Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
3 Chapter Two
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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3 Chapter Two

"Harry!" Another voice shouted as a blue-haired female emerged from the railing surveying the sea where I concluded that the fellow fell down. Leaning my head down the cliff, I closed my eyes ignoring the shouts of the pirates from the distance when the voice of Fairy Godmother appeared from my mind emitting a groan of frustration from my lips.

Always help the need.

Her words echoing from miles away as I submerged my tail quietly underwater along with my upper body. I glided deeper to the seafloor to stay hidden from their sight as I traverse through the waves nearing the sound of their voices. My eyes surveyed the enigmatic water narrowing in slits at the dark when a shining metal glinted from my right. I maneuvered through the water carefully when I saw a man lying down the sea floor lifelessly. His body unmoving as I grabbed his arms before hauling him on my shoulder and away from the ship. I urged my fins to move faster, a sense of fear filling my senses as the body sagged down on my side riding the wave. His hair were flowing through the current covering his face from me as I swam faster upward. A gasp tore out from my lips as I broke through the surface, finding myself a few meters away from the ship. Sighing in relief, I dragged the unconscious body to the shore which were thankfully nearby.

A groan escaped my lips as I pulled his heavy body into the surface which were harder when the boy weighed a ton. Heaving a breath, I turned the boy around before lying beside him helplessly. My body were discharge of energy and my tail was drained out. I turned my head towards the unmoving boy, his chest still which sent me in a frenzy state as I leaned over my shoulder. My palm placed in his chest as I willed my power to burn the water in his lungs. A light appeared from my fingertips as the man choked underneath me, gasping for air but he remained unconscious. Sighing in relief, I observed the man curiously, my eyes wandering on his red leather jacket which were dripping with water towards his pale face. His brown hair stuck on his forehead as he lay limply, a black inked smeared on his eyes falling down the side of his face as his nostrils inhaled and exhaled air. My hand itched to touch his lips which were parted slightly but I controlled myself. Instead, I proceeded to remove the eyeliner from his eyes, my hand carefully moving towards him when a large hand grabbed my wrist in a tight grip. My eyes widened in alarm before struggling to released my arm when another hand grasped my shoulder pinning me on the sand floor .

"Well, what do we have 'ere?"

A hoarse voice stated above me making my eyes glazed upward to the culprit only to freeze at the icy crystallise irises of the owner. There, above me, is the man I saved looking insanely at me with crazed eyes and a mocking tone. His hair stuck on his forehead and the smudged eyeliner created a trace of dark lining on his face making him looked hauntingly. The man gazed at my form in amazement and wonder before they captured mine again sending an icy cold coursing through my vein making me shiver.

He was frightening and breath-taking at the same time.

"A mermaid, aye?" he questioned as his gazed trailed down the length of my body. Grabbing my arms with one hand, he caress my face gently, his thumb grazing my parted lips before they went below to my hair twirling a single piece. I struggled from underneath him when he let the hair go grazing my breast underneath my blackened hair. Grinning at me madly, my eyes narrowed distastefully as his hand touched my crimson scales, stroking the tail almost lovingly.

"Is this how you repay your saviour, pirate?" I snarled in frustration as he continued to survey my form with astonishment. His eyes snapped into mine and I forced down the fear crawling to escape as I looked him squarely. He seemed to be thinking in a minute before he decided to free me from his grasp, rather reluctantly and sit beside me cackling at himself.

"No honour among filthy pirates, sweetheart" he stated watching me sit up with difficulty as my arms were shaking under my weight. I leaned away from the man as I observed the bruises starting to form on my wrist before shooting him daggers.

His hand shot towards my face abruptly making me yelped away in shock as I gazed on his amused expression. I winced as his hand travelled to my forehead where a small cut protruded before it moved downward grazing my lips again with his thumb. A fiery heat formed in my stomach at the gentle touch as he surveyed my face closely, leaning his face until I can feel his breath blowing on my lips. I was hypnotized by the crystalloid sapphire with silver specks surrounding the pupil as his lips moved towards my ear whispering huskily.

"The name is Harry Hook, son of the Pirate King James Hook, sweetheart. May I have the name of my saviour?"

A shiver rolled down my spine when I feel his breath in my ear. My heart hammering in my chest as I registered the name of the infamous pirate notoriously known for his cruel and terrifying expeditions during the days. Harry pulled away a fraction sending me a devilish grin as a crazed glint swirl in his eyes when they locked into mine before they travelled downward to my parted lips. 

"Harry!" a female shouted in the distance. My eyes looked behind him widening as I saw a group of pirates holding torches which were led by a female with plaited cerulean hair. His head snapped to the side gazing at the source of the call.

Distractedly, I took it as my chance to escape from his grasp slyly. I jumped underwater creating a large splashed as I glided forward back to the large cliff located in the middle of the sea. I swam out of view hiding my body from their sight as I took a glance in their direction. I saw the cerulean-haired female snapped at Harry as he staggered towards the group with unsteady legs. He was chuckling at the cursing female as his eyes surveyed the ocean, eyes narrowing at the direction of the cliff I was hiding from. I pressed myself into the rock when his eyes glance towards my direction before carefully looking over my hair towards them.

I let out a small laugh as I watched the female captain slapped Harry's head when she noticed his attention elsewhere. She shouted something at him as he eyed her fuming form in amusement before rolling his eyes as the female turn around in rage and walked away back to the ship.

Leaning into the rocky surface, I closed my eyes as the moonlight beams down at me. My eyes watching the magnificent view hypnotized by the majestic glow of the full moon. Stars twinkled the blackened sky as I gazed up with admiration when suddenly a glint caught my attention from somewhere on the seafloor. My body shifting towards the object cautiously as I neared down the metallic glint. The storm was long gone and the sea were clearer as I eyed the object shaped in a sharp hook laying underwater. I dived towards the hook grabbing the handle carefully as I observed the glinting metal with curiosity. I tightly hold the handle swinging my arms in the water as bubbles of laughter left my lips when I saw a small entering in front of me.

Curiously, I swam towards the cave cautiously. Darkness swarmed through my surroundings as I continued to make my way on the tight hole wincing as rocks scraped my arms harshly. A small light appeared in front of me as I neared the end of the hole, slowly, my hands grabbed the sides of the hole pulling myself upward to the surface.

Diamonds glimmers around the lagoon emitting a gasp of pure wonder from me. My lips turned in a large smile as I admired the stunning view unknown to mankind. Never in my life have I wondered the beauty beneath the terrifying scenery of the Isle. I moved towards the surface dragging my body on dry land. I watched the crimson scales slowly peeled off my legs painstakingly wincing at the pain as tanned skin appeared underneath my scales. My legs shortened in length as the fins vanished into thin air replaced by dainty toes. The wind flowed through my naked body as I quietly whispered a small spell:

"Let thee object appear

A dream turned in a thing

Let thy object be seen"

A golden light shines in front of me before fading away slowly revealing my bag. I quickly got dressed with my mind reeling on the events. My hand moved to brush my hair faltering as the image of Harry twirling it gently appeared at the back of my mind creating a fiery heat in the pit of my stomach. My eyes narrowed into slits as I remembered the way his hand glided down my breast.

Filthy pirate.

I lay down the hard floor ignoring the skittering crabs and the rocks digging through my body. I closed my eyes as the melody of the crashing waves brought a soothing sensation in my senses. Exhausted and drained of energy, my body sagged limply as the tension in my muscles left.

Darkness swept over me as my mind wandered one last time to the captivating crystallise eyes of a certain Hook.


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