Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
4 Chapter Three
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Hooked • Harry Hook ✔
Author :Aphroditerose10
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4 Chapter Three

The sound of splashing water and birds chirping awakened me from my deep slumber. I turned my head slightly towards the sound, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion as I gazed into the unfamiliar landscape before they widened in shock and mischief when yesterday's events flashed into my head. A Cheshire smile morphed in my lips as I perched on the rocky floor marvelling at the pieces of diamonds reflecting on the walls of the cave when hit by sunlight. I began to stretch my limbs wincing in pain as the muscles from my middle back, upper and lower limbs ache when a glinting metal caught my attention. A certain crystallise eyes flashed in my hand as I observed the hook in my hand. My mind wander towards his travelling hand and parted lips when a sudden heat course in my spine making me groan in mild frustration. I laced the hook inside my bag before eyeing the sea floor on the lagoon when suddenly my stomach rumbled in hunger. Clutching my bag, I search through the garments groaning in absolute annoyance when I found nothing but a few coins and clothes.


I couldn't believe that I've forgotten to stow some foods. I looked around the empty cave in desperation as another grumble resounded in my stomach groaning when I found nothing edible but an entire wall of glimmering crystals. Laying down the rocky surface, I decided to take some nap when an idea formulated inside my head and a mischievous grin appeared in my face. I think it is time to visit the Isle, properly.

Packing a red dress in my bag, I whispered the same spell to hide it before taking off my garments. I stood near the lagoon before diving into the cold sea, my legs were glued together by a magnetic force as scales sprouted from my lower limb revealing my crimson–coloured tail. I swam down the small opening easily and manoeuvring towards the shoreline as the sunlight blazed through the water. I glided down a hidden clearing and dried off my tail wincing as the scales slowly peeled of my skin painfully. Summoning the bag, I got dressed quickly, heart beating from the fear of being caught. I decided to wear my swarthy cloak obscuring myself from view before stepping out in the sandy floor with a basket I managed to conjure with a spell.

I stepped in a small alleyway ignoring the malicious looks of the bystanders as I calmly wandered down the suburban with my shoulder leaned backward and my head hung low. Rounding a corner, my feet created light footsteps as I stepped out of the narrow passageway overlooking the old-crusty buildings with a few small debris falling into the ground. My eyes gaze in wonder marvelling at the large posters hang on each wall and banners obscuring the azure skies when loud angry shouts captured my attention. I gazed through the building, my feet taking small steps forward as I read the plastered letters located on the front of the building

Ursula's Fish and Chips

My face paled at the familiar name. I took a step back bumping into someone from behind me which I ignored before hurrying down the suburban away from Mother's mortal enemy's hideout unaware of the crystallise eyes following my form. Walking down the busy street, I watched the people of the Isle strutted in their way, working, stealing and doing anything without the regulation of the court. I was fascinated by the noise everywhere contrasting to the peaceful vibe of Auradon.

My eyes surveying the scene in front of me when a hand clutched my basket pulling my belongings away. I snapped my head towards the culprit, my teeth showing in a snarl as I eyed the boy a few years younger than me. My chocolate-coloured eyes glowing in a golden hue as I step forward, his eyes widened in fear before he snatched his hand away and took a small step back, cowering away from me. He stepped into his foot sending him tumbling down the cold pavement as I crouched in front of him, my eyes capturing his.

"Don't ever steal from me" I sang lowly, my voice carried by the wind like a melodic tune in his ear making him nodded his head enthusiastically. The boy continued to sit on the pavement, his eyes wide open, waiting for a command. His eyes contained golden specks swirling around his irises as he looked at me, entranced. I leaned forward to his face as he followed though my movement unaware of the predator lurking beneath the melodic tune. My hands grasped his chin gently caressing the small bruise on his jaw before my eyes travelled down his body surveying the small cuts and gashes littering his skin. My heart thumped painfully in my chest as I gazed at his frail body, muttering a few curses out of my breath, I searched through my basket and gave the boy a few coins.

"Take it and buy yourself food" I spoke to him watching as he nodded with parted lips before standing up leaving me crouching before him and walking away like nothing happened. Brushing my cloak, I continued down the noisy suburban sighing in relief as the market came into view.

It was larger than I anticipated as I entered the open building, my hand tightly grasped my basket ignoring the wrestling match of two large men on the right corner. I looked on the array of fruits, my throat constricting in hunger as I went to pick up a few pieces before paying the old lady. I continued down my walk to the Isle with a heavy feeling in my chest as I gazed through the children living on the streets.

The buildings were cluttered and on the brink of collapsing. Debris fell down the ground while small children swarmed the streets with no shelter looking for food to steal. This is not how they described the Isle from Auradon. It was supposed to house the people properly even with the deeds they've done. Gripping my basket closer, I stopped midway on my stride, watching as a pirate came behind a lady harassing her with massive strength to give her basket away. Turning around hastily, I whispered a spell feeling the basket disappeared from my hands into safety bowing my head even lower when I suddenly bumped harshly in another form.

"Hey!" a female voice shouted harshly. Ignoring it, I continued to walk away from the scene when a large hand grabbed my shoulder tightly forcing me to stay into placed. Turning me around, I let my hair fell down my face as I face the woman, a crowd forming in a circle surrounded us.

"Who do you think you are?" the female said, her tone accusatory as I brushed the hand away from my shoulder harshly.

"I do not intend to start a fight" I whispered lowly as malicious laughter broke down the large crowd before the female took a step forward mocking me. Her boots came into view when another large hand shove my back making me stumble carelessly towards the culprit. My hands clenching into fist in anger as I inhaled deeply urging myself to calm down

"You just did, aye?"

A series of hollers from the crowd resounded before they started chanting loudly.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" the woman in front of me let out a cackle before reaching her hand for my cloak readying herself to revealed me when my arm moved in a lightning speed grasping her wrist tightly. The crowd quietened down as I tore down my hood revealing my glowing golden eyes narrowed into slits as the cerulean-haired female from yesterday came into view.

"Don't touch me, pirate, if you do not want to lose a hand" I snarled throwing her hand away. Her blackened eyes gave me a death glare as I surveyed her crew members watching us intently. They took a step back when my eyes landed to them one-by-one with a glower. The female stepped forwards needing to retaliate when a hand appeared on her shoulder, keeping her in place followed by a familiar haunting voice.

"Easy Uma, ye don't want to waste your time fighting some wannabe, captain"

Harry's voice resounded mockingly as another bunch of laughter broke into the quiet crowd. I glared threateningly in his laughing form as I waited for something. Anything.

I growled in my breath at Harry as he looked at me with amusement swirling in his crystallise eyes. His Cheshire grin were crazed as he flailed his arms around stepping closer to me and grasping my chin tightly, his face a centimetres away from me. I snatched my chin from his grasp, his eyes widening madly as he trailed his stare in my lower legs before snapping right back into mine. My eyes moved towards Uma watching as her lips morphed in a smirked at me, her hair flowing with every move she make.

"You're right, mate. Let's go, I have better arrangements than this scum" she said, almost seductively, before shooting me another glare and storming past the departing crowd, her crew behind her. My eyes glanced towards Harry who was staring at me with a laid back expression, a hat were placed on his head as he continued to rub his left hand seemingly uncomfortable.

"Ye should not really create a fight with pirates, mermaid" he said sarcastically at me, his hands moving widely to emphasized his words before he clutched my shoulder tightly and leaning in my face. I can feel his hot breath blowing through me, my eyes moving down his lips before they travelled on his eyes.

"You should not really attack yourself with an eyeliner, mate" I backfired at him. Mocking the endearing word used by the blue-haired witch, Uma, at him. His eyes narrowing in slits at me and I can almost sense the change in the atmosphere as silence surrounded us. His face snapped sideward at the onlookers before shouting loudly.

"What do ye looking at?"

His eyes moving crazily as the crowd disperse in a hurry, scared at the wrath of the son of the Pirate King. I took his distraction as an advantage to escape his hold. Running down the alleyway, I can hear footsteps following me as I turned around the corner barely missing his hand, his voice shouting madly for me to stop capturing the bystanders' attention. Ignoring his call, I pushed a drunken man harshly before jumping down the sandy floor of the shoreline. I run faster towards the sea until the water reached my ankles. Looking back, I saw Harry emerged from the alleyway tumbling on the garbage as his eyes search for me, grinning maliciously as I took a step back from his approaching form. I took one glance at him before submerging down underneath the sea, my legs transforming into a tail as a scorching light enveloped my sinking form burning my garments into ashes.


I swam further into the lagoon not stopping until I reached my current home. I dragged my body towards the surface gasping from exhaustion as I slumped in the cave with the sun warming up my skin. A small glint caught my attention making me glance on the direction of the hook.

Filthy pirates.


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