens as the wind picked up sending my hair flowing upward in a halo. Pushing my body upward, I looked on the night sky. Rage course through my veins as my eyes changed into its golden hue.

"Stop! Leave me alone, Mother! Just for once, let me be happy!" I shouted in frustration to nowhere as tears brimmed my eyes. A sob threatening to escape my lips as a traitorous tear rolled down my face and disappeared down the sea.

Just then, the sky cleared up and the waves quietened down in a whisper. The winds brushed through me gently, almost sorrowfully, making me leaned my back towards the rock. Strength leaving my body as I closed my eyes in exhaustion when a loud shout echoed from a distance capturing my attention.


Slowly, I lifted my head up looking at the source of the disruption as the same voice shouted again. Eyes widening in a fraction, I moved out of sight as a ship came into view with a body leaning over the railing looking on the vast oceanic sea.



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